Since Bowler Graveyard Poison combo is too OP now, it needs to be stopped. This deck can stop the deck.

Deck Information

Page Created by: GLeen1230
Minimum Recommended King Level: 9
Maximum Recommended King Level: 13
Arena Required: Frozen Peak
Average Elixir Cost: 3.6

Card Roles

Prince: The Prince is your main offensive troop, and also defensive troop. The Bowler is tanking for the Graveyard, so you need the Prince to crush the Bowler, after the Bowler is killed, you can use the Prince for counter push.
Poison: If the Graveyard is too strong, your own Poison can counter their Graveyard, leaving their Poison worthless. Poison can also be used to counter glass cannons and other swarms. But make sure to level this up so it can kill higher level skeletons in one tick.
Zap: You definetly need this card, if the Poison didn't kill all skeletons, Zap will finish them all. Zap can also stun and reset charges from Sparky, Inferno Tower, Inferno Dragon, etc. Zap can also be used as a counter play.
Skeleton Army: If the Bowler is protected by some tank, after you use the Prince to kill the bowler, the Skeleton Army can kill the tank with the Prince, just hope your opponent have no Arrows, Zap, or Log.
Giant: If you failed to cycle to the Prince, the Giant can temporarily distract the Bowler, and even make a counter push with Prince, hmm, Anti Bowler Graveyard Poison and Giant Prince beatdown at the same time.
Furnace: Counter push, the Fire Spirits will help the Giant and the Prince on offense after the Prince killed the Bowler. Can also be used to lure building targeting troops, and for chip damage to enemy's towers.
Minion Horde: If their Poison isn't long enough, Minion Horde can stop a couple waves of skeletons as they can survive 3 Poison ticks, also good on counter push. Minion Horde is also effective against high hitpoint troops, including the Bowler.
Ice Spirit: Ice Spirit is mainly for cycling your deck. Can also help on defense and offense by freezing troops temporarily, and kill swarms.


  • You can start your offensive push by placing Giant behind King's Tower, the Giant's slow speed will give you enough Elixir to build a large push. And then place the Prince behind him. The Giant will take all incoming damage, while the Prince deals the rest of the damage. Ready your Zap or Poison since your opponent will likely to counter this push with swarm cards.
    • You can put Minion Horde to support your Giant-Prince push. The Minions can quickly eliminate any troops spawned by your opponent, however this is risky move, since area damage spells like Arrows and Poison can quickly kill the Minions.
  • When Bowler Spawns, wait till he reach your side, then counter him with the Prince or Minion Horde.
  • Whenever Graveyard appears, try to use Poison to kill the Skeletons. It can be an advantage if they use Poison as the spawned skeletons can't do anything.
  • Zap the remaining Skeletons, as Poison lasts 2 seconds less.
  • Use the Minion Horde or Skeleton Army if you don't have Poison, even if they'll get Poison, it can still stop multiple skeletons.
  • Cast down the Furnace and Giant in order to counter push. It'll be the best if you place the Giant in front of the Prince if he's still alive as he can speed up the Giant.
  • Use the Ice Spirit kill the rest of the skeletons or offensive support.