The deck, as we can see, is composed of cards which counters every existence in Clash Royale if teamed together.

Deck Information

Page Created by: 0123456789 The Great
Minimum Recommended King Level: 9
Maximum Recommended King Level: 13
Arena Required: Spell Valley
Average Elixir Cost: 4.1

Card Roles

Fire Spirits: Fire Spirits are to support Hog Rider or Giant Skeleton so that any Swarms used upon them gets destroyed. Mainly a defense to Minions; or to Skeletons and Goblins. (Or their variants, Except Graveyard and Skeleton Army as they are too large).
Minions: Minions are to continuously deal damage, or to support Giant Skeleton in case of Tank or Swarm. Also the deck's only proper defense to Lava Hound.
Valkyrie: Valkyrie are to distract and clean ground swarms. Used to support Prince or Hog Rider so that ground swarm gets neutralized. Defensively used to clean up Witch, Skeleton Army and Barbarians or any other Single-unit defense behind a tank, and distract Elite Barbarians so that they don't escape Giant Skeleton's bomb.
Hog Rider: Hog Rider are used as Forerunner and quick damage dealer along with Valkyrie or Minions.
Baby Dragon: Baby Dragon is used to take out Small Swarms (Minions, Skeletons, Goblins; or their variants), or Spawner Building (Except Barbarian Hut). Paired with Hog Rider, Prince or Giant Skeleton so that it continually take cares of these defense until it locked to the tower.
Witch: Witch is used to devastate tanks over time and distract (Mini) P.E.K.K.A, or to ruin Swarms like Valkyrie and Baby Dragon. Also, she is used to support Prince or Giant Skeleton.
Prince: Prince is used as damage dealer. Also used to take care of any single-unit support behind Tank. (Executioner, Princess and Wizard in common)
Giant Skeleton: Giant Skeletion is the spearhead of the deck: Main assault power and pressure. Support it with your cards so that the Giant Bomb hits the tower. Defensively and desparately used in attempt to ruin charge.

Decklist and Statistics

The decklist is not recommended to be modified at all cost!

Threat Found and Countermeasures

Whatever not listed here are relatively not much a threat, or is rarely seen.

To Hog Rider, Giant Skeleton and Prince

To all three

  • Elite Barbarians: The ultimate threat (troops) to the deck for its power to defeat and escape. Counter by using Valkyrie, Prince or Witch in your territory.
  • Inferno Tower: The ultimate threat (building) for its searing power that distract your card and almost instantly burns them away. Counter by Minions. Or wait.
  • Skeleton Army: Annoying swarms that destroy Hog Rider, Prince or Giant Skeleton by their size. Counter by using Valkyrie, Witch or Minions.
  • Barbarians: Althoug their threat isn't as serious as the Elite Barbarians, they are still distractive and devastating. Counter using Baby Dragon, Fire Spirits or Valkyrie
  • Minion (Horde): Devastate your cards. Easily countered by Witch, Baby Dragon or Fire Spirits.
  • Goblins (Spear and especially Gang): Distract, and Gang destroy. Countered with Baby Dragon or Fire Spirits.
  • Tornado: While it does not stop Movement, it distracts a lot especially with Giant Skeleton or Hog Roder.
  • Buildings: Counter by using Baby Dragon

To Giant Skeletion and Prince

  • Miner: They would just distract.
  • Tanks: Threat to Prince, Giant Skeleton. Counter with Minions or Witch.
  • Electro Wizard: A nusiance, but can be disposed of by the cards in question on their own, providing that they aren't distracted.
  • Witch: The spawned Skeletons will distract while all of them will be attacking the cards.
  • Skeletons: Distracts for a moment, but can be eliminated without much damage.

To Prince

To Hog Rider

To Witch and Minions

  • Executioner and Wizard: They simply ruin your swarm up. Counter using Prince or Valkyrie after they're at your side.
  • Baby Dragon: While relatively rarely seen, is extremely devastating to both cards.
  • Princess: She takes out Witch and Minions from afar, and destroy them before your cards destoy her.
  • Poison (Rarely seen)
  • Fireball

To Witch

To Minion

  • Zap: Although not strong enough to destroy them, it is strong enough to prevent them from reaching the tower without support.
  • Arrows

To Valkyrie

  • Air Troops
  • Bowler

Other Threats

  • Sparky: Either counterattacks with Giant Skeleton; distract with Fire Spirits, damage with Minion or both distract and damage with Witch. (The three latter cases if her support is occupied elsewhere.)
  • Mega Minion / Musketeer: Their presence cripples your defense. Distract and kill it is the only solution against the former. The latter can be killed with Prince or Valkyrie.
  • Giant Skeleton and (Dark) Prince. (Rarely seen)
    • The Dark Prince is countered by a Prince or Valkyrie
    • The other two can be countered by Witch or Valkyrie.
      • If the Prince is charging, Witch from a distance is the best option. If unavailable, Fire Spirits.
  • Night Witch: Counter with Baby Dragon.

Preformance in other Modes

  • Tournament Rules: Hardly lose at Tournament Level.
  • Tag Fight: Pairs well with any deck, but relies on mate's finishing Spell.
  • Double Elixir: Works relativey fine.
  • Triple Elixir: Works extremely well.