• Captain GLeen Du Grande

    Oh times changed and right now, the epic card rankings are completely different . Now I’m gonna rank them all, from worst to best of course

    This one should explain for itself, who the heck uses mirror?!

    I know mirroring a card can give opponents more pressure to deal with, but out of all cards, mirror possibly have the worst problem out of all cards even if it’s definetely not the worst overall card

    That +1 elixir need to be removed if it wanted to be viable

    Who uses the Barbarian Barrel except for low arena users?

    The recent change did make it a lot better as now you can learn where the Barbarian Will spawn and attack, and it’s a good counter to archers

    The Log however is a much better option as it can knockback anything ground units, and the B…

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  • UnofficiallyRed

    Hey guys, hope you're having a good summer (unless you're like me, 1 month summer holidays) and welcome to my ranking of rares! This for the July balance update (I know I'm late) and without further ado, let's get started!

    It's bad, but it has potential. Problem is, most rare cards do, and most of them do a better job than Bomb Tower.

    Yes, it did get buffed, but it still isn't good. Very situational, and doesn't reap enough reward.

    Let's be honest, the Fire Spirit buff never really helped in preventing it's decline. I have little idea why, but it no longer as good as last time, thanks to the rise of beatdown.

    Good, but not good enough. Too fragile, damage is only okay and the only upside is the range which can be used to snipe buildings but Da…

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  • Captain GLeen Du Grande

    It’s time for another legendary ranking! This time, it’s going to be a lot different from the last ranking, so get prepared! Starting at worst to best, let’s start at #15!

    Is there actually a chance that Sparky can escape from the bottom? It’s impossible without another change.

    Back in 2016, where Zap and Freeze are the only cards that can reset it, Sparky is definetely the card that desperately needed a nerf! Sparky was CANCER back then, but as time passes, Ice Spirit, E-Wiz and more cards were added, making sparky one of the worst cards ever. The rework did make her a lot better, but it still dwell at the bottom.

    Honestly if Sparky needed to work, I think that stun cards can only reset 50% of her charge to make her viable (eg she charges 4 …

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  • Captain GLeen Du Grande

    As we all know, Witch is one of the most overpowered cards in the game thanks to her massive buff. She has good HP, poor splash damage and has the ability to spawn skeletons very quickly. There’s some changes in the meta so I’m talking about them

    The Witch is basically a walking tombstone, she’s deadly in beat down as her skeletons can Continuously distract units, her counters are definetely needed, which made some of the worst cards in the game good again! Bowler is a perfect example, now I used to say Bowler is hands down the worst splash damage dealer next to Bomber, but now, with Ram still being popular despite being able to be pushed back, along with the Witch spawning more frustrating skeletons, he’s now a viable option in any decks, …

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  • UnofficiallyRed


    July 11, 2018 by UnofficiallyRed

    Sharp Elite and I were talking about the Wizard, and we were debating whether he was overrated and actually weak, and Sharp Elite had a point, Wizard isn't really as good right now as most people may think. Now this is why...

    Yes, I am comparing these stats with a card somewhat similar, Executioner.

    At tourney standards, Executioner has 1010 health, while Wizard has a mere 598 health. This makes a big difference, as Wizard would get countered by medium to high damage spells such as Poison and Lightning

    Also, let's just take a look at how Executioner has that bigger radius of damage, being able to clear swarms so much ore easier.

    At this point, you can see Wizard being, obviously, outclassed. This is why he wasn't used that much before being bu…

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  • Sharp Elite


    July 9, 2018 by Sharp Elite

    If you thought the Multi-Target Inferno Tower was OP, you will hate this card. Here's what this reminded me of:

    Cannon --> Cannon Cart

    Inferno Tower --> Multi-Target Inferno --> Sauron

    The CR Reddit community is a place most clashers talk about, but TBH, I know almost nothing about it, but I might consider joining. The this card is an alternate version of the Multi-Target Inferno Tower, on wheels! Link:

    A Multi Target, medium range troop with with moderate hitpoints and various damage stages. The Sauron damage increases over time as it remains focused on a single target. It can be used on offense to support, or defense to defeat Giants, Balloons, and wh…

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  • Sharp Elite

    The Pinterest communtity had unique cards, such as the Super Pekka, who I reviewed. But let's focus on Fire rather then Electricity (Sorry Electro Dragon).

    The Inferno Tower originally has 2 settings, Single and Multi. But only Single made it into Clash Royale. Here is the idea of the Multi Inferno Tower from the Clash Royale community:

    I'll be posting 2 more fiery cards tommorrow and maybe on the 11th if you want to see an insane one ;)

    The card is made to shut down swarms, though as you might of noticed, it has less health then the Inferno Tower but higher DPS vs Tier 1 Inferno Tower. Targets up to 3 enemies and attacks with execellent attack …

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  • Captain GLeen Du Grande

    Meta is always unbalanced, more cards needed a change, here’s my full list! What cards needed a change and why.

    Knight’s usage and win rate in Grand Challenges are very low, but quite good on 1v1 ladder. He’ll now 1 shot Goblins or even princess on equal level. Without making him overpowered once again, he’ll hit a lot slower

    The last change made the Witch too strong, a slight nerf for her should make her a bit more manageable

    The last change didn’t really affect Ram/Bandit and MK, but more like making Double Prince suffer. Standardise their distance requirement once again, not only to make Double Prince great again, but also to make the other 3’s change more significant

    Barbarians are still underused, they need more stars to be truly mighty!


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  • PassmethedaNKMEMES

    I've been looking at the comments for barbarian barrel and have noticed that the card is a huge bandwagon card. Many people either seriously hate it or they think its useful and a good card. This blog is to those who think the card sucks (btw this is my first blog post so please tell me ways I can improve in writing these).

    The barbarian barrel is a very good card and is highly underrated. people think its trash but if theres something like a princess or a wizard behind a tank and its slaughtering your swarm troops just roll it through and it can take out most support cards (musketeer, wizard, princess, ice wiz, etc.). another thing: the barb barrel can take out the princess just like the log at tournament level. And even by itself it can …

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  • Sharp Elite

    Supercell released a Balance Update a few days ago and turns out they nerfed the Rascals, Mortar, Mega Minion, and Goblins. They also buffed the Bomber and Fire Spirits while giving the Witch an interesting rework.

    Supercell will make a balance update every month from now on.

    Almost all the cards in the game will kill the Rascal Boy one shot faster now. This may seem Small-Medium to some, depending on the troop, but turns out it kinda is, though this will balance the Rascal Boy, which I personally like like. 

    Rascal Girls needed this. They can easily start dishing out damage, but this will slow them down. This won't affect anything too much, but it might hurt her a little as she will no longer get that extra shot off.

    I never had a problem wit…

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  • Captain GLeen Du Grande

    Remember the times when Knight is arguably the most overpowered cards in the game? Yes, he has a lot of HP, for 3 elixir only, he can counter a lot of troop, swarms, even tank. There was actually quite a time where Ice Golem and the other mini tanks are nowhere to be seen, thanks to him! But unfortunately, after realizing Knight is too overpowered, supercell nerfed him twice. He did gain 3% HP back but in my opinion: this is not enough. Knight is still a bit underwhelming. He needs a buff in my opinion. But Why?

    After his 6% HP nerf, I thought the reason why Knight’s usage rate and win rate has gone down severely thanks to Dark Prince, Which got buffed at the same time. For 4 months already Dark Prince is considered as the #1 Card that need…

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  • Captain GLeen Du Grande

    Supercell confirmed that there,l be new changes, this time it’s gonna be a heavy change for some certain cards, let’s start with those that are very noticeable

    HP: 696 > 814

    What the actual heck is this???

    I get that the Witch is quite weak as a card, constantly getting outclassed by her sister Night Witch, as well as getting wrecked by Wizard, Baby Dragon and Especially, Executioner easily, her win rate is quite low but this is definitely too much. Witch is probably gonna stand longer than the Baby Dragon since her skeletons will spawn faster, easier to distract units (Not Including spells).

    She’ll hit 0.3 seconds slower, but that doesn’t stop her from being OP

    Why is everyone turning into the Dark Prince??? (By that I meant she’s gonna be a l…

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  • Positive Elixir Trade

    Here are the balance changes coming July 2nd!

    Yer boi is getting a 5.3% hitpoints nerf; from 1600, to 1512. Most low damage units, along with the Knight, Valkyrie and Mega Minion will kill the boy in one less hit.

    Her slower initiation speed doesn't change much, but it might hurt her in the long run where she can't get that extra shot off anymore.

    The mortar is way too dirty in meta decks, so it is getting a much needed nerf. Its damage is being nerfed from 228 to 220. It will still one-shot a Princess and Dart Goblin, and it seriously limits how much damage it can deal to a Princess Tower.

    Its health is being reduced. From 1272, to 1221. Some units can kill it in one less shot, but the Mortar has a building decay, so let's be real. We won't n…

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  • Captain GLeen Du Grande

    So the meta is really unbalanced sometimes, and some cards needed a change! Here’s my list of cards that needed a buff/nerf, lets start with the buffs!

    Right now Knight seemed to be a bit underwhelming, especially with Ice Golem and Valkyrie being so overpowered, even if the Dark Prince got nerfed, it’s usage rate is still much higher than the Knight! Proving Knight needed a buff

    Back then he’s the most overpowered card in the game however. Unfortunately the HP nerf is what killed him. 3% isn’t enough, because he has another issue: low damage

    Damage +6.5%

    Damage: 159 > 169

    Can now 1 shot goblins

    Hopefully this can make knight viable in high arenas once again!

    Nothing’s worse than Bomber as a starter card. Without “Any” HP, it made it so bad, espe…

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  • Type: Sparky

    The most game-changing update yet has launched just in time for Supercell's summer! We have new cards, new Clan War features, and cards moving Arenas!

    ...guess they got bored of their old Arenas?

    Two new cards have been released, and we can expect a third in July. The Giant Snowball and Royal Hogs can be collected now.

    The Giant Snowball is a 2 Elixir Common card. It is unlocked in Frozen Peak. It launches a snowball at a desired spot, doing only 124 damage and knocking back all but the heaviest units, as well as slowing them all down for 2 seconds. It cools down opponent swarms and pushes, because you don't want the heat to get to their head and your Princess Towers, but its low damage makes it fall into the territory of 2 Elixir utility spe…

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  • TheGreatPEKKA

    Fire Spirits are one of my favourite cards. However , they aren't that used. They have less than a 10% usage rate which isn't the worst but still they deserve to be used more. So I will teach everyone on how to 

    And now I shall start with my guide on these guys.

    These guys are awesome on defence. Minion Horde ? BOOM. Mini PEKKA ? BOOM.(Pull to the center for melee troops) Eternel Depression ? BOO- actually that doesn't work 

    Anyways , let's get more In-Depth on these cards

    Just place them a little far away from the Horde and BOOM (some habits never go away). However do NOT try to pull them as a few minions might ignore them and chip the tower.


    While they won't completely stop the former 2. They will prevent A LOT of damage. Just pull th…

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  • Captain GLeen Du Grande

    I know I’m not done with my rare cards blog post yet, but I have to finish this first as it’s more important......

    Anyways, supercell announced that some cards will be changing arena, let’s see what cards are moving arenas!

    I’m not gonna briefly explain, Except for 2 of them at the last, as those are the ones that I’m the most concerned.

    So that’s all for the arena Chang- wait! I forgot the 2 of the most concerned cards ! I think it’s quite obvious: Hog Rider and Golem

    I’m worried about those 2. These are some of the best win conditions so far, and lower arena players are able to use them, upgrade them and can cause nightmares for unskilled players

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  • Captain GLeen Du Grande

    Ok, I’m back with the rare card ranking, I was too busy to make one on May, now I’m free so I’m gonna rank them now! I know, Royal Hogs are coming, but I’m just gonna do predictions.

    Let’s start at 24th!

    Oh the shame on the wall.........

    But unfortunately in my opinion, the Bomb Tower is the worst rare card. This card has always been in the very bottom on the rare card list. Yet somehow it never got buffed since March 2017.

    Bomb Tower is by far the worst rare card for a reason: look at how pathetic the damage is! Bomber’s damage is much better, and it cost 5 elixir!

    This card really isn’t working for 5 elixir, and without a change, it’ll live in the nail of the coffin, forever!

    Plus, now it’s being moved to arena 10! So, I’m sure this will basic…

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  • Royalbaby

    The GREAT SUMMER UPDATE OF 2018 has brought some exciting new cards! They are the Royal Hogs and Giant Snowball! So let's check 'em out, shall we?

    Spawns 4 Hogs with sliver Prince helmets - seems rather... unroyal. 

    These are the beasts which ye shall eat: the ox, the sheep, and the goat, The hart, and the roebuck, and the fallow deer, and the wild goat, and the pygarg, and the wild ox, and the chamois. And every beast that parteth the hoof, and cleaveth the cleft into two claws, and cheweth the cud among the beasts, that ye shall eat. Nevertheless these ye shall not eat of them that chew the cud, or of them that divide the cloven hoof; as the camel, and the hare, and the coney: for they chew the cud, but divide not the hoof; therefore they …

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  • Thefallen63

    So yeah, after baby insulted a few cards, i shall go with da flow and make a best cards list. Here we go

    Really, I almost forgot about this card! Royalbaby (thx!) reminded me in time for me to change this. My deck contains almost all of the cards on this list, and even though PEKKA (which was number one) is the staple of my deck, I don't know what I would do without Zap. It demolishes Goblin Gang, Skeleton Army , and Minion Horde (2 levels below), as well as supporting your PEKKA with spawners, like pesky Witch or Night Witch . So... I owe a lot to you Zap . 

    Really, do I have to say anything?

    Things Pekka counters: Elite Barbarians, Golem, Giant, Royal Giant, Prince, Dark Prince, Hog Rider, Royal Ghost, Mega Knight, a lot more. (links for sk…

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  • Positive Elixir Trade

    The Spear Goblins are following in the footsteps of the Ice Wizard by having their damage buffed and hitspeed nerfed. Overall, their DPS is being lowered from 41.66, to 39.2. They will now be able to one-shot Skeletons, and Bats. Also, three Spear Goblins will now be able to kill one Goblin of Minion on their first attack.

    A Spear Goblin is really fast and will land at least one spear on an Princess Tower no matter his health. To compensate for their buff, the Goblin Hut's lifetime is being decreased. Now, it spawns 10 goblins instead of 12.

    Let's have a little math lesson shall we? (This annoy you much?) No but really, let's calculate how much damage the Goblin Hut will deal to a Princess Tower together!

    Before 12 (number of gpblins) x 50 (d…

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  • GorgonzolaSW

    hi here's gorgon who copied smarty pants idea and is now sharing his thoughts on the balances

    let's get started

    Spear Goblins: Damage +34%, hit speed decreased to 1.7s, first attack slower


    They will be now rascals girls who attack slower and die to zap

    one of my favorite cards and reworked into nobody knows what

    I guess they made it because of gob hut and gang but didn't want to kill them so one of the informatics said "lol let's rework them it'll be fun"

    Goblin Hut: Lifetime decreased to 50s

    Well, needed, because players did complain about it

    Mega Knight: Jump and spawn damage increased by 23%, area damage decreased by 7,5%

    Well ok I just can't see why the area damage decrease was needed

    Barbarians: Hit speed increased to 1.4s


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  • UnofficiallyRed

    This will be my ranking of the leggies after 6/6/18

    Also, do note I won't be replying to comments until this blog is done, and I may change the rankings midway, so try to keep those comments you have until the blog is finished. Well, unless it's a prediction but I don't see the point about that.

    Without further ado, let's get started!

    Despite his versatility, I still have to put him at last place because of his ineffectiveness.

    He doesn't deal enough damage, and he needs a high DPS troop to help him do the work in defense. And even after that, there is no guarantee that the push is going to fail.

    May switch with Princess before end of the blog.

    I really want to switch the places but to be honest her range annoys me a lot and that's something. Sh…

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  • Da Cuke 45

    This has been a idea I've been thinking of! If you like it let me know!

    1. Use of Legend Trophies
    2. King Tower Skins
    3. 2 New Cards!
    4. Balance Changes

    With STILL no use of Legend Trophies, I've *kinda* got an idea what they could be used for. A Legend Trophie reward table!

    All of your Legend Trophies are pooled into a reward list for every 100 trophies you earned. The first reward is at 1 Trophy and then goes up by 100. After 2000, its every 500. And after 5000, its every 1000 (Spoiler: there will be a lot of gold and gems ;p)

    1 Trophy - Legendary King's Tower Skin

    100 Trophies - 25 Gems

    200 Trophies - 2500 Gold

    300 Trophies - 2500 Gold

    400 Trophies - 25 Gems

    500 Trophies - Giant Chest 

    600 Trophies - 25 Gems

    700 Trophies - 2500 Gold

    800 Trophies - 2500 Gold

    900 Tro…

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  • Positive Elixir Trade

    Alright, since none of you appreciate the concepts that I have made up in the past, I took the liberty of digging up my old files, and showing you guys the concept I made up way back in June, 2017.

    The Sleeper Car is a 5 elixir card that can transport any one medium-sized unit and offer an even more deadly threat with its own damage. Whatever Fireball knocks back is whatever troop the Sleeper Car can transport. It has a 5 second charge time, so that's how much time you have to plant a unit inside before the capsule closes up. It also can't be one-shot by any card in the game because it has 1200 health. On top of all that, the unit inside of the sleeper car is still active and can attack while protected inside.

    Once the Sleeper Car dies, the un…

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  • Captain GLeen Du Grande

    It’s time for another big blog post about the best and worst cards in ladder. This time, I’ll start with the worst cards instead of the best, the worst cards will be in random order, while the best will be ranked in detail, let’s start!

    Again: Heal and Bomb Tower will be excluded

    Again quite obvious that Barb Hut made it into this list. The Barb Hut is slow and undervalued for 7 elixir, and it’s easily countered. Since the beginning it’s been bad. There’s only 1 hope for Barb Hut which is make it cheaper

    Oh a card which is never good as well, Bomber just sucks as there’s much better options, sure they cost more but they can hit air. There’s still hope though, he’s by far one of the best counters for rascals, if they’re OP then Bomber might re…

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  • Sharp Elite

    Super P.E.K.K.A.

    May 15, 2018 by Sharp Elite

    I really like the Super Pekka, one of my favourite characters in the clash universe. Credit to Titan from Pinterest for creating this card:

    I already made 3 fan made cards months ago, and this might be the 4th

    Apologizes for the bad English. Super Pekka's gender is "It," as Pekka is a Female, Mini Pekka is prefered to be a Male by fans, so Super Pekka is the third gender.

    This Super Pekka is WAYYYY different then the ones others created. Instead of less health and damage, and being 8 elixir then normal Pekka, this Super Pekka has...

    • +2 Elixir Cost then Pekka
    • More health and damage then Pekka
    • Slower Hit Speed
    • Does less damage to Crown Tower
    • Lethal Death Damage that attacks both Ground & Air
    • 1 Second …
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  • Captain GLeen Du Grande

    Sorry that it took so long, I’m a bit tired on making blog posts recently, but now I’m back! This time I’ll be doing the legendary rankings, from worst to best, starting at 15th

    Honestly every legendary cards are good, Sparky isn’t even close to being bad! It’s just that comparing to the other legendary...... ugh. This is plain garbage.

    Yeah Sparky is still the worst legendary despite her buff. She does react faster but is still often outclassed by cards that does things faster than her, even PEKKA is faster!

    Sparky’s severe issue is her speed, everything is slow. I hope she can attack further so she can avoid E-Wiz better and get to the tower faster, speaking of which.....

    Range +1

    She can outrange E-Wiz If placed properly, so it should help!


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  • Captain GLeen Du Grande

    We interrupt at my card rarity rankings, I’ll continues my card rarity ranking after I finish this blog post.

    As you can tell in my title, it’s about the Golem. Now if you remember my last epic card ranking, the Golem beats up the pre-nerfed Tornado and Dark Prince, and not even the mighty PEKKA is strong enough to stop Golem from being the best epic card. Guess what it means? Yes, Golem is the most broken card, yes even more broken than Dark Prince. Since Dark Prince got nerfed, does that mean Golem need a nerf? Yes! But how? Check this out!

    The Golem is just so OP because his HP, higher than the King’s Tower. Having a massive 4256 HP, which is almost 800 more than PEKKA, his damage is also strong, he’s like a much better Giant (Giant’s sti…

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  • SgtZaitsev69

    I think the Golem isn't as bad as it's supports can be. The only real crime the Golem has committed is having overly high health, something Supercell needs to change. Personally, my problems with "the cancer rock" stem from the Golemites, rather than from the Golem itself

    I think the Golem should be changed to make it's support troops a little bit more vulnerable. 

    Golemite Health Reduced by 10%

    I think this change is necessary, as Golemites have too much health, giving the Golem insane value. This won't kill the Golemites by any means, because their function is a mini-tank. This will make them a bit closer to the Ice Golem in terms of health.

    Golemite spawn time extended (Unknown %)

    If the Golemites spawn slower, it will give the Tower time to…

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  • GorgonzolaSW

    hi heres gorgonzola and I will share my thoughts on the incoming balance update.


    Dark Prince: Shield HP decrease by 25%

    No GLeen and GB, wizard can't counter ram+knight+valk or ebarbs so bowler aint trash. And with the nerf of this succage, maybe we'll see more bowler. Good nerf.

    Knight: HP increase by 3%

    Not needed, although he was underused.

    Dart Goblin: Damage increase by 3%

    Able to two shot minions? Nice. I hope we'll see more of him.

    Spear Goblins: Hit Speed decrease by 0.1s

    This'll nerf Gob Hut and gang, and it's git, but poor spears will suffer again...kek

    Ice Spirit: Damage decreased by 4%, freeze duration decreased by 0.5s

    YES finally fire spirits and skeletons will be bacc

    Skeleton Barrel: Skeleton count increased by 1

    Yay! Now it'll be…

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  • UnofficiallyRed

    Ayy I'm smarty's replacement for this :D

    Anyways, these are my thoughts about the balance changes, and how good they actually are.

    Shield hitpoints reduced by 25 percent

    Absolutely spot on supercell. He absolutely needed a nerf, as he was, undeniably, just too strong in the current meta, especially in beatdown Double Prince decks and he outshadows one of the best defensive cards in the game, Valkyrie.

    It's time to give Valk her comeback in this game. Trifecta is gonna see some light again.

    Hitspeed increased from 1.1 seconds to 1.2 seconds

    Although kind of harsh, this nerf was needed badly because of Goblin Hut and Goblin Gang's prominence in the current meta. But Spear Gobs are going to suffer a ton lot more than these two cards are.

    Ice Spirit …

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    Yes, I know that someone else has already done this, but I am going to explicate and give the ratings of each building and their usage rates, along with advantages and disadvantages.

    So, let's start with the worst....

    11. Barbarian Hut

    This card is just so darn awful, and its been in that disposition for 1 year now. Currently, it's being used in 0.1% of all decks, which is the lowest usage rate as of now.

    Some advantages this card has is that it's semi-decent defensively, as the barabarians can defend. However, this can easily be countered by the wizard, witch, or any splash unit/spell. Another advantage this card has is its hitpoints, ranging from 1100-2816, the highest of all buildings. In spawner decks, this card can be a nuisance, irritati…

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  • Captain GLeen Du Grande

    It’s time for a new epic ranking! Like my common ranking, I’m going to state the solutions for the unbalanced epic cards, starting at 24th, the worst epic!

    Seriously supercell?

    The last change for the clone is June 2017, Clone is just bad since the release. It got better actually, but it’s still the last place

    I found the clone to be extremely risky to be good, 1 tornado and everything will be dead. For 1 less elixir, I found rage to be less risky, while more rewarding

    Elixir -1

    In order to get the clone work, it can’t be too risky

    This is the newest card being added in the game, and I’m sure you all expected it not to be good, like honestly apart from the legendary you probably don’t expect a new card to be that strong.

    If the Prince is still r…

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    This might seem like the most bizarred blog post ever, but let me tell you:


    Today, it's time to rate all chests in clash royale, and see what each can offer.

    So, let's get to it...

    Free Chest:

    This chest is probably the 2nd worst in the game, while also being the most common chest. In quests, you can get these 2 times per day for 5 hp each. The cards it gives are low, ranging from 3-14, while the gold is 21-112. 1 rare is given from arena's 8-12, not the best at all. It is free, so you can still get some benefit. Also, there have been reportings of Legendary cards being given in higher arena, for FREE. Imagine if you get that. Anyways, its rewards are still too miniscule to make it "satisfactory".


    Silver Chest…

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  • GorgonzolaSW

    Gorgonzola's back here to provide a dose of facts that maybe are useful. Today, we'll look at the overrated zap and the overused ice golem. Let's start.

    Zap Ice Golem

    2 Elixir 2 Elixir
    Super versatile Super versatile
    Spell Troop
    0.5s stun 1s slowing effect
    2.5 tile radius Death Damage 2 tile radius
    Can reset Infernos and Sparky Can kite
    Kills Spear Gobbos Kills Skeletons
    Can clear the path from swarms Can tank
    Has too many uses so there even are decks that bait zap Targets buildings so can't be distracted
    Can be placed anywhere Can be placed only on your side of the map
    Offense and defense Defense and tanking
    Is a boring bottle half full of blue thingy Looks amazing
    Easier to unlock and overlevel A little harder to unlock and overlevel

    So points (you can…

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  • Captain GLeen Du Grande

    It’s been a while since I made a card rarity ranking, starting with common again! This time, I’ll also tell what solutions some cards need, to make them a good card, but not too OP, let’s start at the worst common card, 21.

    RIP skeleton Barrel, the skeleton Barrel could’ve been at #5 and it definitely needs a nerf as it was way too overused before the February balance changes, but the last nerf was way too harsh, killing it completely. With 2 less skeletons, left ignored, it deals 1000 less damage than usual, making it from a very versatile card from a totally useless cards. With Mega Knight being nerfed as well, the Barrel was sent away from the meta. This card needs a rework or buff to be viable again!

    +1 Skeleton

    Make it deal more damage, …

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  • GorgonzolaSW

    To everyone: look at the date of the blog's publishing.

    Ok so it's official: there will be a great update in April which will add emote mute, clan wars, barbarian barrel and tournament tickets. But there will be also a balance update.

    Every balance update balanced 8 cards, and the cards in the next balance will be: Lightning, Rocket, Inferno Tower, Skeletons, Archers, Fire Spirits, P.E.K.K.A. and Barbarian Barrel. They were in the April fools touchdwon challenge (secret sign illuminati), so I think they will be balanced next, and since they all are OP/UP, even if only a little, I think it makes sense. So I think Supercell will:

    • Add Barbarian Barrel to the game (cap'n obvious)
    • Nerf Archers' health a little bit so they won't survive arrows/log. …
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  • UnofficiallyRed

    Ah, EBarbs. The salt-inducing card which has haunted the community with it’s amazing DPS, godlike speed and defensive-counterpush/rushing potential. But is it cancer? We’ll find out as we take a better look at this card.


    Let’s just be honest, the EBarbs do have a high DPS of 169, which I tell you, is not something you want on your tower for half the game. But they’re really fragile, and if your deck’s cards have high DPS, you will wreck EBarbs without problem.


    I facepalm myself EVERY SINGLE TIME I see this. EBarbs are NOT hard to counter. There are so many counter combos for these guys. Even a mere Bomber + Ice Golem can easily rekt them without problem.


    The only problem in EBarbs. When overlevel…

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  • Magicasquirrel

    I only make blogs when I'm really bored. Or when the situation calls for it.

    This time it's because I'm bored.

    Hello! Magicasquirrel here, And today, I will discuss the golem.

    Oh, the golem... with double prince shifting back into the meta, Golem decks became even worse then when night witch was first released!

    So, is the golem really unstopable right now? IS the problem even in the golem himself? let's find out.

    The answer is: No.

    "WHAT?!?!" - I can hear some screams right now.

    Face the truth: Golem is not cancer.

    Not by himself...

    Remember the good old days before night witch? Ah, those good old days... Supercell released good cards, made decent balance changes, the challenges were fun... and no one was worried about golem...

    The talk of town was …

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  • GorgonzolaSW

    everyone is doing a building ranking so I want to do too

    Cannon is a very skill-based card, the damage is decent but lifetime and HP are weak. Needs a buff, but I wouldn't say it's very bad. In fact all buildings are good for some purpose.

    Do I need to explain

    It's bad, but it's high HP which makes it survive a few cancer card hits made me like it a little.

    Another card with potential. Spawns barbs which are pretty tanky and is high HP itself. Just the 7 elixir case... it should cost 6 and have quicker spawn rate so it spawns one more wave before destruction if left unattended.

    Plus trolling purposes

    The nerfs made it so trashy. It can't even survive balloon or lightning. Gets countered by miner. Still, if left unattended or badly countered can …

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  • UnofficiallyRed

    Hey everyone, I’m UnofficiallyRed, and today I have another ranking. This ranking, however, is for buildings.

    Before I start, note that this is completely my opinion. You can disagree with it, be don’t be too harsh.

    So let’s get started!

    You’d saw that coming. Too expensive, and too easy to take care of, what else can I say? Although being able to survive a Rocket does impress me as a insane big wall of china but that’s just that.

    No longer the annoying cancer it used to be. Now, it’s just a underpowered gob Hut.

    Is actually getting better. New metas include logbait and bridge spam which is easily taken care by a Bomb Tower. Also does well against classic Hog cycle, which is in the meta again.

    Not bad for 3 elixir. The cheapest building apart fr…

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  • Captain GLeen Du Grande

    There’re 11 buildings in the game, ever wondered which one is the best? I’ll tell you now!

    There should not be a surprise to see the Bomber on the Tower being last. Bomber is already a bad card, but it made him worse on the tower, the damage is far worse, yet it still can’t hit air, it is overshadowed by the much more powerful Inferno Tower, I'd rather use the Bomber on the ground, why does it even cost 5 elixir???

    Similarly, Barb hut is also bad because it cost too much, 7 elixir, yet it does a little job, I think Barb but is better than the bomb tower though, sometimes I get trolled by the Barb Hut + gob hut combo, but that’s it

    Cannon is also very bad for quite some time At least this thing is cheap, and it can really save you from the Hog…

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  • Positive Elixir Trade

    Okay, I am posting the answer here. To figure it out, there are some fundamental facts you need to understand.

    • Because the witch has a fear of fire, she won't have any in her own house.
    • Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you, you can't escape from the witch's side.
    • The Dragon is capable of taking out both the witch and lion because he spews endless flames.
    • If you bait the Dragon to the witch, you can safely hide behind the open door that leads to the witch since the doors open to the left.
    • However, if you try to bait the Dragon to the lion, you don't have the safety of the lion's door since it doesn't open to the right. Both the Dragon and lion will charge right at you.

    This is actually a trick question because you need a series of door openings to escap…

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  • SgtZaitsev69

    Balancing Cards

    March 8, 2018 by SgtZaitsev69

    The rising issue I have noticed with this game is the community. Quite frankly, I'd have to say a good 45% of it, actively contributes to the problem of Clash Royale. but I'm not here to preach, I'm here to throw in my two cents when it comes to balancing overused and "cancerous".


    The Royal Giant usage has fallen over the last few months, but that doesn't mean he hasn't become any less strong.

    His damage is pathetic, but he can tank almost as well as an equal level Giant, which is ridiculous. I'm suggesting a major hitpoints nerf. Perhaps 20 or 25%, to compensate for his damage buff, perhaps 5 or 10%. Combined with his new Elixer Cost: 5,  this would make him more suited to take out BUILDINGS, which is his job, to clear the w…

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  • ClashAndRekt

    Card Ideas

    March 5, 2018 by ClashAndRekt

    I got some card ideas, and I brought them to life with Clash Royale Card Maker:

    Card 1:

    The Rock is an alternative to The Log. Here are some preliminary stats. Keep in mind it has the same properties of The Log.

    (Damage/Crown Tower Damage

    Level 1: 600/210

    Level 2: 650/228

    Level 3: 700/245

    Level 4: 750/263

    Level 5: 800/280

    Next up, the Lava Golem.

    (Note that the Deploy Time is 1 Second)

    Stats (Damage/Death Damage)

    Level 1: 1200/50

    Level 2: 1350/100

    Level 3: 1550/150

    Level 4: 1800/200

    Level 5: 2100/250

    Level 6: 2450/300

    Level 7: 2800/350

    Level 8: 3200/400

    Level 9: 3650/450

    Level 10: 4150/500

    Level 11: 4700/600

    These may sound OP, but keep in mind the Lava Golem does no damage.​​​​​​​

    And heres a joke one for last:

    Anyways what do you think? Tell me in the comments …

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  • Magicasquirrel

    Hello, magicasquirrel here, And today, I will be telling you how to make a good deck!

    This blog post was inspired by Gorgonzola's amazing deck building guide.

    So, how do you make a good deck? let's find out!

    I do not approve the fact that cycle and bait are archetypes. they are just regular deck types. I mean - I can put a princess and a goblin barrel in a X-bow deck. Bait? bait. but it's also siege.

    So, You can choose out of the 3 archetypes: Siege, control and beatdown. choose the one which suits you the most.

    Siege - A defencive archetype: you rely on you siege card to deal damage to your opponent's towers from your side of the arena. the other cards are used to protect your siege card or to chip/finish off your opponent's towers. If you can…

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  • Captain GLeen Du Grande

    Today, I want to talk about something different. Yup, it's these 2

    Once, they're considered as cancer, but as people Learn how to stop them, as well as balance changes that hurt them, These 2 have never been in a worse spot than they have Been now. I'll talk some ideas how to fix them.

    RG can barely hurt you, it's just guaranteed damage, Hog Rider is much easier to get damage, as well as supported, look at their DPS! Hog ha sure much better stats but HP. RG is so weak to destroy buildings, despite his range. With Moreno damage, he can leave the building into dust

    Unlike RG, EBarbs are getting a rework instead of a buff, because unlike RG,EBarbs are not bad, their damage is OP, but their HP sucks, especially at tournament standard, I want to …

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  • Royalbaby

    since everybody's doing a top XX best cards in cr, i'll do the top 6 worst cards as of march 2018

    remember: everything here is based solely off of my opinion

    anyways, let's begin

    yep. you probably saw that coming.

    this bottle of pee should actually be removed from the game. nerfing it will just 100% kill it. buffing it will make alot of people quit (3M heal, anyone?)

    right now, this card is useless and very unstable.

    also another no-brainer

    i joined the game at mid 2017 and guess what? no bomb tower buff. right now: no bomb tower buff.

    srsly, supercell, when are you buffing this thing? the inferno tower literally took a knife and killed this card right off the meta. bad damage, bad dps, bad hit speed, bad range, bad targets, bad everything.

    the blu…

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  • UnofficiallyRed

    Like Magicasquirrel, I’m also making a ranking about 8 of the best cards, but this time with win conditions.

    Let’s get started!

    I am proud (kind of) to say that this has turned from one of trashiest cards in the past, into a beast of win condition for just 5 elixir. Sure 5 elixir is kind of expensive for a card, but for that it provides one of the highest damage, has an insta first hit, decent health and also a nice little bomb which can hurt quite a bit, being able to take care of even Archers (which are unloggable) and small troops/swarms around.

    Only problem is that rather easy to counter. But who cares? You’re gonna get 3 crowns easy if you use it right!

    Oh boy. This defensive beast still is roaming around decks and more decks.

    Provides soo…

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