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A moderate-damage single-target melee troop. Despite only targeting ground, this jack-of-most-trades card can act as a great mini-tank (especially at low levels) and a fair defense against small troops with its moderate-high hitpoints for only 3 Elixir.



A 3 Elixir high-damage and medium-ranged splash troop. It only targets ground and is barely armored, but is decent against medium-to-large swarms and can deal great damage behind a tank for its price.



Two low-damage yet medium-ranged single-target troops. Targeting both ground and air, and lightly armored, they are inexpensive support troops or a quick defense against small pushes while costing only 3 Elixir.

Spear Goblins


Three very fast, low-damage single-target ranged troops. Unarmored and targeting both ground and air, they are excellent against small single-target ground/air pushes like Minions and are dirt-cheap support units costing only 2 Elixir.



Three very fast, moderate damage single-target melee troops. Unarmored and only targeting ground, they are nevertheless an excellent defense against glass cannons like the Mini P.E.K.K.A. and not to be ignored with a tank or mini-tank. All for only 2 Elixir!



Three fast, low-damage single-target melee troops. They only target ground and are completely unarmored, but are highly useful. They can act as a powerful distraction when timed right or a dirt-cheap cycle card for only 1 drop of Elixir! Value!



Three fast, moderate-damage single-target near-melee air troops. Unarmored but targeting both ground and air, they can be a high-damage support card or a quick defense against glass cannons. Like in CoC, they're strong yet cheap air troops, costing just 3 Elixir.



Four single-target melee troops with thoroughly average stats. Despite only targeting ground, they are a mighty collective force and can swiftly deal with a great variety of threats for 5 Elixir, but keep them away from powerful splash cards!

Minion Horde


Double the Minions for only 5 Elixir! Yet melts away instantly against air-targeting splash cards. Never let them go unnoticed, or lose a tower before you realize it.

Fire Spirits


3 very fast, near-melee kamikaze splash troops that together deal damage close to a Fireball, for only 2 Elixir! They are an excellent defense against tightly-packed swarms and glass cannons and can be mobile deterrence in a push. However, they're very fragile so be careful!

Skeleton Barrel


A 3 Elixir barrel packed with bones that drifts through the air looking for towers and trouble. With its moderate health it can take quite a beating and when the barrel runs out of balloons, it explodes and drops six sword-swinging Skeletons ready to party!

Royal Giant


An infamous, hulking beast of a man. Costs 6 Elixir and deals moderate, single-target damage to buildings. High in health and outranging almost all buildings, he is an effective sniper unit and works very well against towers — he will attack as soon as he crosses the bridge!

Elite Barbarians


A pair of über-strong troops for 6 Elixir, notorious for their sheer speed and melee power. Together, they can deal unbelievable damage to anything, though they are weak against large swarms. One can never be too paranoid when these units are deployed.

Ice Spirit


This fast, 1 Elixir kamikaze snowball has excellent defensive and offensive capabilities due to its freeze, which can reset channeled abilities, force enemies to retarget, or even freeze the opposition as potent support in a push.



Five single-target melee units that offer good defensive and offensive value despite their very weak stats. Fragile but fast flying units, Bats can attack both ground and air units and can easily deal with solo mini-tanks. At just 2 Elixir, Bats can fortify and cheapen your deck.

Goblin Gang


Five fast though weak Goblins for 3 Elixir. Three have knives for powerful ground melee combat deployed in front, and two have spears for ranged attacks on both ground and air at the rear. Together, they can clear a multitude of units, but be wary of splash cards when deploying this Goblin Value Pack!



A 5 Elixir value pack of a trio of trouble, with one boy and two girls. The boy absorbs damage from the front and hits everything around, while the girls fire a great deal of Double Trouble Gum from behind! The boy is really tough, but the girls are really susceptible to damage, however.




Blot out the sky with a 3 Elixir rain of Arrows. Its moderate damage and very large radius makes clearing swarms and weak enemies a breeze, but is lackluster against higher health units like the Knight.



2 Elixir, instant effect and stuns. What's not to like? The Zap is often the lifeline against swarms, with immediate low damage that can cripple or destroy small troops. Force enemies to re-target, reset attacks or use that extra damage to finish things off.




For 3 Elixir, it has moderate hitpoints, damage, and one of the shortest building lifetimes out of all the buildings. Doesn't seem like much, does it? Well, when you see that Hog Rider being pulled towards the Cannon into his death for just 3 Elixir, you'd better think again.



This tower will shock anything in its range. For 4 Elixir, it has moderate health and damage; can defeat Hog Riders and Balloons alone; and can take care of small swarms. When nobody is there, it hides underground, preventing any damage. However, tanks and large swarms can destroy this building.



It's quite hard to stop these explosive shells from hitting a tower and dealing quite a bit of damage thanks to its dead zone, where it ignores any enemy troop that gets too close. The ability to snipe towers, its moderate hitpoints, and the light cost of 4 Elixir make this building very versatile.