• UnofficiallyRed

    Hey everyone, I’m UnofficiallyRed, and today I have another ranking. This ranking, however, is for buildings.

    Before I start, note that this is completely my opinion. You can disagree with it, be don’t be too harsh.

    So let’s get started!

    You’d saw that coming. Too expensive, and too easy to take care of, what else can I say? Although being able to survive a Rocket does impress me as a insane big wall of china but that’s just that.

    No longer the annoying cancer it used to be. Now, it’s just a underpowered gob Hut.

    Is actually getting better. New metas include logbait and bridge spam which is easily taken care by a Bomb Tower. Also does well against classic Hog cycle, which is in the meta again.

    Not bad for 3 elixir. The cheapest building apart fr…

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  • Captain GLeen Du Grande

    There’re 11 buildings in the game, ever wondered which one is the best? I’ll tell you now!

    There should not be a surprise to see the Bomber on the Tower being last. Bomber is already a bad card, but it made him worse on the tower, the damage is far worse, yet it still can’t hit air, it is overshadowed by the much more powerful Inferno Tower, I'd rather use the Bomber on the ground, why does it even cost 5 elixir???

    Similarly, Barb hut is also bad because it cost too much, 7 elixir, yet it does a little job, I think Barb but is better than the bomb tower though, sometimes I get trolled by the Barb Hut + gob hut combo, but that’s it

    Cannon is also very bad for quite some time At least this thing is cheap, and it can really save you from the Hog…

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  • Positive Elixir Trade

    Okay, I am posting the answer here. To figure it out, there are some fundamental facts you need to understand.

    • Because the witch has a fear of fire, she won't have any in her own house.
    • Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you, you can't escape from the witch's side.
    • The Dragon is capable of taking out both the witch and lion because he spews endless flames.
    • If you bait the Dragon to the witch, you can safely hide behind the open door that leads to the witch since the doors open to the left.
    • However, if you try to bait the Dragon to the lion, you don't have the safety of the lion's door since it doesn't open to the right. Both the Dragon and lion will charge right at you.

    This is actually a trick question because you need a series of door openings to escap…

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  • SgtZaitsev69

    Balancing Cards

    March 8, 2018 by SgtZaitsev69

    The rising issue I have noticed with this game is the community. Quite frankly, I'd have to say a good 45% of it, actively contributes to the problem of Clash Royale. but I'm not here to preach, I'm here to throw in my two cents when it comes to balancing overused and "cancerous".


    The Royal Giant usage has fallen over the last few months, but that doesn't mean he hasn't become any less strong.

    His damage is pathetic, but he can tank almost as well as an equal level Giant, which is ridiculous. I'm suggesting a major hitpoints nerf. Perhaps 20 or 25%, to compensate for his damage buff, perhaps 5 or 10%. Combined with his new Elixer Cost: 5,  this would make him more suited to take out BUILDINGS, which is his job, to clear the w…

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  • ClashAndRekt

    Card Ideas

    March 5, 2018 by ClashAndRekt

    I got some card ideas, and I brought them to life with Clash Royale Card Maker:

    Card 1:

    The Rock is an alternative to The Log. Here are some preliminary stats. Keep in mind it has the same properties of The Log.

    (Damage/Crown Tower Damage

    Level 1: 600/210

    Level 2: 650/228

    Level 3: 700/245

    Level 4: 750/263

    Level 5: 800/280

    Next up, the Lava Golem.

    (Note that the Deploy Time is 1 Second)

    Stats (Damage/Death Damage)

    Level 1: 1200/50

    Level 2: 1350/100

    Level 3: 1550/150

    Level 4: 1800/200

    Level 5: 2100/250

    Level 6: 2450/300

    Level 7: 2800/350

    Level 8: 3200/400

    Level 9: 3650/450

    Level 10: 4150/500

    Level 11: 4700/600

    These may sound OP, but keep in mind the Lava Golem does no damage.​​​​​​​

    And heres a joke one for last:

    Anyways what do you think? Tell me in the comments …

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  • Magicasquirrel

    Hello, magicasquirrel here, And today, I will be telling you how to make a good deck!

    This blog post was inspired by Gorgonzola's amazing deck building guide.

    So, how do you make a good deck? let's find out!

    I do not approve the fact that cycle and bait are archetypes. they are just regular deck types. I mean - I can put a princess and a goblin barrel in a X-bow deck. Bait? bait. but it's also siege.

    So, You can choose out of the 3 archetypes: Siege, control and beatdown. choose the one which suits you the most.

    Siege - A defencive archetype: you rely on you siege card to deal damage to your opponent's towers from your side of the arena. the other cards are used to protect your siege card or to chip/finish off your opponent's towers. If you can…

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  • Captain GLeen Du Grande

    Today, I want to talk about something different. Yup, it's these 2

    Once, they're considered as cancer, but as people Learn how to stop them, as well as balance changes that hurt them, These 2 have never been in a worse spot than they have Been now. I'll talk some ideas how to fix them.

    RG can barely hurt you, it's just guaranteed damage, Hog Rider is much easier to get damage, as well as supported, look at their DPS! Hog ha sure much better stats but HP. RG is so weak to destroy buildings, despite his range. With Moreno damage, he can leave the building into dust

    Unlike RG, EBarbs are getting a rework instead of a buff, because unlike RG,EBarbs are not bad, their damage is OP, but their HP sucks, especially at tournament standard, I want to …

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  • Royalbaby

    since everybody's doing a top XX best cards in cr, i'll do the top 6 worst cards as of march 2018

    remember: everything here is based solely off of my opinion

    anyways, let's begin

    yep. you probably saw that coming.

    this bottle of pee should actually be removed from the game. nerfing it will just 100% kill it. buffing it will make alot of people quit (3M heal, anyone?)

    right now, this card is useless and very unstable.

    also another no-brainer

    i joined the game at mid 2017 and guess what? no bomb tower buff. right now: no bomb tower buff.

    srsly, supercell, when are you buffing this thing? the inferno tower literally took a knife and killed this card right off the meta. bad damage, bad dps, bad hit speed, bad range, bad targets, bad everything.

    the blu…

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  • UnofficiallyRed

    Like Magicasquirrel, I’m also making a ranking about 8 of the best cards, but this time with win conditions.

    Let’s get started!

    I am proud (kind of) to say that this has turned from one of trashiest cards in the past, into a beast of win condition for just 5 elixir. Sure 5 elixir is kind of expensive for a card, but for that it provides one of the highest damage, has an insta first hit, decent health and also a nice little bomb which can hurt quite a bit, being able to take care of even Archers (which are unloggable) and small troops/swarms around.

    Only problem is that rather easy to counter. But who cares? You’re gonna get 3 crowns easy if you use it right!

    Oh boy. This defensive beast still is roaming around decks and more decks.

    Provides soo…

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  • SpacefighterX

    1 to 10 1 means worst 10 means best


    9-ice spirit


    4-spear goblins

    9-fire spirits




    9.5-arrows (basically a more expensive zap that can take out minions)





    5-skeleton barrel (got nerfed from 8 to 6 skeletons really ruins the card IMO)

    9.5-goblin gang



    8-barbarians (main reason is because is can defeat elite barbs)

    8.5-minion hoard

    8- elite barbarians (cancer)

    8- royal giant (cancer #2)

    8-ice golem


    8.5-mega minion

    7.5-dart goblin (nice counter to inferno tower though)

    4.5-heal (who uses this card)


    8.5-mini P.E.K.K.A.


    8.5-valkyrie (knight is better IMO)

    9.5-hog rider


    8.5--Battle ram

    7.5-flying machine(flying mu…

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  • Magicasquirrel

    Boy, it's been quite some time since I made a blog! This time, I will be talking about the 8 best cards In my opinion.

    Let's get started!

    Boy oh boy! the "haircut" to the knight and the buff to valkyrie made her viable in competitive plays! She is even seen in meta! Log bait with knight and tornado turned into log bait with valkyrie and tornado!

    So, what did that hit speed buff do to valkyrie? well, she can get 1 extra hit off before dying, and she can murder support units way faster.

    I still think that for her 4 elixir cost, she deserves just a tiny health buff... But, eh, Can't do anything about it.

    Okay, everyone wanted to see some mini tanks OTHER than the knight. but I think buffing dark prince was a bit too much. why? DOUBLE PRINCE IS BAC…

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  • Captain GLeen Du Grande

    So the recent change BRUTALLYnerfed the Mega Knight and Skeleton Barrel, while buffing the underused Valkyrie, overshadowed Bandit and Dark Prince, now as meta changes, some cards need a change, here’s my ideas!

    These card either suck, overshadowed or just not game changing enough, these buff should help!

    Ok, I admit that Skeleton Barrel DEFINITELY deserves a nerf, but the recent nerf was totally incorrect. It KILLED Skeleton Barrel as 2 skeletons can change a lot of damage. Skeleton Barrel has poor RNG like Graveyard, so it’ll deal a lot less damage. To revive it, I prefer bringing back those Skeletons, however, slow down their deployment time a bit (like 0.2 seconds or something) OR decrease the barrel’s HP, so the skeletons will take longe…

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  • Positive Elixir Trade

    Flash Bomber

    February 26, 2018 by Positive Elixir Trade

    So, to start things out, here is some Flash Bomber idea that I got some time ago. I spent lots of time making that picture using Algodoo and some snipping tools, so you'd probably enjoy it.

    145, 159, 175, 192, 211, 231, 254, 279, 307, 337, 370, 407

    99, 108, 119, 131, 144, 158, 173, 190, 209, 230, 252, 278

    • Hitspeed - 0.8 seconds
    • Speed - Medium
    • Range - 5.5
    • Targets - Air & Ground

     The bombs stun for 0.4 seconds and for every seventh bomb thrown by the Flash Bomber, the damaged unit will also be confused. The confused units will start attacking the closest unit nearby (whether friendly or enemy) for 5.5 seconds. The stun from the bombs does not reset Sparky or charge attacks.

    • When a unit is confused, the level icon will turn yellow with the number either …

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  • Captain GLeen Du Grande

    As we all know, a Balance Update was launched and the legendary ranking is going to be a lot different. Let’s see how everything changed since the last ranking, along with the Magic Archer!

    The buff for Sparky is amazing, it made her a lot better to stay at a great spot in the meta. But it’s not good enough to save her from last place. I put sparky at 9th last list, but I think it’s because I’d overrated her.

    Actually, I wouldn’t consider her as the worst legendary, but I did talk to my friends that told me that Sparky’s buff isn’t enough to save her from last place. She’s too easy to stop and overwhelm. I can understand. Though if left ignored, she can defend against millions of pushes!

    But still, sparky is good! I would be very happy even i…

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  • UnofficiallyRed

    Failure of making the other ranking come true prompted me to take on something easier and slightly less monotonous, which was making a leggie card ranking, after the balance change. This is purely my opinion, and do respect that. I respect yours too.

    Anyways, let's get started!

    I mean, come on, E-Wiz has more damage, stuns, Musketeer has a better hitspeed, just for one more elixir. Sure it's decent, but it's just outclassed by many other options out there.

    Tier: D-Tier

    It's also decent, but I give it this ranking. Why? Horrible DPS, slow, and costs 3 elixir. It's good but there are better options like Dart Goblin and Flying Machine.

    Tier: C-Tier

    Again, another good card, but near trashy legendary. Easily countered by meta cards, but when it wor…

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    Today I will be explaining the ratings of legendaries in the current meta, and what they can be used for.


    Anyways, this will take into account the current balance change along with all legendaries except the magic archer, but I can add him later when he gets released.

    Lets get started.



    With the ewiz's moderately low health and the fact that you can counter him with any high-HP troop that doesn't have a charge if by himself, he isn't good alone. However, when you pair him up behind a tank, such as pekka and golem, he is a BEAST. He can stun any inferno towers/dragons, and can maybe get a few hits on the tower, since his damage is exceptional. Not…

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  • XXK1rbyF4nB0y69Xx

    I would like to do Top 5 Legendary Cards but i want to share Some of the cards that did'nt made it it the lists.

    Minion Horde

    Minions outclass Bats because they can survive Zap with a slither of HP, but unlike Bats, they can't do HUGE P O S I T I V E   E L I X I R   T R A D E S.


    Featured in your starter deck, Arrows are normally used to take out swarms.

    But i find Tornado much better since it has higher range.


    Simple. Golem is much much more better

    Battle Ram

    I just think Hog Rider is better than them.


    Freeze was once ABSOLUTELY BROKEN long time ago because it was easy to use any you will never see a deck with out Freeze.

    Supercell nerfed it later then using requires PRESICION. Now it has a 2.6% play rate as of now according to Sta…

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  • XXK1rbyF4nB0y69Xx

    5 - Guards

    A decent swarm card.

    Guards can destroy a multitude of Tanks and Mini-Tanks! (Especially Building targeting only).

    With the help of Mirrored Guards, a Clone, and an arena tower, it can obliterate an ENTIRE Golem!

    4 - Goblin Barrel

    Goblins-In-A-Barrel, makes a good Spell bait.

    If you opponent ignores it, it can do chip damage!

    Bonus Tip!: If you and your teammate have a Gobbo Barrel, a Mirror, AND a clone, and THROWS it at the king tower, it can deal a Ridiculous amount of damage.

    3 - Prince

    The most powerful card you will see when you first play CR.

    Because at level 1, The Prince can deal TONS of damage!

    In fact, I've been using him ever since I've unlocked him.

    How ever, gets easily countered by swarms, and get reset by Zap.

    2 - Rage

    The Rag…

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  • TheGreatAhilan

    Sparky-PEKKA Deck

    February 13, 2018 by TheGreatAhilan

    Two names you don't want to hear at the same time. Although stupid, I find this deck really useful for the ladder. The deck can be between 3.3 elixir through 3.9 elixir. My deck is 3.9 elixir. 


    PEKKA - 7 Elixir [Push]

    Sparky - 6 Elixir [Push]

    Bats - 2 Elixir [Defense]

    Skarmy - 3 Elixir [Defense]

    Archers - 3 Elixir [Anti Air]

    B. Dragon - 4 Elixir [Anti Air + Push Backup]

    Arrows - 3 Elixir [Spell for swarms]

    G. Barrel - 3 Elixir [Chip Damage]

    At first, when you saw this deck, you might be saying "This is a hell of a garbage deck!" In my opinion, this is a really good deck. The role of the deck is to create a push with PEKKA and Sparky. Then, you need to back up the push with cards like Archers or Baby Dragon so that the PEKKA and Sparky can sur…

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  • Captain GLeen Du Grande

    More balance changes?! Why, let’s take a look. It’s odd to see supercell announced a new balance change so quick, so let’s review them!

    Spawn damage and jump damage: 480 decreased to 360

    I HATE THIS CHANGE SO MUCH, SO MUCH THAT I NEARLY THREW MY IPAD AND SMASH IT! SERIOUSLY SUPERCELL??? I KNOW MEGA KNIGHT SHOULD GET NERFED, BUT SERIOUSLY? 25%??? This will change so much interactions, Hog Rider will always get 1 shot, Elite Barbarians might potentially deal enough damage so he can’t counterattack, Barbarians, Witch AND Ice Wizard will survive him + zap or log. This nerf is twice as BRUTAL as Night Witch’s 7 NERFS!!! Mega Knight is one of my favourite legendary, so RIP MK, my boy.

    HP: 1399 decreased to 1315

    Well, after losing 0.1 seconds hit speed, h…

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  • Royalbaby

    Balance Change Ideas

    February 10, 2018 by Royalbaby

    first time making one of these, so don't judge

    anyways, this will just be some of my balance change ideas, not listed in any significant order. creds to smarty pants and others

    742 --> 808

    just to make it a little bit more valuable for 3 elixir. its damage, dps, and all that are fine, imo

    172 --> 199

    a giant skeleton can now one shot a guard's shields, nothing really that major. i just hated seeing a giant skeleton take 3 shots to kill a guard.

    106 --> 122

    they really suck as cards and this buff will give them more defensive potential like they were supposed to be. pretty big buff as it will decide whether or not they will kill that giant.

    176 --> 220

    110 --> 129

    now one shots dart gob, princess, guards' shields, and takes fewer shots to kill barbar…

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  • GorgonzolaSW

    Tired of taking decks from ther internet? Your decks don't work? Want to unleash your power of creativity? Don't you worry, GAG's here to help you!

    There are some steps, it means cards you must include. Some are optional, but every deck must have at least one optional card role. Keep in mind that one card can fulfill two roles. Let's start.

    Is it cycle? Beatdown? Control? Siege? Spawner? Bridge spam? Or maybe your own? Decide!

    If there's a card you want to include, include it. It will also function as one of the card roles you will need to include.

    Every deck must have a win condition, a card that can deal big damage to the tower and is not so easy to counter. Deck without one isn't even a deck.

    Some win conditions work better with support card…

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  • Captain GLeen Du Grande

    The meta keeps changing, and it’s time for do the top 10 best and worst cards in ladder again! However, this time will be a little different than usual. I’ll be Excluding the Zap and Heal in the best and worst cards because these 2 are at the top/bottom for too long, it’s just unfair to the other cards. Yup, no Zap and No heal. Let’s begin!

    These 10 cards are probably the top tier ladder cards now, they can be used very effectively and versatile.

    Oddly, the Executioner has been dethroned for quite a bit. With more Prince at the meta, which he is fairly weak against due to his weak DPS. However the executioner is still powerful for sure, having his boomerang attack to air and ground, providing perfect control. Executioner will always be stron…

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  • GorgonzolaSW

    Chests: Worst to best

    February 2, 2018 by GorgonzolaSW

    Ha! Bet you didn't see that coming! :D

    So if everyone did card rankings I decided to do a chest ranking. Let's start.

    Ok, they don't need an explanation.

    They suck - they give no gems, only a few gold, a few cards and look terrible. Next

    What to say, they are challenge chests but looking better. They also (I heard) give more cards.

    It is useless - rare, but gives very few gold, long opening time, they give some commons and rares but otherwise they are hopeless.

    It's nice, because it's short opening time, but otherwise they are weak.

    They're silver chests which open 2x longer, but they at least guarantee rares. And it's gud.

    Yes, it's not a joke. SMCs are that low.

    Why? They open 24h and usually contain no legendaries (ask anyone). Plus they look st…

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  • XXK1rbyF4nB0y69Xx

    5 - Furnace

    I'm sorry if I'm triggering Smarty (No, wait, he's probably 60% dead on the wiki). But Furnace is a very decent building card. It spawns 2 Fire Spirits.

    It's cheap, quick to use (Unless your deck is unable to cycle it out), versatile, and makes very good brick oven pancakes.

    I find this to be more better that the Goblin Hut as Fire Spirits react quicker than Spear Goblins. Get rid of that Goblin Hut, it's time to make some Fire Spirits!

    4 - Ice Golem

    In my opinion, Ice Golem is the Best Mini-Tank in the game.

    It's death DAMAGES opponent troops AND freezes them!

    It's like a Golemite and Freeze In one!

    3 - Wizard

    The Wizard in my opinion is the Best Glass Cannon in the game.

    It deals AoE damage and very effective against swarms!

    Try this wi…

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  • Magicasquirrel

    "GULP" Here goes...

    Hello there! As you understood, it's me, magicasquirrel, writing another blog post. And today, I'll talk about the top 5 (In my opinion) win conditions in the current meta. so, first thing's first: what's a win condition?

    -A win condition is a card that is good at taking towers. That means: It must have a high damage output, it must be annoying to deal with, and it won't die easily. So No: Under no conditions is prince a win condition.

    So, let's begin the list, shall we?

    Mortar was, is and will be one of the best friends Of F2P players. that dead-zone nerf ain't done a thing. Mortar is still REALLY powerfull.

    Yup, You read that right: Rocket is a win condition. not really much to say here. NEXT!

    The third place is taken by a …

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  • XXK1rbyF4nB0y69Xx

    5 - Elite Barbarians I have not used E-Barbs but they are actually very good in my opinion, I might consider using them in my current deck.

    Elite Cancer can counter Giant, Ice Golem, and other ground building-attacking cards.

    Ya'know what's funny?

    Elite Barbarians can counter themselves!

    4 - Knight

    In my opinion, the Knight is a very good Mini-Tank (I also agree that he has an awesome Mustache).

    He can tank for other troops to destroy other tanks!

    Fun fact: A Knight can tank 1 Sparky blast!

    3 - Ice Spirit

    The reason that Ice Spirit is so good is:

    1: It can help cycle your deck.

    2: It can support Tanks.

    3: It can help with spell bait.

    4: It can reset charges.

    5: It can waste an enemie's Sparky blast.

    2 - Bats

    The Bats can be described in 3 words; Cute but …

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  • GorgonzolaSW

    Clash World II

    January 29, 2018 by GorgonzolaSW

    The first post is lagging and I can't edit it

    So I'll start wrirting when you'll make possible comments, but for now we have:

    • GLeen1230 - a very protective dark prince who trains witch's skeleys into guards. The name will be Gleen, because names are based on nicknames.


      • Very protective


      • Easily distracted

    • Eclogronio, a Mega Knight who guards the (Jewish) gold in the village. The name's Eclogronio, short Eclo.


      • Smart
      • Strong


      • Cowardly

    • Royalbaby as a barbarian, who tries to chop wood with his sword. Hates Lumberjack, Valkyries, Executioners. has no friends. Named...Royal. (lel)


      • Can fight
      • Strong, I think


      • Greedy
      • Stubborn
      • Sometimes dumb

    • PROblemGamer14 as the prince, like that one from CR co…

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    Today, i'll be telling everyone, specifically people who are in arena 6 or above and people who are just starting to witness golem, how to counter this annoying deck:


    Now, the golem itself is an OP epic that many people hate. Golem beatdown is being used a lot in higher arenas, and with other cards, like Night Witch, Wizard, Baby Drag, Mega minion, etc, it can be overwhelming to counter this mighty deck.

    Now, just before I manifest the tips, I would like to say that golem beatdown is not a "nooby" deck. It requires a lot of skill and you need to know how to use your cards effectively.

    Anyways, let's get started:

    1. Make sure you have a good defense

    In order to get rid of the mighty golem, you need to have a good building that can …

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  • XXK1rbyF4nB0y69Xx

    5 - Skeleton Army

    Skarmy spawns 14 Larrys.

    Skarmy technically has SO MANY COUNTERS YET VERY POPULAR IN CR!!!

    They get countered by Arrows, Zap, etc.

    I would use Guards because they have Shields.

    Yes, I use Skarmy but I plan on replacing them once I reach Royal Arena. (Arena 7)

    4 - Three Musketeers

    The reason I hate 3Muskies cuz its SO EXPENSIVE!!!

    It gets countered by Lightning, Sparky, and Fireball for a P O S I T I V E E L I X I R T R A D E .

    I would use the regular Muskie because it's cheaper.

    3 - Golem

    I have to admit, Golem is the Best tank in the game.

    But it's just SO EXPENSIVE.

    I would use P.E.K.K.A. because it's 1 Elixir cheaper, or the Ice Golem because it's very Cheap.

    AND I prefer it's CoC counterpart.

    2 - Goblin Hut

    I just find this buildi…

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  • GorgonzolaSW

    Project: Clash World

    January 26, 2018 by GorgonzolaSW

    Hi, Gorgonzola there (how do you change username without letting staffs know). I would like to propose you a... game?

    Well, it's a kind of story with continuing chapters, like fanfictions on blogs or something like that. Except real people on this wiki are a character. I (and maybe some other people who will collaborate with me, if someone will want to) will write a story, where we're (as CoC/CR troops) living in a village. We will encounter many problems, even wars and things like that. Maybe some idea about giving non-writers a chance to change the story will pop up soon. Would you like that? Write in the comments.


    • We're living in a happy TH 6 village but the village is in a colony of many other villages.
    • You can be ANY troop from CR/…
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  • PROblemGamer14

    So, since tomorrow is the big balance we've been waiting for, I decided to make my personal ideas for the balance change.

    So first off is....

    Bats- Count decreased from 5 to 4

    Bats can be pretty strong for a 2 elixir common. Overall, I hate cycle decks and, in general, cheap cards. But most of all, I hate Spell Bait. Making Bats weak enough to not even reach the tower will make them a less versatile option in decks and hopefully bring some variety in decks as that is what Balances are supposed to do.

    Royal Ghost- Hit Speed decreased to 1.6sec from 1.7sec, Invisibilty Transition takes 1.2sec from 0.7sec, Visible when spawned

    His hit speed is really slow honestly and I think it shouldnt be so low. Do I think he's OP? No, only in big pushes howeve…

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  • C.Derren

    Ideas on balance updates

    January 22, 2018 by C.Derren

    This is my first time doing this, so feel free to comment and help me improve! 

    Spawns 3 bats upon dath instead of 2 upon death

    After two heavy nerfs, the Night Witch is a bit underpowered, but she had not recieves any buffs in the past few 

    months. Spawning 2 bats upon death seems to be something that makes her weak, so making it 3 may balance it again.

    Spawns 3 skeletons upon death

    The Witch has been buffed numerous times, but she still haven't received much love yet. It is indeed a versatile card, but there is something Supercell can do to make it competitive with Executioners, Baby Dragons and other area damage dealing cards. Spawning troops she summons, just like her counterpart, might be a good idea to make her even better and get more u…

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  • Captain GLeen Du Grande

    Ah, time for another rare card ranking, as the recent update introduced new rare card, so I decide to make a new rare card ranking, note that it’s my opinion.

    Ok I have to admit Over these times supercell released some new cards which is very bad at first (Eg. Inferno Dragon, Clone, Cannon Cart etc.). But the Zappies are definitely the most laughable thing I’ve ever seen, Yes, even the Heal is way better.

    I usually won’t put new cards at last place, but man these trash can on wheels really deserve at last. While heal is actually very decent before it got nerfed (I kinda underestimated it before it got nerfed) Zappies are simply terrible because of their bad HP and terrible damage, and they cost 4 elixir!

    This is the biggest piece of garbage I…

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  • PROblemGamer14

    If I could present Supercell with 10 card ideas of mine, these would be it. I tried to think what they would enjoy the most and what would they find interesting. I avoided CoC implementations unless the mechanics were completely different from the original concept. I also worked away from card variants and tried to prosper NEW ideas.

    10. Kabuki

    The Kabuki is an original idea that I feel is hard to convey/ explain. She throws a dagger that travels from one enemy to the next. At lvl 1, she only hits up to 4 enemies, but as you lvl her up, it increases by one. The max is 8, so at when she reaches lvl 5, her Max Target Hit will be at maximum potential as she is an Epic.

    9. Ice Breaker

    The Ice Breaker is a more relevant and fresher card than most …

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  • Positive Elixir Trade

    Robo Prince

    January 16, 2018 by Positive Elixir Trade

    Today, I'm going to show you a new idea for a card (It's doesn't seem to original, does it?) PLUS the melody for the greatest music ever created in the history of famous music composers all across spanning from 1500 to 2018.

    Here is a clip of a tower interaction that's a little inaccurate. I made it myself, so don't rebuke it or else.

    Rarity: Epic

    Elixir Cost: 5

    Hitspeed: 1.7 seconds

    Range: 5.5 tiles

    Charge Range: Melee

    Speed: Medium

    Charge Speed: Very Fast

    Targets: Ground

    Deploy Time: 1.0 seconds

    Sight Range: 5.5 tiles

    Hitpoints: 999, 1099, 1209, 1300, 1430, 1573, 1730, 1903, 2093

    Damage: 192, 211, 232, 255, 280, 308, 339, 373, 410

    Charge Damage: 384, 422, 464, 510, 560, 616, 678, 746, 820

    It takes 3.5 tiles for the Robo Prince's dog to wind up a charge. I…

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  • Captain GLeen Du Grande

    It’s been a while since I made a ‘Top 5 cards to counter XXX” post, this time, I’ll do one of my most hated cards before, the Balloon. I once said that I will never do a top 5 cards to counter Balloon, but now I felt confident enough to do it, so here’s my top 5 cards to counter Balloon .

    At number 1 we have the Minions, the Minions are the cheapest and the most reliable card against Balloon, as Zap can’t kill it, the Minions can quickly pop it and can form a counterpush, as they’re most likely gonna survive.

    The Bats are similar to Minions, dealing similar DPS for 1 less elixir, but they’re not as reliable because they can be 1 shot by Zap, still it can offer the best value which is why it’s number 2

    HA! The king of trolls! Tornado can suck …

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    How to use mirror

    January 14, 2018 by GREAT BEAST 99

    Today, I'm going to explain how to use one of my favorite, but underused, cards in clash royale.


    Mirror is currently one of the most underused cards in clash royale.

    Currently, it's being used in only 3% in ladder, and 2% in tournaments.

    In addition, people always view it as one of the worst cards/epics in the game, but I think that, if u know how to use it, it can become one of the best spells in clash royale. I respect everyone's opinion's, but today I will maybe manifest how good and OP this card can become.

    Rule 1:

    Only use this card offensively in double elixir

    This is a tactic that you must follow. Many people who try to use mirror always use the mirror offensively, which can waste a ton of elixir.

    Example: let's say…

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  • PROblemGamer14

    So I've come up with 2 spells and 2 Troops that I think will most likely be implemented from Clash of Clans to Clash Royale. Most 4-Card updates carry atleast one card that was inspired by CoC (which i think is cool). Since no buildings are likely to be added, i havent added them to this list sadly.

    NOOO HEEERRRROOOEEEESSSS! I think heroes would be cool but im not including them right now.

    Earthquake: I think the Earthquake would be an awesome card in the game. A building-targeting spell would be different and cool. If it were implemented i believe it could either be an Epic or a Legendary and most likely be cheap, and i was hoping it could be the first 1-elixir Legendary.

    Jump: Im thinking that this card would make troops jump over the river a…

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  • Captain GLeen Du Grande

    As our time pass, Epic cards have been changed, some got better and some got worse. Today I’m going to re rank the epic cards again. Should you upgrade them? Sure. But should you use them? Check out this list!

    Is there anyone being surprised that Clone reached last place? Clone has been in last place since my 1st epic list. The clone got slightly better now because with skills, the clone can actually pose quite a lot of threat (Especially Lava Hound decks).

    Then why is it last place? It’s last because the clones are too fragile, Tornado wrecks everything. And leaving the original unit Weak. Making it a really weak card

    Nah, I don’t think clone is that bad, at least it’s miles ahead of heal. But it definitely needs a big buff

    As long as the lig…

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    Rating of Spells

    January 10, 2018 by GREAT BEAST 99

    So guys, today I'm going to be rating all spells in clash royale.

    Spells are an important part of the game that can stop multiple pushes, and can be used on offense, too. They have the ability to target air and ground as well (most of them)

    Using spells for many decks can be a major win condition, and can affect the outcome of opponent pushes.

    Some spells-mostly used for defense

    Some spells-mostly used for offense

    But, of course, there are good and bad spells

    Now, just because I put a spell in last place doesn't mean its useless. Every spell has its uses, its the significance and the bulwark that differs upon each spell.

    This list is mostly for the newcomers, but its completly based on stats. Of course, its my opinion, but that doesn't mean you h…

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  • Prebuiltstorm27
    1. 1 Fireball

    The Fireball has always been a great card to take out medium size units and take out big pushes, The fireball can be used in almost any deck style and it is such a great card.

    2 The Log

    The Log is great at slowing down pushes and getting rid of any small troops (Princess, Goblingang, Goblins, etc.) The Log is also the main counter for the Princess. It is also a great card its 2 elixir cost

    3 Zap 

    The Zap card is great at stunning troops, getting rid of skeletons, goblins, and any small troop. This card also works in almost every type of deck

    4 Royal Ghost

    Royale ghost is also a great card after it was released. It cn get to an archer tower without being hit or taking any damage. If the Royale Ghost gets to the tower than it can do mass…

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  • UnofficiallyRed

    Okay, so I am going to list my opinion down on every card by how good it is.

    You only live twice

    Heal is pretty much the worst card in the game, it heals really little for 3 elixir and there isn't really any use for it, apart from healing dangerous win conditions such as 3M, in which case it highlights it's only use.

    It's trash imo due to it's high risk but with the right cards and a decent level it can cause major damage.

    Well, at least I chipped 50 damage

    It's just plain trash. It has lower health than a Giant, does next to no DPS, and is soooooo easy to counter. Sure, with it's long range it can chip a bit. But otherwise, it's has no other use and yet it costs 6 ELIXIR.

    Wave after wave after wave after wave

    It's good in draft, provides good de…

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  • GorgonzolaSW

    Top 10 balanced cards

    January 6, 2018 by GorgonzolaSW

    Ok so

    I decided to post a list of 10 best BALANCED cards in the whole game

    Comment if you disagree

    Ledz start

    Yes he is balanced and good

    You may think he's weak, but it's only because noob people deploy him alone (he is completely useless in that case). But his rage is created for things like (mehhh) loon, minion horde or giant

    Plus his DPS makes him pretty nice on defense

    Oh, he is underpowered?

    Nah for me. His knockback reks elites for -1 elixir, can succesully defend even against a mega knight because of his high health, and can even sometimes be used in a counterpush as a tank. Only thing I find meh is Because he counters wizard but sacrifices himself doing it.

    But every good card must have weaknesses


    It isn't cancer

    It gets…

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  • Smarty Pants 264 Clash Royale

    Happy New Year Clash Royale Users lets start of 2018 with a balance idea wishlist

    The date above is when am I writing this blog I have no idea when the next update is coming.

    Okay, so I am going to write my OPINIONS on how balanced are the cards right now in clash royale tell me if I Buff or Nerf a troop too much.

    All of these stats changes will be in tournament standards.

    I am now going to split the balance changes into 3 categories High, moderate and low priority balance changes in my OPINION.

    High priority: Balance changes to should happen as soon as possible

    Medium priority: balance changes that will hopefully come soon

    Low priority: balance changes that hopefully will be added once the majority of the high and medium priorities have been handle…

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  • Magicasquirrel

    Hello fellow clashers! I'm magicasquirrel the mortar cycler, and this is my opinion on each of the cards.

    I'll be rating each card from 1 to 10. the higher the number - the bigger my love towards that card.




    Rating: 10

    An Amazing and versatile card. he fits in every deck, no matter whether it's siege, control or beatdown. He can defend so many things: Giant skeletons, Mega knights, Wizards, even inferno dragons (Kiting time!). For 3 elixir he offers INSANE value, He has high amounts of HP (Not even sparky... not even rocket can take this beast of a card down!), Decent damage and an awesome moustache th…

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  • Captain GLeen Du Grande

    It’s been a while since I made a common ranking, these cards are easy to get, but are they worth overlevelling? This ranking will tell.


    I really hate to say that, BUT WHY ISN’T THE BOMBER BUFFED???

    Bomber is the worst common card in the game, its stats are just, ugh... I know he has great damage, but is it worth when he has terrible HP? I’m sure it was a no as he can’t hit air.

    Although I wouldn’t say Bomber is a terrible card, he was just overshadowed terribly and can’t reach any further in the list.


    As we all know, Spear Goblins got their 1st buff in history, it did made them a lot better.

    But unfortunately this is not enough overall, their damage is just garbage and …

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  • PROblemGamer14

    Top 81 Cards in CR

    January 5, 2018 by PROblemGamer14

    Ok, so i created a list that didnt go so well and i admit i am the one to blame. I revised it to fit everyone's perspective. I also added the 3 new cards.

    81. Skeletons

    80. Clone

    79. Heal

    78. Barbarian Hut

    77. Mirror

    76. Mortar

    75. Bomb Tower

    74. X-Bow

    73. Freeze

    72. Lightning

    71. Rocket

    70. Spear Goblins

    69. Ice Golem

    68. Cannon

    67. Zappies

    66. Three Musketeers

    65. Graveyard

    64. Skeleton Barrel

    63. Night Witch

    62. Inferno Dragon

    61. Giant Skeleton

    60. Goblins

    59. Cannon Cart

    58. Elixir Collector

    57. Bomber

    56. Poison

    55. Baby Dragon

    54. Minion Horde

    53. Sparky

    52. Lumberjack

    51. Flying Machine

    50. Mega Minion

    49. Goblin Hut

    48. Guards

    47. Battle Ram

    46. Hunter

    45. Princess

    44. Dark Prince

    43. Miner

    42. Tesla

    41. Bowler

    40. Barbarians

    39. Rage

    38. Elite Barbarians

    37. Tombstone

    36. La…

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  • UnofficiallyRed

    Are Guards good?

    January 3, 2018 by UnofficiallyRed

    Guards have been a severely underpowered card until it's buff almost a month ago in December.

    5% damage increase

    5% health increase

    Hitspeed increase to 1.1 from 1.2

    Well, has it been better, or have things stayed the same?

    Not a lot to be honest apart from the usage rate. It isn't really a lot more effective, just more reliable, and has the ability to do a better job on supporting troops in a counterpush as their shields can reset Inferno damage. Plus they also are slightly more reliable on defense due to their higher DPS. But that's it. Yet the usage rate has risen even higher than Skarmy (which by the way is one of the most used cards in the game) and they also got a Goison an indirect return, which is amazing enough. Still, I don't think th…

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  • Royalbaby

    as u all know, clash royale is a great game. (why did i say that) but there are still alot of stuff in the game that defies the laws of physics.

    1. i dont get how he digs faster than he can walk.

    2. for some reason, when he is used in builder's workshop, the path is still dirt, not wood, which is what arena 6 is made out of.

    3. the log can alter his underground pathing somehow

    4. the miner knows the way to the tower like the back of his hand.

    5. he should get the world record for the fastest mining. he doesnt have any tools other than his shovel. wow.

    1. their rocks/bombs keep reappearing aftere they throw them. where do they keep all that stuff? does the king throw invisible rocks at the bowler?

    2. (the bomber) he should hit air. he can throw a …

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