This is my main battle deck. It falls into the Beatdown archetype, and it makes use of some really underused cards, such as the Inferno Dragon.

Deck Information

Page Created by: Alpha654
Minimum Recommended King Level: 8
Maximum Recommended King Level: 13
Arena Required: Electro Valley
Average Elixir Cost: 3.8

Card Roles

Inferno Dragon: The main win condition. The deck is centered around getting it to the tower. Can also be used efficiently on defense against tanks and high hitpoints troops, then set up for a counter push.
Baby Dragon: Main support card for the Inferno Dragon. His splash damage easily takes out swarms that are distracting the Inferno Dragon.
Giant: Your tank, he will soak all the damage, so that the two Dragons can get to the tower.
Freeze: Freeze the enemy's towers for the low-health Inferno Dragon to destroy them, Freeze is a really good surprise card, make sure you're not wasting it since it will make you vulnerable to pushes.
Princess: Good support for your push, she can help Baby Dragon to take out swarms. She can also deal good chip damage to the towers.
Fire Spirits: Great to protect the Princess from swarms, and also to support the push by removing swarms.
Tesla: Main defensive building. It's so underused that people don't know how to deal with it; when hiding, it can't be damaged, but I've seen a few Rockets wasted.
Fireball: Main damage spell, use it to damage if not instantly kill glass cannons, and to finish off Crown Towers. I have never taken this card out of a main ladder deck.


The deck is centered around getting the Inferno Dragon to the tower. Because of this, it comes with lots and lots of splash units.

Regular Play

Your main push during regular play is Baby Dragon + Inferno Dragon. It's a lot better if the Giant is included in the push, and you should try to get both Dragons to the tower at the same time. Opponents have been known to drop the Skeleton Army as soon as the Baby Dragon locks onto the tower, but before the Inferno Dragon can.

The two Dragons are also faster than the Giant. Place the Inferno Dragon about 3 tiles behind the Giant, and the Baby Dragon 5-6 tiles behind.

Usually, players will ignore the Inferno Dragon if it's severely damaged, thinking that the tower will take it out. This is when I like to surprise them with the Freeze. At this point, the opponent has spent all their Elixir for defending the main push and has nothing left to stop it, so taking the tower out will be easy.

If they're both in the same hand, the Princess can be deployed at the bridge with delayed Fire Spirits for some free chip damage. The Fire Spirits will destroy the usual counters, such as Minions, Goblins, or Bomber. However, beware of The Log, as it is a positive Elixir trade for countering it.


Your main defensive card is the Tesla. Place it so that it just barely reaches over the river, allowing both Crown Towers to reach a Hog Rider or Giant.

Both Dragons can defend enemy's pushes really well, you can use Baby Dragon to counter both ground and air swarms, while you can use Inferno Dragon to counter high hitpoint troops.

The Giant is another defensive card. It can tank a lot of hits from other units. This can even clump units up, allowing a Fireball to incinerate them all.

Freeze is your last resort. It will guarantee damage to the front unit, as well as prevent damage to your own tower. In the last seconds of battle, an entire push can be stopped with this card to guarantee a victory.


In Double Elixir time, you can support your Double Dragon push even further with the Princess and the Fire Spirits. At this point, you can even have the same push going on both lanes!

It's usually here where I take the third Crown.


Inferno Dragon: Main part of this deck.

Dragon: Main part of this deck.

Giant: P.E.K.K.A., Giant Skeleton.

Freeze: Zap, Electro Wizard.

Princess: Goblins, Dart Goblin.

Fire Spirits: Ice Spirit, Spear Goblins.

Tesla: Inferno Tower, Cannon.

Fireball: Lightning, The Log.