This was made to counter graveyard decks because in my opinion GY is really OP and it's also really annoying, especially when a cheap Ice Golem or Knight is tanking the GY.

Deck Information

Page Created by: The Real Sargas
Minimum Recommended King Level: 9
Maximum Recommended King Level: 13
Arena Required: Electro Valley
Average Elixir Cost: 3.4

Card Roles

Valkyrie: Valkyrie is your main melee area damage card. She can sweep away any ground swarms easily, making her extremely effective against Graveyard. She also has bulky health that can be used to tank troops as well.
Poison: Your main medium damage spell. Use it against glass cannons and swarms. It deals slow damage overtime which is also effective against Graveyard since it has almost the same duration, but make sure to level it up so it can kill Skeletons in one-tick.
Miner: Your main win condition. The Miner can tank your troops and deal chip damage to towers. Pair him with Poison, the Poison will destroy swarms and the Miner will deal chip damage to the tower.
The Log: Your main utility spell to destroy ground swarms and can kill several Skeletons from Graveyard.
Electro Wizard: Your main ranged troop, good on defense against many threats like Sparky, Inferno Dragon, Balloon, etc. His spawn damage is also useful against swarms, making him a good Graveyard counter.
Inferno Tower: Your main defensive building to roast any tanks and other high hitpoint troops.
Goblins: Your cheap cycle card and ground swarm card. They can deal great damage to glass cannons, and counters Graveyard well with their fast speed.
Minions: Air swarm used mainly on defense, they are effective against Balloons, Graveyards, and ground units. They can be paired with Miner on counter push.


  • This deck is heavily effective against Graveyard, but use it carefully against any other type of decks.
  • The main offensive push in here is to pair your smaller troops like Goblins or Minions with the Miner. Miner will tank all the damage while the troops deal immense damage to towers.
    • However, this push can be defeated easily with splash troops/spells, so it is advised to bait them first.
  • Valkyrie can also become a good tank for your troops in case your Miner isn't available.
  • Don't use Valkyrie and Inferno Tower as the first cards. They are the main defenses of the deck.
  • Try to make a counterpush every time your defensive units survived on defense. Use Miner to launch the counter push.