This is a Hog deck that is built around the Bandit. The Princess can be substituted for Archers.

Deck Information

Page Created by: SchmedricksRoyale
Minimum Recommended King Level: 7
Maximum Recommended King Level: 13
Arena Required: Jungle Arena
Average Elixir Cost: 3.4

Card Roles

Hog Rider: The Hog Rider is your main win condition. Pair it with any troop in the deck, and you should be able to deal damage to your opponent. An ideal combo is Hog, Minions, and Bandit.
Bandit: The Bandit is the main part of this deck. She is very versatile and deals lots of damage. Her dash attack is very powerful, as she can one shot the Princess, Dart Goblin, Ice Spirit, singular swarms, and more. She pairs well on offense and when left alone, she deals similar damage to that of a single Elite Barbarian. Best used on a defense, turned into a counter push.
Zap: The Zap is the Zap, being one of the most useful cards in the game, because of its low two elixir cost. It could also be replaced for The Log. Its primary use is to take out small units, and stop charged attacks.
Minions: The Minions are great defensive cards, since they output SO much damage and target air. At a low 3 elixir cost, they can deal with most pushes, counter Graveyard, and help on offense. If Elite Barbarians are popular amongst your opponents, you should swap out Minions for an Ice Golem.
Musketeer: The Musketeer is one of your main damage dealers and defensive cards. Her biggest advantage is being able to target air units. She can help deal with most incoming units and also complement your own push. If you have enough elixir, and you know you're opponent can't deal with it, you can pair the Musketeer with the Hog, Bandit, Minions, and Poison, and you have the best push possible with this deck.
Poison: Poison or Fireball are carried in most decks since they deal similar damage and can kill small units and bring most glass cannons to critical health (e.g Musketeer, Wizard, Barbarians, Bandit, Ice Wizard, Electro Wizard, and more). In most cases, you would carry Fireball as it deals its damage immediately, while Poison deals its over time, and units like a Wizard could walk out of its range before taking enough damage. But in this deck, the Poison is better as you can pair it with a Hog push, as the ideal push in this deck doesn't have the best swarm or air defense, as Skeleton Army, Minions or Minion Horde can crush your push.
Valkyrie: The Valkyrie is mainly used on defense, as she can easily be distracted when use offensively. She is your main counter for Elite Barbarians, so if your opponent has them, save the Valkyrie for them. Otherwise, use her as a defensive card, and if possible, to support a Hog push.
Princess: The Princess is your secondary damage dealer. Since she outranges the Arena Towers, you can use her for the chip damage. If she is in your starting hand, you should either play her in the back if you plan to make a push, or place her right at the bridge to get chip damage and force your opponent to counter her. They will most likely Log her, or use swarm units, so be prepared to face a small counterpush.


  • If you know you're opponent has an Inferno Tower and you need to push with your Hog, predict-place your Minions around the center of the river to distract the Inferno.
  • If your opponent is running a Bowler Graveyard deck, save your Bandit for the Bowler, as she can counter it, and save your Minions for the Graveyard. You can use your Valkyrie, but it will put you down by more Elixir.
  • Be prepared when going up against Elite Barbarians, in case they Zap your Valkyrie, if they out level her, or if your placement was off, they will kill her and possibly head onto your tower. If you think this is a possibility, place a Princess to assist, it is a negative trade, but taking damage from Elite Barbarians won't be good for you.
  • Remember that the Bandit can use her dash move to run over the river if a unit is close enough. She can also hit a spawner if it is 3 tiles or closer to the river. This is not the case with defensive buildings as they have smaller hitboxes and the Bandit will have to cross the Bridge if the defensive structure is 3 tiles from the river.
  • This deck can counter most pushes, but can sometimes struggle against Golem if you're low on elixir, and they have backend splash that cannot easily be countered.