Hello everyone, this is my personal deck I would like to share to everyone. I've been using this deck since Arena 2, and now I'm advancing to Arena 4. This deck might take away lots of your elixir, but trust me, it's worth it. You need to use the cards in order to win, and one wrong move might make you lose the battle. This deck is applicable if you just reached Arena 2.

Deck Information

Page Created by: Zachary Ezekiel
Minimum Recommended King Level: 2
Maximum Recommended King Level: 10
Arena Required: Hog Mountain
Average Elixir Cost: 4.8

Card Roles

Tombstone: The Skeletons spawned from the Tombstone are used for a distraction. If the enemy have strong cards, like P.E.K.K.A., Giant Skeleton, or Witch, deploy it near them. You can deploy this behind your Baby Dragon or Prince to help them take down the tower.
Bomb Tower: The Bomb Tower is a defensive building used to weaken the opponents troops. Always deploy this building near the bridge, so if the enemy places their troops to attack, it will attack back. It is only limited to attacking ground troops, so keep it away from flying troops, like Minions, Minion Horde, or Baby Dragon.
Lightning: You can use Lightning for your opponents troops or Princess Towers. Use this as sparingly as possible, because it costs a lot of elixir. The best time to use this card is when your opponent is low on health, and your troops cannot attack their Princess Towers. You can also this use this card when attacking strong troops, like Musketeer or Wizard. Be aware that it only attacks the three troops or towers every time used.
Prince: The Prince is a strong troops that can attack troops, like the Knight or Executioner. Try to avoid placing him next to swarm troops, such as the Skeleton Army or Goblin Gang. It is not good to place it nearby an enemy Witch, as she can easily take him out with her spawned Skeletons.
Giant Skeleton: The Giant Skeleton is the best card to play first, as he deals the most damage. He leaves behind a giant bomb when killed, which greatly weakens or destroys cards nearby. It is recommended to surround him with support troops, like the Mini P.E.K.K.A., or Baby Dragon, as they will help him take out distracting cards.
Giant: The Giant, like his Skeleton counterpart, is a also a strong card to play with. It isn't distracted by troops, other than buildings and towers, and will immediately attack the enemy tower. Use the Baby Dragon, Prince, Giant Skeleton, or Mini P.E.K.K.A. to help him get to the tower, but the Baby Dragon is the most recommended, as he can destroys swarms that the opponent plays to counter the Giant.
Mini P.E.K.K.A.: The Mini P.E.K.K.A. is used as a support card that should be placed behind stronger troops because of its weak health. He is very good at attacking and destroys towers with a few hits. He is good with the Baby Dragon, as they both cover each others needs.
Baby Dragon: The Baby Dragon is the best card to play, as it has the fewest weaknesses. It can be both a main and a supporting card. It is best placed around very strong tanks, like Giants or Giant Skeletons, to help take out the swarms that are good at countering them. Alone, he doesn't pose as much as a threat, because of his splash damage ability.


  • Start the battle by placing a tank all the way in the back, preferably the Giant Skeleton or Giant. You never want to rush on the opponents side, because this deck has no cheap spells. Support any of the tanks with the Prince, Mini P.E.K.K.A., or Baby Dragon. If the opponent places a Witch or Archers, place the Lightning counter-actively to take them down, along with the tower. You want to watch out for any swarms incoming, as the only troop that can counter them is the Baby Dragon. If the Baby Dragon dies, then start to attack on the other tower, as swarms can easily take the whole army down. If your opponent places a tank, consider countering with a Bomb Tower or the Tombstone. If you take down a Princess Tower, don't be hesitant to wait on the opponent. At this point, you can start to rush at the opponent, as you have securely taken down a tower. If the need arises, place the Bomb Tower, even if there is no troop on the opponents side.
  • You can also start the battle similarly to the first way, except you could rush the opponent with the Prince + Baby Dragon.
  • You can also use the first strategy, but instead, split the push into two mini pushes that you can place on either side. This strategy can take down both Princess Towers at a time, and if it fails, you might want to stick with the first strategy, or place your Lightning on either one of the sides. If any troops get to your defenses, consider placing the Bomb Tower or Prince to attack back.
  • The final strategy you can use is when beginning a battle, don't place any of your cards. Wait for the opponent to place their cards, and then you can counter it reactively, according to what strategy you're using. This is a great strategy, as you can analyse your opponent's cards and learn their weaknesses while exploit them.

Alternative Cards


  • Many offensive cards, such as the Prince, Giant, and Giant Skeleton
  • Good for shutting down decks, like Giant+Witch, or just all spawners.


  • The only counter to swarms is the Baby Dragon, which can be attacked by another Baby Dragon.
  • Swarm troops, such as Musketeers, Goblins, and Skeleton Armies can work together to defeat your troops.
  • Very heavy deck, with a 4.8 Average Elixir Cost.
  • Can be defeated by LavaLoon, or rush decks.