A combo in 2v2, made with 3 legendaries, miner, lumberjack and the recently buffed bandit

Deck Information

Page Created by: GLeen1230
Minimum Recommended King Level: 9
Maximum Recommended King Level: 13
Arena Required: Jungle Arena
Average Elixir Cost: 3.5

Card Roles

Miner: He'll be tanking for LJ and bandit
Lumberjack: He will be your main offence as he'll run fast, and when he die, his rage will speed up the miner and bandit
Bandit: Bandit will be a more important offensive unite than Lumberjack, she deals a lot of damage when she dashes
Ice Spirit: Cycling
Zap: Anti Swarms
Giant Skeleton: Main Defence, never use him offensively (Unless he survived after defending)
Fireball: Kill air, defend against glass cannons
Bowler: Another defensive unit, try to use him to help the giant skeleton


  • Start of with the miner, then instantly drop Lumberjack and Bandit, as they're both tanked by the mine
  • If skeleton army or Goblin gang swarm them, zap them
  • If it's the minion horde, fireball them
  • Make sure you always use giant skeleton on defence, not offence
    • However, if he survived, you can use him offensively for tanking for the miner, so he can tank for the lumberjack and bandit
  • Also, the bowler is better at counterpush, as his rock can kill swarms, clearing the path for the lumberjack and bandit
  • If you have no fireball, use ice spirit to stop minion horde and zap them