Since Cancer Barbarians are really popular, this deck has all the cards in my blog post "Top 5 cards to counter Elite Barbarians " and 3 additional cards

Deck Information

Page Created by: GLeen1230
Minimum Recommended King Level: 9
Maximum Recommended King Level: 13
Arena Required: Hog Mountain
Average Elixir Cost: 3.8

Card Roles

Rocket: Master your aiming and launch down the cancer barbarians
Bowler: Use it to knock away the cancer barbarians then prepare for a counter push, can also be used as a defensive unit to other ground troops
Skeleton Army: Swarm the elite barbarians or any other dangerous troop along with the cancer barbarians (Etc. Royal GG)
Dark Prince: Now this card is very important, as he'll kill the elite barbarians and prepare a counter push with the PEKKA as you know PEKKA Dark Prince combo is very powerful
P.E.K.K.A.: This card is just the same role as skeleton army, just less risky but less rewarding, you can also add a bowler and dark prince to help him to counter and destroy their tower
Zap: So the zap is mainly used for a counterpush, after elite barbarians died, PEKKA and dark prince might be swarmed, zap the swarms and continue countering (Can be replaced by log or fireball)
Ice Spirit: Cycling
Rage: The rage is for faster counterpushing and faster defencing


  • Use the skeleton army to stop the cancer barbarians
  • If they zapped the army, you need to use the Bowler, Dark Prince or PEKKA for a emergency defence
  • If successful, counter pushing time:
    • If your emergency defence is Bowler or Dark Prince, Place the PEKKA in front, be careful with the dark prince though cause if he charge, he'll run in front of the PEKKA
    • If your emergency defence is PEKKA, let him get to the other side of the arena, zap the troops that are trying to swarm him, put either bowler or dark prince and rage them all, try to add an ice spirit too!
  • If it's super emergency, you better blast them with rocket
    • However, rocket will make you waste some elixir, and won't be able to counterattack
    • Rockets are also better at final blow for the towers, so sometimes you may want to save the rocket