War Shield


  • Clan Wars are found under the social tab.
  • A Clan War can be started by either the leader or a co-leader of a Clan.
  • Starting a Clan War doesn't require picking participants; all Clan members who are at least King Level 8 and not already a participant of another Clan's War are able to participate. However, the Clan must have at least 10 eligible participants to start a War.
  • Clan Wars last for 2 days. The first day is Collection Day, and the second day is War Day.
  • A Clan War is fought between 5 Clans. However, battles are matched against random opponents; even the Final Battle is not necessarily between Clans of the same 5-Clan group.

Collection Day

  • Players get to battle 3 times on Collection Day.
  • On the map you'll find various game modes that change after they've been played. Game modes are the same as those playable in challenges.
    • In some modes, the players cannot use their own decks and cards are adjusted to tournament level; these modes are noted with (TS) for reference. In other modes, the players use their own decks and own card level; players can either use their ladder deck (as they're usually higher leveled, and player are more used to them) or build decks oriented around the different game modes.
    • Only five modes (three 1v1 and two 2v2) are available during each time period, in order to prevent diluting each mode's player pool too much.
      • Currently available modes: Ramp Up, Double Elixir Draft (TS), Built Decks (TS), 2v2, 2v2 Draft (TS).
      • Formerly available modes (switched out, probably available again): Draft (TS), Double Elixir, Triple Elixir, Sudden Death, Rage, Mirror (TS), 2v2 Rage, 2v2 Double Elixir, 2v2 Draft Touchdown (TS).
      • The Built Decks mode comes back each time with a different set of decks.
    • Three modes show up at a time. After a 1v1 (2v2) mode is played, it will be replaced by the 1v1 (2v2) mode not shown.
  • Each battle in any game mode will reward Clan Cards but wins earn the most. The maximum amount of cards that you can contribute is dictated by your Arena/League.
  • Clan Cards are used to build your War Deck for War Day and up to 40 different Clan Cards can be found.
  • Duplicate cards found during Collection Day raise the maximum level of your Clan's Clan Cards.
  • When Collection Day ends, War Day starts.

War Day

  • Battle with the Clan Cards for all the glory! The Clan with the most War Day victories in the 5-Clan group wins the war!
  • Five Clans with a similar number of eligible participants and similar Clan Trophies will form a competitive group. However, the Final Battle is randomly matched rather than head-to-head with other members of the same group.
  • Only the players who have made at least one attack on Collection Day are eligible to attack on War Day. If fewer than 10 players have attacked, or fewer than 8 different cards are collected, this Clan War fails, and players become ineligible for the War Bounty gold they won in Collection Day.
  • You get to play one battle on War Day, which is called the Final Battle. There is only one goal, to win. This battle takes place in the regular 1v1 game mode, with a 3-minute Overtime if needed.
    • For Clans in the 5-Clan group with fewer eligible participants than others, some of the Clans' participants will be given an extra opportunity to battle so that all five Clans have an equal number of battles available.
  • For Clans with the same amount of War Day victories, the tiebreaker is the total amount of Crowns gained. If still tied, they share the tied rank in question.
  • Create a War Deck out of the Clan's Clan Cards to use in your Final Battle.
  • Clan Card levels cannot be higher than your own card levels. Upgrade your own cards if necessary to use higher level Clan Cards. Because of this, when new cards are released, there's a few weeks' delay before becoming eligible for the Clan Card pool, so that players can have reasonably leveled cards to play.


  • Clan Trophies are earned if your clan placed first or second place. They indicate your Clan's success in Clan Wars. At higher leagues, your clan will lose trophies for being 3rd, 4th, or 5th place.
    • Each victory on War Day will also add one trophy to your clan trophies at the end of the war.
    • If clans are tied in rank, they share all trophy gains or losses equally. For example, if two clans are tied for 1st, both clans earn 75 trophies in addition to any trophies they earn for War Day victories; however, both clans can obtain the 1st rank War Chest and Bounty Gold.
  • At the end of each War, players who made their War Day attacks can claim a War Bounty, containing the Rank Bounty Gold, the Victory Gold on both Collection and War Day, and either Bonus Gold (which equals 40%~100% the amount of aforementioned Gold) or a Trade Token.
  • Gain more Clan Trophies to progress through the Clan Leagues, which allow higher king tower levels and give bigger War Chests and War Bounty Gold.
  • At the end of every Clan War Season you'll earn a War Chest.
    • Your War Chest is based on your Clan League and the highest ranked war you participated in during the season.
    • Help your Clan achieve a better rank or higher league to earn a bigger chest for bigger rewards!


  • On 25/4/18, Clan Wars was added to the game.
  • On 30/5/18, three of the Collection Day modes: Double Elixir, Sudden Death and 2v2 Double Elixir were replaced by Triple Elixir, Ramp Up and 2v2 Draft Touchdown. Supercell later announced that mode switches will be a constant feature.
  • The 20/6/18 Update added Classic Decks (Built Decks) as a Collection Day mode, and doubled the Victory Gold and War Chest Gold.
  • The 6/8/18 Maintenance Break added Rage, Mirror and 2v2 Draft as Collection Day modes.
  • The 5/9/18 Maintenance Break added Double Elixir Draft and 2v2 Rage as Collection Day modes. It also added bonus gold or Trade Token as extra bonus to clan wars, but all the bonuses can only be claimed if the players have done their War Day attacks.


  • The Collection Day takes place on a map consisting of the Training Camp and Arenas 1-11, while Arena 12 and the Touchdown Arena are missing.
    • However, battles aren't necessarily fought in the same Arena as the player entered the game from the map, possibly because the two sides could have entered the game from different Arenas on the map but have to fight in the same Arena.
    • The Touchdown mode is always fought in the Touchdown Arena, and the Rage mode is always fought in the Spell Valley (Arena 5), regardless of the Arena the players entered the battle from.
  • When you open the War Chest, 3, 2 or 1 arrows are shot on the Chest if it's a 1st, 2nd or 3rd rank Chest, respectively.
  • If 10~40 players participate in the Collection Day, the number of different Clan Cards unlocked will be equal or close to the number of participants.


Clan League and War Bounty Statistics

Clan Trophy Requirement 02004006009001,2001,5002,0002,5003,000
War Day King Level Cap 9 10 11 12
Rank 4th/5th Bounty Gold 100 150 200 250
Rank 3rd Bounty Gold 200 300 400 500
Collection Day Victory Gold
Rank 2nd Bounty Gold 300 450 600 750
Rank 1st Bounty Gold 400 600 800 1,000
War Day Victory Gold
Bonus Bounty Gold if you do not get Trade Tokens* 40-1,400 60-2,100 80-2,800 100-3,500

*Upper limit can be exceeded for players who got two War Day attacks and/or activated the Victory Gold Boost in the Shop.

Clan Trophies Gained/Lost

PositionBronze IBronze IIBronze IIISilver ISilver IISilver IIIGold-Legendary
1st 100
2nd 50
3rd 0-5-5-10-15-20-25
4th 0-10-15-20-30-40-50
5th 0-20-30-40-60-80-100

Additionally, Clans gain Trophies equal to the number of War Day victories.

Clan Cards

Arena or LeagueBronzeSilverGoldLegendary
Arena 1 4080140220
Arena 2 50100175275
Arena 3 60120210330
Arena 4 70140245385
Arena 5 80160280440
Arena 6 90180315495
Arena 7 100200350550
Arena 8 110220385605
Arena 9 120240420660
Arena 10 130260455715
Arena 11 140280490770
Arena 12 150300525825
Challenger 160320560880
Master 170340595935
Champion 180360630990
Loss or Draw
Arena or LeagueBronzeSilverGoldLegendary
Arena 1 204070110
Arena 2 255087137
Arena 3 3060105165
Arena 4 3570122192
Arena 5 4080140220
Arena 6 4590157247
Arena 7 50100175275
Arena 8 55110192302
Arena 9 60120210330
Arena 10 65130227357
Arena 11 70140245385
Arena 12 75150262412
Challenger 80160280440
Master 85170297467
Champion 90180315495

War Chest

Clan League and Rank Gold Cards Guaranteed Cards
Bronze 4th-5th1,260902 Epics + 18 Rares
(25% chance of containing a third epic)
Bronze 3rd2,1001503 Epics + 30 Rares
(75% chance of containing a fourth epic)
Bronze 2nd/Silver 4th-5th2.9402105 Epics + 42 Rares
(25% chance of containing a sixth epic)
Bronze 1st/Silver 3rd3,7802706 Epics + 54 Rares
(75% chance of containing a seventh epic)
Silver 2nd/Gold 4th-5th4,6203308 Epics + 66 Rares
(25% chance of containing a ninth epic)
Silver 1st/Gold 3rd5,4603909 Epics + 78 Rares
(75% chance of containing a tenth epic)
Gold 2nd/Legendary 4th-5th6,30045011 Epics + 90 Rares
(25% chance of containing a twelfth epic)
Gold 1st/Legendary 3rd7,14051012 Epics + 102 Rares
(75% chance of containing a thirteenth epic)
Legendary 2nd7,98057014 Epics + 114 Rares
(25% chance of containing a fifteenth epic)
Legendary 1st8,8206301 Legendary + 15 Epics + 126 Rares
(75% chance of containing a sixteenth epic)

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