Deck Information

Page Created by: AssassinOnDisguise
Minimum Recommended King Level: 9
Maximum Recommended King Level: 11
Arena Required: Electro Valley
Average Elixir Cost: 3.5

Card Roles

Battle Ram: Your main offensive card, can sometimes used defensively as well.
Bandit: Use the Bandit to support your Ram for extra power and extra threat. Can also counter most glass cannons like the Princess, and destroy weakened buildings.
Electro Wizard: Use the Electro Wizard on defense and counter pushing. He can stop most threats on their tracks by stunning them.
Knight: Use the Knight defensively. He can also shield your Battle Ram on counterattack.
Inferno Tower: Best tank killer in the game. Melt those big guys using this shiny fiery tower.
Minions: Use Minions for defense. They can counter Elite Barbarians with your Knight, and you can use them to support your Battle Ram.
Poison: Your medium damaging spell. You can use this against Graveyards, Minion Horde pushes, and can also destroy swarms for the Battle Ram.
Zap: Your utility spell. Use this on defense against swarm pushes, and can destroy swarms for your Battle Ram.


  • There are some main pushes you can use on this deck:
    • The Battle Ram + Bandit + Poison.
    • Battle Ram + Bandit + Minions.
    • Knight + Battle Ram + Poison.
    • Knight + Battle Ram + Minions.
  • If your opponent plays their Tombstone early, you can use Bandit to destroy it, then push with Battle Ram.
  • You can use Battle Ram defensively sometimes, if your Knight isn't in the rotation. Mainly against Elite Barbarians, and sometimes can be used against Prince as well.