Once again, I, Kirnemiscrits, bring you yet another weird deck! I designed this one for people in Bone Pit, making use of Balloon's extraordinary power. Take care!

Deck Information

Page Created by: Kirnemiscrits
Minimum Recommended King Level: 3
Maximum Recommended King Level: 7
Arena Required: Bone Pit
Average Elixir Cost: 3.6

Card Roles

Valkyrie: Of course, the Valkyrie earns its place in this deck because of her great defensive skills. She can also tank for mini-pushes if the need arises, and can kill Witches for the Balloon.
Musketeer: Also earns its place in this deck because of her offensive-defensive abilities. It may be best to use her for defense to set up a counterpush, or to place her at the back to invest. Will take out air units, along with Baby Dragon.
Baby Dragon: One of the centers of this deck. The Baby Dragon will be there to push forward and to guard the Balloon, which will tank for it. Can also go on defensive mode, like the Musketeer.
Balloon: The other half of this deck's center. Balloon is your main win condition, so keep it guarded! Always push it forward with the Baby Dragon!
Goblins: These three small stabbers are your versatile response card, meaning that they can counter a few deadly attackers, like the Goblin Barrel or Prince. They can also supplement any push, sometimes dealing serious damage.
Fireball: I usually suggest using 2 spell cards, but only when you have Zap. Fireball can take on lots of deadly cards, and can sometimes ruin pushes.
Skeleton Army: Yes, this card is my favorite epic, so I recommend it. Can stop many kinds of attacks, and can of course deal major damage when supplementing a push (but don't do that, keep them as a defense).
Tombstone: Buildings will draw the attention of building attackers, like Giant, and this one will summon Skeletons to distract on defense. Will help a little bit on offense.


  • As the title suggests, the push you should do is Balloon Beatdown.
  • You should start the battle by placing the Balloon in the back, and then placing the Baby Dragon to push it forward. At that time, you will have enough elixir to place a Valkyrie or Musketeer with that Balloon push for extra guard. Then, get ready to hover a Fireball for any incoming troops.
    • If your opponent places down the Elite Barbs, then your Baby Dragon will get distracted. Make sure that you either place the Fireball on top of them, or plant a Skeleton Army to distract them and take them out.
    • If you opponent places down the Inferno Tower, then the Balloon will get distracted and approach it. All you should do is place the Fireball right where it will hit the Inferno Tower and the Arena Tower, and hopefully it will go down.
    • If your opponent puts down Tornado+Fireball, the Balloon will have a significant amount of health left. You can pre-place a Fireball right in front of the Balloon for any troops that were placed to kill it. Your Baby Dragon will still be alive and deal damage to the tower.