The Giant Skeleton, one of the WORST cards in ladder, is actually the strongest cards in clan battle. Using him on defence will be unstoppable, he can also be used on offence if you know how to use him. this is the deck using our hero Giant Larry

Deck Information

Page Created by: GLeen1230
Minimum Recommended King Level: 9
Maximum Recommended King Level: 13
Arena Required: Frozen Peak
Average Elixir Cost: 4

Card Roles

Giant Skeleton: Despite being fairly weak on ladder, he is excellent on 2v2! He may be fairly costly but his death damage is a strong defence against any chaotic pushes coming your way. He is your main tank and should be backed up with Night Witch and/or Electro Wizard to help clear the path to the opponent's Crown Tower! He should not be used to take on tanks, so instead place him in the midst of the support troops to delete them with his death bomb.
Electro Wizard: A very strong defensive card, capable of clearing swarms with his spawn zap and continuing to disrupt enemies with his double zaps. Since his attacks stun, he can reset channeled abilities or attacks such as the charge of a Prince or Inferno based attacks. If in a pinch, you can pair him with zap to quickly take out Minion Horde or since the zap will allow him to 1-shot the minions.
Zap: For 2 elixir, this instant-effect spell will stun troops, reset channeled attacks and abilities, and clear squishy units. What's not to love? This card should be used to reset Inferno Towers or just help some things die a little quicker. If they try to counter your Goblin Barrel or any of your cards with a swarm, Zap it. It can also help Valkyrie kill things in one less swing if situation requires it.
Goblin Barrel: Goblin Barrel is a very strong offensive card. To maximise its damage output, you should play it when you have a large push going, forcing the enemies to react to 2 separate threats. Don't be afraid of throwing it in for some defence, as this may just save your tower. However, you should be careful not to activate the King Tower early, otherwise it will make your Goblin Barrel redundant in the future.
Poison: This spell trades instant damage for area denial. It is a strong deterrent and defence against any death-balls heading your way as it will kill Wizards and Musketeers if they stay in it for the full duration. It is also great at clearing the way for your Giant Skeleton. If playing it offensively, always aim to clip the Crown Tower as well.
Inferno Tower: The tank killer. That's pretty much it. You may need to use Poison or Zap to clear any distracting squishies.
Night Witch: The Night Witch is one of the strongest cards in the game, both offensively and defensively. Always aim to place her behind a tank to let her bats accumulate. The bats can then assist in protecting the tank. Her massive dps allows her to quickly take out most cards that cost 6 elixir or else. Since she spawns bats upon death, don't be afraid to pitch her against a lone Prince since her Bats will finish it off.
Valkyrie: A 4-cost mini-tank that deals splash damage. She is best used to tank for the Night Witch to let her bats accumulate. On defence, never play her directly in the middle of a swarm or Barbarians since she will take unnecessary damage, unless the targets are ranged. She should be played behind the Giant Skeleton, since his death Bomb will clear most glass cannons and the Valkyrie can then tank for your support units.


  • Never use the Giant Skeleton at the beginning.
  • If there's multiple swarms attacking, use Zap, Poison or Valkyrie.
  • If there's a tank, use Inferno Tower.
  • If it's multiple glass cannons, is time to use Giant Larry on defending.
  • If Giant Larry did survive, add the Electro Wizard so he can kill Inferno Towers and Night witch/ Valkyrie to support the Giant Skeleton.
  • Throw the Goblin Barrel while Giant Larry is tanking the shot. however, they might have log to kill the Goblins.
  • Poison Minion Horde as your push is weak against air.
  • Finish them off.



She has more hitpoints and the death damage has been transferred to her powerful swings. You may not be able to disintegrate support units but you will be able to cut them down to size before moving on to the tank. Play a zap before dropping her in to the supports to remove any distractions and to lower their health to a 1-shotting level.


A strong swarm control card that will quickly clear the area. This card is most effective against Minion Horde. Don't be afraid to launch them just to make something die a little quickly. However, you will have to rely on your Electro Wizard to clear any Inferno Towers.


If you ever need an extra tank for your support troops then simply send in a Miner. he can appear right in front of key targets and smack 'em silly.


Swap area denial for burst damage. Although dealing slightly less damage, you can play it reactively and cripple those 3 Musketeers heading down the bridge. A valuable counter to any death-balls.


Cards are crazy, but the Lumberjack makes everyone else go crazy with his bottle of Rage! He may not spawn bats but he amps up the move-speed and damage output of surrounding troops.