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Meet the wiki's staff! They are always willing to help out in any way that they can. If you have any questions, problems to report, or just want to talk about anything on the wiki, always feel free to contact one of them on their Message Wall.

Staff Members

King Dragonhoff - Bureaucrat

SuperRobot9338 - Administrator

MagmaHound - Rollback

MagicalMachine - Rollback

Pyro15232 - Rollback

Zexpyr - Rollback

IceIceIceIceIce - Rollback


  • Rollback - Rollbacks are here to make sure vandalism is controlled. Rollbacks are given extra abilities to help them manage edits and combat vandalism.
  • Administrator - Administrators oversee the growth and development of the wiki. They can edit any page, protect, delete, and rename pages, and add more advanced code to the wiki. Administrators here are also Rollbacks.
  • Bureaucrat - Bureaucrats manage user rights. They are the ones who can change the tags of other users here. Bureaucrats here are also Administrators and Rollbacks.

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