• Royalbaby

    So my blog post is concerning more deck slots.

    for cards.

    So here's the first thing people would do to their decks: 

    Hog cycle decks will be INSANE. But keep in mind that most people will have this in their decks, too. Same with those seige decks. beatdown decks most likely have them already. But yeah, its to gain a huge advantage over the opponent

    Golem decks that have night witch will most likely have the regular witch and an executioner. Same with lavaloon and pekka/giant. with pump, the pushes will be INSANE. But....

    The rocket will most likely have the largest play rate if supercell releases extra deck slots because with almost everybody running pump and the huge giant pushes. tornado and lightning(sry lightning haters)will also be revived…

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  • Royalbaby

    So the new update is here: The E-Lect_riFYING update.  

    well, OJ was right about that. 

    before the arena there was a huge 800 trophy gap between hog mountain and legendary arena. 

    It took at least 5 months to push to legendary arena but with electro valley, that gap has shortened to 400 trophies. 

    I also think the arena sound effect is strange and the electro wiz should move to here.

    Zappies: They are kinda like mini sparkies but stun. they spawn 3 zappies and they take some time to charge. they dont attack air and stun(SO ANNOYING). another counter to the hog and hunter, even. a fireball can take em out easily, though. also. they do decent amount of damage to the tower. a mega knight will wreck them, though.

    Hunter: It's...okay i guess.i dont t…

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  • Type: Sparky

    A new electrifying update is here to shock us all! Roll up, roll up, and prepare to be astonished, astounded and amazed by this strikingly hot new tesla-powered Arena, zappy mechs, lightning destroyers and three new sparkling Chests that will make you live with joy!

    Also, prepare to be amazed by how feeble and numerous my puns are.

    The most shocking novelty is that the Arena ladder is finally complete! A new technology-powered Arena, the Electro Valley, has been added! It is reached at 3400 Trophies. Bored Hog Mountain players rejoice! This strikingly aesthetically-focused battleground is the eleventh zone of battle in the game, and has the according Chest rewards. Legendary Arena has been pushed up to Arena 12, and its rewards have been adj…

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  • Sharp Elite

    Electro Valley

    December 11, 2017 by Sharp Elite

    In that video, OJ founded out that Supercell was making a new arena. They posted pictures, and turns out on the one with wires, foreign words are visible. With the help of Google Translate, he got "Electro Valley." This is why OJ in my opinion is the best Clash Royale youtuber. He doesn't just only make decks.

    Some say that Electro Wizard is going to move up there, and Miner will go to Royal Arena, which means that Builder's Workshop will be even in terms of cards. I personally disagree with this, but we will wait.

    I said that Super Pekka will be in that arena, which is a possibility. Same goes with Mega Tesla, however, Supercell never made a Legendary building, so I wasn't sure. All we can do is wait…

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  • Positive Elixir Trade

    Their crown tower damages are decreasing from 40% of their normal damage to 35%. Not much will change, but Zap, and The Log will have less of an impact on Princess Towers. Arrows won't be changed a lot when it comes to chip damage on Crown Towers because you never EVER rely on Arrows to chip a tower.

    • Zap 64 -> 56
    • The Log 96 -> 84
    • Arrows 98 -> 86
    • Fireball 229 -> 201
    • Poison 30 x 8 -> 27 x 8 (240 -> 216)
    • Lightning 335 -> 293
    • Rocket 493 -> 432

    These lesser damages from these spells will make decision making more important than ever. However, 6 Rockets will still take down a Princess Tower, so the Rocket isn't changed AT ALL.

    The Pump's hitpoints are going down from 1020 to 887. Now, Arrows will be able to deny 3 elixir from replenishing, and Lightning …

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  • XXK1rbyF4nB0y69Xx

    about my Dream Deck

    December 10, 2017 by XXK1rbyF4nB0y69Xx
    • Minion Horde (5 Elixir)
    • Goblin Gang (3 Elixir)
    • Sparky (6 Elixir)
    • Princess (3 Elixir)
    • Bandit (3 Elixir)
    • Prince (5 Elixir)
    • X-Bow (6 Elixir)
    • The Log (2 Elixir)

    Win Conditions (Victory!)

    • X-Bow
    • Sparky

    Damage Dealing Spells (Unexpected?)

    • The Log

    Tank Killer (P.E.E.K.A. Destroyer)

    • Minion Horde

    Air Troops (Fly-bys)

    • Minion Horde

    Anti-Air Units (Sky Shooting)

    • Princess
    • Goblin Gang
    • Minion Horde

    Buildings (Need Space?)

    • X-Bow

    Attacking Units (YOLOOO)

    • X-Bow
    • Prince
    • Bandit

    Defensive Units (WE. MUST. DEFEND.)

    • Princess
    • Sparky
    • Minion Horde

    Counters (Too Easy)

    • Mini P.E.K.K.A (4 Elixir)
    • Skeleton Army (3 Elixir)
    • Royal Giant (6 Elixir)
    • Spear Goblins (2 Elixir)
    • Bomb Tower (5 Elixir)
    • Princess (3 Elixir)
    • Goblin Barrel (3 Elixir)
    • Hog Rider (4 Elixir)
    • Fire Spirits (2 Elixir)
    • Goblin Gang (3 Elixir)
    • Bowler (5 E…

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  • GLeen1230

    Christmas is coming up, and everyone got a present: balance change, they’re nerfing the Hog And Knight, this is my thought about it

    The Hog Rider was starting to get really annoying especially after the Elite Barbarians got nerfed, he’s like a guaranteed damage to towers since he only hits buildings, he’s going to hit slower, and his 1st strike is going to be even slower. I think Hog Rider will still be a great card, but this should promote more win conditions (Especially the Giant)

    With new cards coming to the game along with Ice Golem’s nerf in January 2017, the Knight which was once complete garbage became a severely overpowered card, he counters a lot for a massive positive elixir trade, costing 3 elixir having insane HP, and hits way to…

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  • Smarty Pants 264 Clash Royale

    Okay So after seeing the balance updates it's time for me to write my opinion about the balance change

    Balance changes are located here

    Hog Rider: Hit speed to 1.6sec (from 1.5sec), first attack comes 0.1sec slower

    As much as I love using Hog Rider I believe that nerf was needed but I would prefer a sight radius increase so kiting the Hog Rider with buildings will be much easier and will promote the use of buildings in Clash Royale.

    Knight: Hit speed to 1.2sec (from 1.1sec)

    I am kind of disappointed with this nerf as the problem is not his dps but his health, for 3 elixir can soak up a lot of damage and his health allows him to survive many attacks with a slither of health. He will still be very strong on defense but his dps nerf makes him a bi…

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  • Royalbaby

    k.. this is my opinion

    yeah... too much hp and damage and theyll slice your tower in 1 sec

    i hate putting a golem down for this reason...

    when it gets to your tower, it drops the bomb in less than half a second. srsly man thats way too fast. there are also countless times where ive accidently placed something in the bomb.

    its overtime

    30 seconds left on the clock

    tower at 200 hp

    opponent places down a golem

    you look at your deck: no direct counters

    just places an ice wizard

    there! skarmy!

    places the skarmy

    golem dies

    the opponent wins

    so what im saying here is the death damage. its super annoying

    a bunch of hp, a quick hit speed, and annoying damage. hard to stop if there are no direct counters in your deck. also your reaction time needs to be fast


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  • Magicasquirrel

    What is the reason We don't use them? Yes I'm talking about THEM.

    The spells that don't deal damage: rage, freeze, mirror, clone and heal. Why are they so unpopular? why doesn't anybody use them? perhaps they are really useless, or...

    All of these spells have awesome abilities: rage boosts all your troops (AND buildings), making your push (and rarely defence) a lot more power, and all that for 2 extra elixir; Freeze stops all enemy troops, allowing you to save your self in the last 5 seconds of battle, or to deactivate your opponent's defence, dealing thousands of damage; Mirror not only makes overleveled troops, but it can be used to surprise your opponent: For example, you can play a counter that he though you didn't have in cycle; clone I…

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  • Magicasquirrel

    Hello! this is my blog post, my first one, and I'll be listing the top 5 cards that I like using AND 5 cards I hate going against. Hope you enjoy!

    All of us have cards that we LOVE to use, and these cards are my top favorites.

      A very great card to have. His health for 2 elixir is something out of this world, and his ability to slow down enemies (and kill equivalent level skarmys and bats) with his death damage can really save the situation.

    Since he only targets buildings, he can lure any units that attack other troops, like valkyries or elite barbarians (come on, who doesn't like to lure a P.EK.K.A. halfway across the arena?). overall, he is just a great mini tank.

    I used the tesla just a bit before the buff, and it was actually pretty grea…

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  • Ragelike1134

    Top 5 Offensive Cards

    November 30, 2017 by Ragelike1134

    5. Lumberjack: The hardest to use on this list. This is a great card to use as a tank and has that rage spell along with that huge dps and insane speed. Great stats for 4 elixir. Only reason it's on number 5 is because it is a card that must be used with combos in order to be good. This is like a weaker Mini P.E.K.K.A. but has that rage spell and faster speed. This fact makes it not only counterpushive but also defensive.

    4. Giant: The most health on the list. A great tank that has insane health but also good dps, and can tank for many mid-high dps troops. can be easily countered, since it only attacks towers and is slow, but this is another one of those cards meant for comboing. (Never send a lone Giant)

    3. Bandit: The cheapest in this list…

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  • Ja22Vault

    Clash Royale Account

    First of all i am afree to play player that is pretty active. (just so you know)

    CLAN: stressfree

    LEADER: Bot3000

    PROFILE: JuggernautJJA (well A is as close to the triange symbol i can get to on here.)

    FAVORITE PLAYER: wolfe he is my best friend who introduced me to clash royale in july.

    CURRENT ARENA: Hog Mountian


    CURRENT DECK: Sparky, Electro Wizard, Elite Barbarians, Fireball, Zap, Inferno Tower, Elixer Collector, Minions.

    5 FAVORITE CARDS:  #1 Mirror it is a great card that is fun to play! #2 Sparky my best legendary and auseful card that is hard to defend #3 Fireball the best all around spell! #4 Hog Rider he is insanely useful and cycle decks with him have high win rates. #5 Goblin Barrel it is the sec…

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  • Pillowcasesmells

    2v2 rage-quitters

    November 28, 2017 by Pillowcasesmells

    Has any of you rage quit a 2v2 battle? Here's my tip for you: Stay.

    Play a battle through... It can't hurt. It's not like you will lose anything by trying to get a crown.

    Your teammate will leave if you leave, and hopefully they stay as you still have a shot.

    Even 2 crown losses can come back to a 3 crown win for you. I've done it before.

    It's really annoying when we lose a tower in the beginning and then my teammate quits and we get rekt. Especially if I feel like we could've made a great team.

    Sometimes I leave battles, either because I have to do something or if my teammate leaves first. Then it's hopeless. It's then a 1v2 and you really have no shot at that. You have a right to leave too then.

    But hopefully some of you reading this will reco…

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  • PROblemGamer14

    All Cards in CR Ranked

    November 27, 2017 by PROblemGamer14

    I made an entire list of the best cards in Clash Royale from Worst to Best. I had to change it many times, so I hope this goes good.

    78. Skeletons

    77. Clone

    76. Mortar

    75. Mirror

    74. Barbarian Hut

    73. Bomb Tower

    72. X-Bow

    71. Heal

    70. Rocket

    69. Ice Golem

    68. Freeze

    67. Speae Goblins

    66. Inferno Dragon

    65. Cannon

    64. Lightning

    63. Giant Skeleton

    62. Skeleton Barrel

    61. Elixir Collector

    60. Three Musketeers

    59. Graveyard

    58. Goblin Hut

    57. Cannon Cart

    56. Goblins

    55. Poison

    54. Tesla

    53. Minion Horde

    52. Mega Minion

    51. Night Witch

    50. Battle Ram

    49. Lumberjack

    48. Baby Dragon

    47. Bomber

    46. Sparky

    45. Barbarians

    44. Guards

    43. Flying Machine

    42. Elite Barbarians

    41. Miner

    40. Bats

    39. Bowler

    38. Ice Spirit

    37. Dark Prince

    36. Lava Hound

    35. Tombstone

    34. Princess

    33. Archers

    32. Furnac…

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  • GorgonzolaSW

    Hello there. As I'm kinda new, or better: unfamiliar with the rules user, I want to do something that others do, and... I'm ranking the legendary cards. My way of course, and WARNING my opinion may trigger some people.

    Low HP, low DPS (generally low damage), very slow, and functions usually like a spell. Zap or Log are wayy better for -1 elixir. Trash.

    She's a good card, I have her and I know it. But the HP... it's hard to find any uses for her.

    Hey! She can counter a golem-wizard combo!

    I have him too, and if left alone - is a beast, but... almost EVERYTHING counters him. Even bats. Executioner. Witch. Do a health buff and he will gain more users.

    Try InfernoDrag-Rage-Freeze deck.

    I'm not implying she's bad, she's a great card, though. But I pr…

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  • Positive Elixir Trade

    Here is my advice on splash-nado. It's really effective against medium-sized troops.

    • With Fireball, casting the Tornado right before the Fireball is effective with glass cannons as long as they aren't near the Crown Towers.
    • However, when usig Poison or Rocket, you need to cast the damaging spell before the Tornado to ensure the Tornado can hold the troops in place longer.


    Knowing the Executioner's axe flies much farther than his actual range, the best way to use this combo is against heavy tank pushes. You'll want to pull the ranged units out of range of the Executioner while keeping the heavy tank in range of the Executioner.


    The Wizard's range is the epicenter of his splash radius. His splash radius is 1.2 tiles, so he can s…

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  • GLeen1230

    HORRAY! TOUCHDOWN IS BACK! Now with Hog Rider banned this time, we need a top 10 best touchdown cards, this is my top 10 best touchdown cards after Hog Rider’s ban

    X-Bow and Mortar are ultimate defensive buildings in touchdown , they have insane range, good damage, allowing it to stop troops from reaching the touchdown line, X-Bow is better against solo target, while Mortar is better against swarms, I thought X-Bow and Mortar will suck, but as I tried, it's OP. But I thought about it and offensive is better than defensive, which is why it's ranked #10

    Dart Goblin is mediocre normally, but in touchdown he's really good, extremely fast, hits fast with a long range, allowing him to snipe down buildings such as Bomb Tower , also he can snipe dow…

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  • PROblemGamer14

    More Balance Changes

    November 24, 2017 by PROblemGamer14

    I like balancing cards often and wanted to add more to a blog, so in this post, I will release 10 balances.

    Prince- Charge Timer speed increased by 20%

    The Prince is pretty slow at starting his charge. I myself am a Prince user and my only real complaint is he can be countered by any swarm and his charge timer is slow. Since I can't fix his swarm-dealing problem, I'll stick with the charge timer buff. It usually takes about (estimately) 2.5sec for him to get charging. This buff should make that only 2sec, allowing him to possibly deal more damage.

    Lumberjack- Hitpoints increased by 6%, Hit Speed decreased to 0.8sec

    I always thought the Lumberjack could never get a good buff, but I think this should do him well.

    Balloon- Intial Attack 0.3sec slo…

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  • Smarty Pants 264 Clash Royale

    The date above is when am I writing this blog I have no idea when the next update is coming.

    Okay, so I am going to write my OPINIONS on how balanced are the cards right now in clash royale tell me if I Buff or Nerf a troop too much.

    All of these stats changes will be in tournament standards.

    I am now going to split the balance changes into 3 categories High, moderate and low priority balance changes in my OPINION.

    High priority: Balance changes to should happen as soon as possible

    Medium priority: balance changes that will hopefully come soon

    Low priority: balance changes that could hopefully be added once the majority of the high and medium priorities have been handled

    Note: Since the 'balance' changes are probably not coming out until December many o…

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  • PROblemGamer14

    Hey, I have a few ideas for Balance Changes I would like to share. If you disagree, please give a reasomable explanation and don't say I'm somehow wrong about my opinion that can be backed up other opinions and actual factors.

    Here goes the first one (of 8 others):

    Knight- Hitpoints decreased by 8%, Damage increased by 3%

    This is definitely a nerf as the Knight is one of the most overused cards in the gane rn. I have seen some burfs for him, and the most common one I see is decrease hp and decrease hit speed from 1.1sec to 1sec. I don't like that hit speed buff mostly because we have enough troops with 1sec hit speeds. The average hit speed overall should be 1.5sec in the game, therefore, I want to avoid making fast hit speed cards.

    Mega Knigh…

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  • GLeen1230

    So compared with the other rarity, I’ll do the legendary ranking more often, so here’s my legendary ranking. Let’s start with #13

    Coming at last place is the Ice wizard. Ever since his HP nerf, the Lumberjack has took over his place as the best legendary in the game, Lumberjack is not #1 in this list anymore, but the ice wizard was suddenly considered as the 2nd worst legendary in the game, only next to sparky. Why? The E-Wiz has totally outshined him and the buff did nothing. Now, with Sparky being buffed finally, Ice Wizard has became the worst legendary currently, doing almost no damage although it slows troops, it’s too weak for a 3 elixir legendary card. Ice Wizard should be buffed again so he can hit faster than the Wizard, like he us…

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  • Type: Sparky

    Guys, I made one of these before and got a ton of hate for it because people disagreed heavily. If you want to disagree, say, "I disagree with " instead of, "Dude you totally rated the ". If you don't it makes you no better than that one person who has a deck full of the cards you hate.

    With the balance changes, the Common cards have changed a lot. So let's rank these things. DON'T START WWIII IN THE COMMENTS.

    • 21: Skeletons

    The Skeletons are horribly underpowered. 3 Skeletons is extremely little and offers no value when compared to other cards like the Ice Spirit or Bats. Back when it had 4 Skeletons, it was a very OP card that actually took skill to use, but now... I'm sorry. They're terrible. Bring back Ledoot, Supercell. Their job is to dis…

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  • TheFirestlyIrfan

    My Card Idea

    November 19, 2017 by TheFirestlyIrfan

    So this is my first blog at this wiki

    So Let Start

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  • Sharp Elite

    Secret Polls

    November 18, 2017 by Sharp Elite

    5th blog post, lucky number! I don't want to flood my profile with polls so I decided to pull a Eclogronio and do them here. Hmhmhmhm.. HAHAHAHA! Expect more from me later on, as things might change (some I hope I do). And they might be some who choose answers I despite. *Pulls out troops*. But without further ado, let's start. And some might be old because my other things are outdated, so I might make polls here.

    That's all. My Computer is dead by viruses, so I'm on my iPad. It's slow and annoying on safari, but it's better then nothing.

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  • GLeen1230

    Balance Change ideas 15/11

    November 15, 2017 by GLeen1230

    The meta is way too offensive, and a defensive card has completely shift a ton, today, I’ll talk about my balance change ideas to make defensive a bit stronger, but make sure offensive remain strong

    HP: 1399 to 1330, damage: 159 to 153. Over DPS: 144 to 153

    Why: The Knight just offers way too much defensive value, defeating anything dangerous for only 3 elixir. Knight has been unchanged for A year and a half already, he simply needs less HP to bring back all Mini Tanks. To compensate , his DPS is increasing slightly.

    HP : 1463 to 1756

    The Prince is simply too easy to stop on offence, but surprisingly pretty strong on defence, as he can kill most Glass Cannons that are posing threats. I think Prince should have more HP although his original HP …

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  • GLeen1230

    For the 2nd re ranking I’m doing the rare cards, the rare cards are most likely good except a few ones, this is my rare card ranking

    THIS CARD IS THE BIGGEST PIECE OF GARBAGE IN CLASH ROYALE HISTORY. Seriously, lets all agree that heal is the worst card in the game. It doesn’t heal enough, AND IT SOMEHOW GOT NERFED. Heal is a terrible spell that offers you no value, you can simply use something else instead of this piece of garbage.

    This card shouldn’t even exist.

    Ok, so Spear Goblins are recently buffed, and it successfully made the Goblin Hut a bit better. Meaning it made even less sense to use the Barb Hut anymore. It wasn’t overall too bad actually, but it’s 7 elixir is just totally unworthy, we have the Inferno Tower which offers way more v…

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  • Positive Elixir Trade

    I personally think that when using it on offense, the Skeleton Barrel is a gimmicky card.

    It can't really distract the largest range of troops, so more planning will have to be put into this bad boy before you can take it to the arena.

    • The Skeleton Barrel is good to use for a tank and spank combo. Left alone, it can tank 4 hits from a Musketeer, then the residual Skeletons will tank 8 more shots.
    • The Skeletons at tournament standard will hit a Princess Tower 21 times, so guarenteed, it won't be left unchecked.
    • The Barrel can help distract an Inferno Tower from targeting your tank, but there's a 1-second window between when the Barrel pops and when the Skeletons actually appear, so you'll still need a Zap just so the Inferno Tower won't deal ma…

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  • Royalbaby

    Im new here

    November 11, 2017 by Royalbaby

    OK PEOPLE. I JUST JOINED AND...well...whatever.  So lemme tell u a little bout myself:

    1. i started playing cr in april/may 2017

    2. im in arena 9(yay)

    3. favorite card:pekka

    4. i like using beatdown decks

    5. im free2play

    6. i have 2 legendaries even tho im free2play

    7. in arena 8 i used rg...

    8. i hate golem decks

    9. i hate the trophy reset for leauges(i dont play that much nowadays. guess im going to fail at it)

    10. i also hate inferno

    11. i always miss my arrows and end up hitting the king (only in 2v2)

    12. i play more 2v2 than ladder(duh...)

    13. i have another account in arena 5

    14. lumberjacks always get 1 hit on my tower

    15. i dont use prince or balloon (even tho i used to put a prince/balloon at the bridge in arena 4)

    16. im not a meta player

    17. i d…

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  • GLeen1230

    Ranking the Epic cards

    November 11, 2017 by GLeen1230

    It’s been a while since I made a ranking card list. After 4 months, I think I should make a update version of the epic cards , and here is it! Note: the brackets means the card ranking in the last list.

    Let’s all agree with it. Clone is the worst epic for almost 1 year. The cloned troops are too fragile, with popular tornadoes all around, Clone is just weak, I know Rage is risky, but somewhat clone is riskier as it cost more, it’s a lot easy to stop. I don’t think Clone is the worst spell right now, but c’mon supercell when will you buff the clone?

    I didn’t rank mirror in the last list because I thought it was just copying. But now I reconsider, I think Mirror should be in this list. The bottom 2 unfortunately. Mirror’s +1 elixir does NOT wo…

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  • Smarty Pants 264 Clash Royale

    Hello, everybody, my name is Smarty Pants 264 Clash Royale and I will be teaching you on how to counter the Hog Rider because everybody is complaining about him. Before I teach you on how to counter the Hog Rider, in my opinion, I don't believe the Hog Rider needs a direct nerf but I do believe his counters need a buff. Also, I think we should buff some of the win conditions so Hog Rider will be used less often.

    Countering the Hog Rider by himself is very easy here are the counters listed

    Any building, Mega Knight, Skeleton Army, Barbarians and Rocket (Don't use Rocket seriously)

    Goblins, Minions, Minion Horde, Elite Barbarians, Bats, Goblin Gang, Mini P.E.K.K.A, P.E.K.K.A, Prince, Bowler, Sparky, Electro Wizard, Lumberjack and Night Witch


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  • Positive Elixir Trade

    This is a cool idea that I've held off showing for 3 months.

    The Jungle Tree

    Cost: 5

    Range: 7

    Rarity: Epic

    Type: Building

    Lifetime: 40 seconds

    Deploy Time: 2.0 seconds

    Volume: 3x3

    Building Category: Active

    Hitbox radius: 0.6 tiles

    Hitpoints (from level 1 to level 9): 1170, 1284, 1408, 1548, 1698, 1865, 2050, 2252, 2472

    Poison Berries Damage (from level 1 to level 9): 151, 166, 182, 200, 220, 242, 266, 293, 322

    Buff Berries Health Buff by percentage (from level 1 to level 9): 5, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 17, 20, 25

    It spews poison berries from it's leaves that deal damage to an enemy troop.

    It also spews buff berries from it's top that increase a friendly troop's health of their max health. The buff berry will always give the same amount of health to a troops no …

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  • Smarty Pants 264 Clash Royale

    Hello everyone so in my Card Ideas Update 1 I said that I was going to balance or rework some of my card ideas in the future so here you go. This is the second time.

    Why: The Killer Rabbit was way too powerful as a 2 cost card as his dps is higher than a P.E.K.K.A cost 2 elixir and survives Log and Arrows. Now he will die to the Log and arrows. 

    [Speed: Very Fast] [Range: Melee] [Lunge speed: 0.5sec] [Targets: Ground] [Cost: 2] [Rarity: Legendary] [Hit Speed: 0.5sec] [When he kills an enemy troop with his lunge he will immediately lunge onto another enemy] [Lunge is like the Bandit's dash]

    Lv:1 Health: 240 Damage: 180 DPS: 360

    Lv:5 Health: 350 Damage: 262 DPS: 524

    Why: So if this card was ever added into Clash Royale it won't just outclass the …

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  • UnofficiallyRed

    Hello Clashers, today I am going to talk about my a topic that has been going for a very long time in the wikia, the Knight. Some say he's overpowered, some say he's balanced, there was even someone who said it was underpowered.

    So... let's just give this a thought. What was the Knight actually meant to be?

    As most people will know, Knight is a jack of all trades, meaning he's good at everything, but master of nothing. So if people think his stats are mediocre, at least they aren't trash, and these "mediocre" stats are for 3 elixir. The exception of mediocre about the Knight, obviously is the health, which is pretty high. So there you go, the health, one of the reasons why people hate him. There have been debates going on, some say his healt…

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  • Sharp Elite

    My Card Ideas

    October 29, 2017 by Sharp Elite

    As you guys know, I made the idea of Drop Ship about 2 weeks after I came to this wiki. But Gleen, Medic Main (Not in a good way, we were still rivals), and DatShadowJK (Not in a good way) were the only ones who noticed, so I posted it here. 

    But nobody noticed the Sucker Goblin. I want thoughts on the card. And there was a particular fire card that has been haunting me for days/weeks!

    Packed to the brim with Bones instead of Bombs. It drops 4 skeletons every 2 seconds, and homes at buildings. When Death, Crashes into the Ground, dealing Area Damage, and spawning 4 Skeletons.

    Cost 5 elixir and is an Epic.

    Lava Hound Double Balloon Double Dragon (Sorry Gleen, Be thankful I don't have Lava Hound) >:)

    A Dart Goblin that sucks Projectiles in instead …

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  • Smarty Pants 264 Clash Royale

    Hello, my name is Smarty Pants 264 Clash Royale and in this series "Clash Royale Problems and Solutions" I will be looking at Clash Royale's problems right now and MY THOUGHTS AND POSSIBLE SOLUTIONS to the problem. 

    Warning: This is an opinion from a Clash Royale user who has been playing this game around June or July 2016 can't remember. Please respect opinions

    Ladder has been difficult especially in the higher arenas especially Hog Mountain and Legendary Arena. In fact, a wiki user called AssassinOnDisguise has quit the game on how difficult ladder is. Overleveling and level advantages are the main issue for ladder since common cards like Elite Barbarians and Royal Giant can be overleveled so your cards can easily be defeated and your chanc…

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  • Positive Elixir Trade

    Ok, I've been using this database. It's a gag measurment system that calculates your said "Hitpoints" based on your age, height and weight.

    It's a joke, so don't take it seriously.

    Formula of Humans and Animals

    (Total # of Months Lived) x 2 + (weight in pounds) + (Height in cm)

    For the age, if you lived 6.9 months, cut off the extra .9 months because it's the # of TOTAL months you've lived. Always round down and not up because that will be cheating the system.

    For example, if you are 50 years 6 months old, you will have lived 606 months. Multiplying that by 2 will give you 1212 hitpoints. But, we are not done. Say that you weigh 75 kilograms and is 73 inches tall. 2.2 pounds are in a kilogram and 2.54 cm are in an inch. When converting these me…

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  • GLeen1230

    Why I hate the lightning

    October 25, 2017 by GLeen1230

    Being a Lightning hater, there's actually a reason why I hate lightning. Today I'm going to talk about the Lightning and what it influenced.

    Back then, Lightning is like the worst card ever, it cost 6 elixir, can only hit 3 targets, and nowhere as threatening as the rocket, so it was buffed at September 19th 2016, allowing it to stun. Lightning wasn't too popular yet.

    But after the December February update, when supercell buffed the Balloon, PEKKA and Baby Dragon, these 3 useless cards (Yeah Back before the update I believed that Baby Dragon was garbage) instantly emerged to OP, and beatdown became popular. Whether is Golem Baby Dragon Night Witch, Lavaloon , Giant or PEKKA beatdown etc., Inferno Tower is always the best counter. Zap isn't r…

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  • Relativo94

    The aim of this article is to rank the 57 chests of Clash Royale attending to its "weight in gold". The numbers are for arena 11, but the ranking for slightly lower arenas is very similar.

    For compute the "weight in gold " of a chest we will take into account the average quantity of gold and the total amount of cards according to its rarity. Namely, 5 gold for each COMMON card, 50 gold for each RARE card, 500 gold for each EPIC card and 20000 gold for each LEGENDARY card. This is the gold that a player receives when he donates a card and/or when he gets extra cards in case he already has this card at the maximum level.

    A chest has some guaranteed cards and some probability to get extra cards. Of course, is better a silver chest that contains…

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  • GLeen1230

    So this is a remake of one of my Biggest blog post because of it being outdated, the meta shifts and currently these are the best and worst cards in ladder

    These cards are eiher straight up OP, or being extremly versatile, highly reccomend you to use them

    Personally I still really like the Baby Dragon, even though he dropped to 10th place from 2nd since the last list, he’s still much better than the Witch, only costing 4 elixir and having a lot more HP, he can chip really well, he’s a very decent counter against Minion Horde, bats and Spear Goblins (All Back from the dead), Baby Dragon can’t be lightninged down, so basically only rocket kills him 1 shot. 

    Baby Dragon Was Strong , cheap and versatile, he’s a hope for your tanks against swarms.…

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  • Smarty Pants 264 Clash Royale

    The date above is when am I writing this blog I have no idea when the next update is coming. 

    Okay, so I am going to write my OPINIONS on how balanced are the cards right now in clash royale tell me if I Buff or Nerf a troop too much.

    All of these stats changes will be in tournament standards.

    I am now going to split the balance changes in 3 categories High, moderate and low priority balance changes in my OPINION.

    High priority: Balance changes to should happen as soon as possible

    Medium priority: balance changes that will hopefully come soon

    Low priority: balance changes that hopefully will be added once the majority of the high and medium priorities have been handled

    Health: 636 -> 699

    Why: The Barbarians used to be a great card but now after the intro…

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  • Positive Elixir Trade

    This is my glossary in how I like to classify troops depending on their health.

    If I can do it without breaking the rules, I am tempted to include wiki users in the list just as a joke.

    Tiny Troops

    These troops die to 1 Fire Spirit. It's pretty standard.

    Indepth Thoughts

    Really, you shouldn't have changed the Goblins' classification from tiny to small even if Zap can't kill them anymore. Now that Zap has shifted, Fire Spirits make more sense to use to measure. (Unless I was willing to use outdated information prior to January 23, 2017.)

    List of all examples

    Skeletons, Bats, Minions, Spear Goblins, Goblins and Fire Spirits

    They die to 3 Fire Spirits at once. Nice and swift. The Flying Machine will take no more than 3 hits to kill them.

    Indepth Thoug…

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  • Bane of Potato

    BoP's Random Stuff

    October 19, 2017 by Bane of Potato

    Spawns a bunch(8) of skeltons, wherever it pops. Pretty cool, but still gets wrecked by Wiz, Exe, and bDragon. at level 7 the dps would be like 67x8=536. Since the Crown Tower has an attack rate of 0.8 then... the skeletons die every 0.8 seconds. Yay, that reduces the dps each time. However, we have to factor inn the 1-second deploy time for the skeletons when they get spawned. Assuming that all 8 skeletons miraculously lock onto the tower at the same time and isn't countered for some reason, the damage would be

    • Skeletons Deploy
    • 0.8 Seconds: 1st Skeletons dies
    • 1 Second: Skeletons are ready for action!
    • 1.6 Seconds: 2nd Skeleton dies 0 damage
    • 2.4 Seconds: 402 damage, 3rd Skeleton dies
    • 3.2 Seconds: 335 damage, 4th Skeleton dies
    • 4 Seconds: 268 damage, 5th…

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  • Positive Elixir Trade

    Arena: Royal Arena

    Rarity: Epic

    Hitpoints (level 1 to level 9): 524, 576, 634, 696, 765, 838, 922, 1011, 1112

    Damage: 225, 247, 272, 299, 329, 362, 398, 438, 482

    Hitspeed: 1.0 seconds

    Speed: Fast

    Elixir Cost: 4

    Deploy Time: 1.0 seconds

    Targets: Ground

    Range: 2.5

    Sight Range: 5.5 tiles.

    Unique Property: You can stack another Bishop on top of the first. That second Bishop can only attack air, but will deal full damage.

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  • Larry army

    Why am I using PEKKA

    October 12, 2017 by Larry army

    PEKKA is a tank that I always have in my deck. I prefer to use PEKKA because we can use it to counterpush easily. Example if my enemy sent a hog rider, I can use PEKKA to counter, and then support the PEKKA with a splash-damage troop e.g. Baby Dragon. PEKKA can be use to counter lots of things like hog rider, golem, giant, e-wiz and many more.

    But the thing is that I hate to meet opponents that have inferno tower, inferno dragon or sparky. They are great counters to PEKKA. And this is why I want to get the e-wiz.


                                        ...AND GREAT DAMAGE !!!                                                   

    • Baby Dragon
    • Poison
    • Hog Rider
    • Ice Wizard 
    • Witch
    • Zap

    Note: These cards come from different de…

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  • Smarty Pants 264 Clash Royale

    Hello everyone so in my Card Ideas Update 1 I said that I was going to balance or rework some of my card ideas in the future so here you go.

    Why: I think her splash radius is a bit too small so this buff will allow her to hit more troops with a shot.

    [Speed: Medium] [Range: 4] [Splash Radius: 75°] [Targets: Ground and Air] [Cost: 4] [Rarity: Rare] [Hit Speed: 1.5sec] 

    Lv1: Health: 375 Damage: 150 DPS: 100

    Lv 7: Health: 660 Damage: 264 DPS: 176

    Lv 11: Health: 960 Damage: 384 DPS: 256

    Why: After getting some constructive criticism from Sharp Elite I take a look at the Giant Snowball again and I realized that this card provides too much defensive value so I gave this card some nerfs.

    [Travel Speed: Same as The Long] [Travel Distance: 12] [Explosion …

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  • UnofficiallyRed

    We all know that this conversation about Wizard and Executioner has been going on for quite a while, so today I decided I should create a blog about this.

    So firstly, let's look at the health for Wizard and Executioner. Executioner has pretty much more health at 1010, while Wizard is pretty fragile at a mere 598, which makes the Executioner more reliable. This, is the obvious difference why many people prefer this over Wizard.

    With a higher health, and a decent damage per hit, Executioner has more capability in defense, especially with Tornado, and is also more versatile.

    But this doesn't mean you should replace your Wizard with that axe-throwing beast.

    Wizard has it's advantages too, and I'm not only talking about DPS and hitspeed. I'm taking…

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  • Napstone

    A Legend Legacy 2 is looking for fun and active members who want to grow with us and develop their skills. Our goal is to have a clan with instant donations and an active clan chat. We help each other grow with fast donations, gameplay advice and friendly battles.

    What we have to offer:

    ♦ Skilled players to practice and do friendly battles with

    ♦ Promotions for loyal and dedicated members

    ♦ The opportunity to advance to Legendary Gods as your skill and trophy level increase


    ♦ 0 trophies

    ♦ 150+ donations per week

    ♦ A minimum of 15 crowns per clan chest

    We believe that a clan can only be successful when every member contributes. So if you cannot make your donations or crowns please give a heads up in advance to leadership. Nobody likes …

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  • Type: Sparky

    This day is a big step for Clash Royale because the Epic Quests October 2017 Update has finally been released! When the Clash Royale developer team said it was "the biggest update ever," they couldn't be closer to the truth.

    The Free Chest is gone, Touchdown has been added, and Clash Royale looks much nicer overall! What with all of these new features, let's dive right in! Here's what's new from this update!

    Touchdown is a new game mode that has just arrived to Clash Royale, and it is unlike anything we've ever seen before! As of now, the only form in which we have seen Touchdown being played is as a 2v2 Draft event. It takes place in a unique Arena made specifically for Touchdown. This Arena has no bridges or Arena Towers. It is grassy and …

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  • Sharp Elite


    October 9, 2017 by Sharp Elite

    I made a post about legendaries, so why not epics. Commons and Rares, well.... I don't really like most of the rares, but I do like Bats, Minions, and the spirits. But Epics are normally what I use, mainly 2 or 3 (or even 1) in my decks. I made a blog about legendaries, so why not epics? My card idea is the Drop Ship (Not the Skeleton Barrel) and Sucker Goblin, which would probably be a Epic or Legendary. Without further ado, here we go. Btw I am going to tag the characters so you can check and compare their stats to the 3, since the Epics are more interesting then the Legendaries. 

    As we know, he was a trash card before. But with a buff he's a great splash card! I use his stronger self, the Mega Knight, but on the Dank Prince's page, Gleen…

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