This deck is centered on the Heal Spell. Use it in conjunction with the Hog and Valkyrie for maximum damage. I unlocked the Heal Spell in the Heal Spell Challenge by getting 12-2.

Deck Information

Page Created by: theboss987
Minimum Recommended King Level: 10
Maximum Recommended King Level: 13
Arena Required: Jungle Arena
Average Elixir Cost: 3.5

Card Roles

Hog Rider: The Hog Rider is used for dealing damage onto the tower. Make sure you place it with the Valkyrie for a good mini-push.
Heal: The Heal spell is used for Healing your Hog Rider+Valkyrie combo. Make sure that you have your Arrows in your cycle for sniping down Minions and Minion Hordes.
Valkyrie: The Valkyrie is used as a tank for the Hog. She takes down swarms with just a few swings, so she pairs good with the Hog Rider. She get distracted very easily, so make sure to get your Lightning to help her reach the tower.
Arrows: The Arrows are used for taking out swarms, preferably air swarms. As stated above, it can really help in your Hog Rider+Valkyrie push, and can be used great on defense as well.
Lightning: The Lightning is a spell that deals a lot of damage. It is best used for taking care of mini-tanks, as it deals damage to three units. Use offensively in your Hog Rider+Valkyrie push, and use it on defense for and pushes your opponent sends.
Fire Spirits: The Fire Spirits can be used in your Hog Rider+Valkyrie combo, as it can take down Minions and Minion Hordes. It can also be used on defense, for any incoming swarms.
Goblin Gang: The Goblin Gang can also be used in your Hog+Valk combo. It is more recommended to be used on defense, as The Log can take it out.
Archers: The Archers are used for chip damage, or taking out incoming Graveyards. They can also be used in The Hog+Valk push, and deal a significant amount of damage.


  • The first push that you should use is Valkyrie+Hog. Start with the Valkyrie in the back when you reach 10 Elixir. Then, place the Hog Rider in the back on her, and the Heal when it reaches the tower. Make sure you don't pre-place the Heal, as the opponent could pull the Hog with a building, thus taking it out.
  • Once you deal damage to the tower, chip with the same push, or cycle out your Goblin Gang, Archers, and Fire Spirits. Make sure not to pile them up with each other, as a Fireball or Arrows could deal significant damage to them.
  • Once you know what counters your opponent has, use it to your advantage. When you do your Hog push, if your opponent always counters with Skarmy, then pre-place your Arrows when pushing. In the same sense, if your opponent counters with a mini-tank or building, pre-place your Lightning. This can help you a lot during the battle.
  • If the Heal is not working for you, then you can use the Rage. Although they have different purposes, you can still use them the same way. When pushing with your Hog Rider, place the Rage spell to make them attack faster. Also, when attacking with the chip cards, Rage can make it so that they take out the tower.
  • This deck is a really good deck that got me to Jungle Arena. Good luck with using it!