• GLeen1230

    All buildings

    August 20, 2017 by GLeen1230

    When you talk about buildings, you all know that they're all terrible, only few are alive. All others are dead. I'll talk about all buildings and how to fix them.

    The Main issue with the goblin hut is it's too weak! Spear goblins are one of the weakest cards in the game, which made Goblin Hut so pathetic. It only chips like 600 damage while furnace does 400 damage more. Also Furnace is cheaper, what I suggest is to give it an HP nerf BUT decrease the cost by 4, cause that's how Furnace is reworked!

    Tombstone is overall OK, but I found it very weak, it's better than cannon but again Furnace outclassed it. Tombstone can't chip any damage while furnace can. Tombstone I still also easily countered by the Log. Zap is always reliable against the …

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  • UnofficiallyRed

    Epic cards ranking

    August 19, 2017 by UnofficiallyRed

    Hey guys!!!

    Today I will be going through the rankings of the 21 epic cards in the game. If you agree or disagree with any of the rankings please let me know down below in the comments.

    Without further ado, let's get started!

    22) Mirror

    Mirror has really good potential but that is ruined by the +1 elixir. Remove that and it will be the best epic card in the game.

    21) Giant Skeleton

    Sorry but I feel that he is really too weak. He has trash DPS and mediocre health, along with the fact that he can't counterpush after defending. Still, there's no denying it's power in clan battles.


    Without their shields they are literally useless. They need to be cheaper because shields apart their DPS is trashy.


    Surprised? Golem in my opinion has too…

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  • GLeen1230

    Top 10 WORST 2v2 Cards

    August 18, 2017 by GLeen1230

    As Promised, today i'm making the top 10 worst 2v2 cards, this is based on my opinion so don't get mad if your favourite card is in this list

    Wizard is just outclassed by both of his cousins, Witch, Baby Dragon and Executioner, he isn't too versatile, also he's very vulnerable to spells while the others isn't as vulnerable, he can still effectively deal with Minion Hordes though! 

    Even if there're 4 skeletons, they're still bad at 2v2. With 3 only, skeletons are worse. It wasn't neccesary to use it to cycle your deck anymore as your teammate can back you up with supports, no need to cycle your deck to get supports. Still good at distractions though!           

    Really, Royal Giant is bad even if you overlevel him, as there'll be more ways to s…

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  • GLeen1230

    Top 10 2v2 best cards

    August 17, 2017 by GLeen1230

    It's me again! Very soon 2v2 will return. AREN'T YOU EXCITED? I'm learnt the best and worst cards in 2v2, here's my top 10 best cards in 2v2

    Even before his buff dark prince was very decent at 2v2. Now he became a great all type troop which is fast, strong and versatile. Dark Prince is better than Valkyrie in 2v2 because I don't really see much Skeleton Army oppose to another card.

    We all know P.E.K.K.A. Was the best Anti-Cancer card, she had no fear against Elite Barbarians, Royal Giant and Furnace. PEKKA is deadly on defence and amazing at offence. She can send more supports than usual thanks to the extra teammate. PEKKA is also popular at tournaments so why not use her now?

    I really like the Knight as a card in both 2v2 And 1v1, he's so v…

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  • TheGreatPEKKA

    H E L L O ! I am here to talk about my top 10 favourite cards .


    The P.E.K.K.A. (or P.E.K.K.A) had to get a spot. She has high HP and high damage. Very good for defence and counterpush. Unfortunately , she is single target so you will need a splash attacker like...........

    EXECUTIONER. By far the best air splash troop. May not be able to handle tanks but can survive lightning unlike Wizard. But I think this spot should be shared by BOWLER. By far the best ground splash troop. Knockback . Oh and did I mention he can survive rocket ?


    As much as I hate him , there's no denying that he is REALLY good. Decent HP . Good damage. Sanic fast. Costs 4. Watch out for the 1.…

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  • UnofficiallyRed

    Hey guys!! Today I'm going to talk about the top 10 cards in Clash Royale

    Please note: this is all my opinion!! Though do let me know about your opinions about this blog.

    10) Wizard

    A classic area damager, and boy he does it well! He literally takes care of any swarm and does pretty decent damage to towers too. Great for supporting pushes and also decent on defence, but he's unreliable, so he is outclassed by the Executioner which I'm going to mention below.


    May have crappy damage and DPS, but no doubt this creepy axe throwing guy outclasses the Wizard. Has more health and also works well with Tornado. Great card overall.

    8)Elite Barbarians

    A really great card that defends well against Hogs,glass cannons, some tanks, and then sets y…

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  • GLeen1230

    Today I'm talking about the worst cards at tournaments, these card are DESPERATELY needed a buff, note that this is according to stats royale, so don't get mad if you disagree, if tied with usage, the one ranked higher will be the one with lower win rate. Also, Cannon Cart will NOT be included

    Freeze spell and Cannon had the same usage of 2.3%, but Cannon had a better win rate, which lead Freeze reach this list, I think the issue with Freeze is that it doesn't freeze long enough for 4 elixir, if we gave 1 second back, it'll be broken, now? Not good enough. I think freeze need a 0.5 seconds longer duration

    Mortar had a low 1.3% usage rate, but a decent 51.2% Win rate, mortar was buffed, but it still have improvements, I think mortar needs to…

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  • GLeen1230

    New Legendaries Ranking

    August 14, 2017 by GLeen1230

    So after the Balance changes, some of the Legendary improved a lot, but some are worse, today, I'm going to Update my Legendary ranking, please don't get mad if you disagree, let's get going at the new legendary ranking

    Sparky barely HAVE defensive potential, as if she attacks,your push is bacically destroyed. But she's too easy to counter, Zap, Ice Spirit, Lightning, swarms can basically kill her easily, Sparky also die to rocket, meaning it's HP isn't enough, I'd like to request to convert Sparky from a damage dealer to a Tank, she need more HP, faster hit speed but lower damage. REWORK THE SPARKY SUPERCELL

    'Starting from here are cards that are actually very good. Despite being ranked 2nd to last place, After Inferno Dragon's Buff, it IMP…

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  • GLeen1230

    Is he revived or not?

    August 12, 2017 by GLeen1230

    It's GLeen1230 again! Yesterday I talked about the Night Witch, about is she dead or not after the nerf. Today, I'm taking about a recently buffed card, also one of my favourite card. Dark Prince.

    Dark Prince was added to the game at February 23rd 2016, along with 3 Musketeers, Royal Giant, Ice Wizard, Poison and Princess. All of them except 2 of them were terrible. The only 2 OP cards are Dark Prince And Princess. Dark Prince was so good that he outclassed the Valkyrie, he's too OP , so he got a charge speed slow down nerf, I'm suprised that this left him at a very weird spot at the meta, Dark Prince became a shadow of the Valkyrie as she also got buffed, which made her strong. She was fallen afterwards. But even with Dark Prince's first 2…

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  • GLeen1230

    Is the Night Witch Dead?

    August 11, 2017 by GLeen1230

    Hi Guys, it's me, GLeen1230. Instead of doing a "How to counter XXX" post, I'll be talking about one of the deadliest legendary before which Supercell nerfed it hard, yes, no surprisingly, The Night Witch

    Night Witch is the deadliest card when first released, She had Decent HP,INSANE Damage and she spawn Bats! Bats themselves are once the worst card in the entire game, but the Night Witch's bats are super insane! The regular bats just easily get shot down, but the Night Witch is tanking for her bats and they deal insane damage. And when she dies she spawn 4 MORE BATS!!! THAT'S JUST WAY TOO OP!!! Mini PEKKA, Prince and Lumberjack suddenly disappeared from most decks, being replaced by Night Witch, I hated her so much, she's too OP. So she go…

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  • The Real Sargas

    Dark Prince : Congratulations GLeen. But still, buffing his stats won't change his principle downside of getting his charge broken or his low HP. Anyways, it's good to see SC making notes on bad cards for once. I think he's now out of the worst 4 epics, although not a good epic... yet.

    Electro Wizard : It's a rounding error guys, if ewiz hadn't got this nerf mini pekka woudn't be able to one-shot him even with the buffs on tourney cap.

    Mini P.E.K.K.A : Ever since the oldschool goison was gone, he's been outclassed by his mom. I personally like that he's now able to one shot three cancerteers.

    Night Witch : This nerf is even worse then poison getting it's slow removed, or the legendary xbow nerf. I agree that she was OP even with the initial ne…

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  • GLeen1230

    Coming tomorrow we have a balance change, nerfing some OP cards and buffing underused cards

    That was WAY too brutal, she's OP, but not unstoppable, she needs a nerf, but not THAT much, she'll be outclassed by the Lumberjack, Mini PEKKA, Prince and more, well then, RIP Night witch

    Not OP, but very good! Battle Ram will become slower, I don't think bridge spam won't be affected since this will only slow down a bit, Bandit, Ice golem and inferno dragon will still be strong while Night witch can be replaced by Lumberjack

    After haunting the game since Halloween till now, Graveyard is finally being nerfed, Graveyard will now spawn 2 less skeletons, the damage to the tower will be reduced, but it'll still be a great spell

    What is that for? He'll stil…

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  • Smarty Pants 264 Clash Royale

    Okay So after seeing the balance updates it's time for me to write my opinion about the balance change

    Night Witch: Damage -9%, range -11%, Bat spawn speed to 7sec (from 6sec), spawns 2 Bats on death (from 3)

    Okay as much as the Night Witch is powerful this nerf is too much I think the Night Witch might be dead after this nerf. I think just nerf the damage everything else is fine.

    Battle Ram: Takes a bit longer to begin charging(from 3 tiles to 4 tiles), Barbarians spawn slower (0.8sec to 1sec)

    Apparently bridge spam is OP so they are deciding to nerf the Battle Ram. I have nothing to say about this because I barely fight anybody using battle rams

    Graveyard: Duration to 9sec (from 10sec), spawns 15 Skeletons (from 17)

    Well I personally don't thi…

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  • GLeen1230

    Ok, let's talk about hog rider, he's fast, strong, tough and cheap and OP! Ok, not exactly OP but it's very annoying, today I'm going to teach you how to stop him.

    Honestly I'd prefer using Cancer Barbarians on defence instead of Offence, their high DPS and HP made them strong at stopping Hog Riders from hitting the tower twice (Sometimes not even once!), Elite Barbarians although is a negative trade, but it can prepare yourself with a counter push! Also they're most reliable because they run fast, so even if they're hit by fireball, they can still prevent hog from damage your tower twice! That's why use them on defence instead!

    The tool allows E-Wiz to stun is a amazing advantage, it can stop hog rider from running, even if he reached the t…

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  • GLeen1230

    Since Beatdown deck rise, Golem had outclassed the Giant, and he became OP, and he became very popular, he do have weaknesses, But what's the main weakness?

    Inferno Tower is obviously the best Anti-Tank, it's good HP, insane damage and it melts the Golemites too! But Lightning Is obviously the main partner of Golem, making Inferno Tower vulnerable! But Inferno Tower still counter it for a positive elixir trade! (Well technically due to golem's high Cost, anything can counter him for a positive elixir trade)

    Instead of directly countering the Golem, PEKKA's high Damage allows her to cut down all ground Golem supporters, (Especially Lumberjack, Electro Wizard and Night Witch), making Golem vulnerable to the other cards that counter him includin…

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  • The Real Sargas

    Instead of nerfing larries, they could have decreased the HP of all skeletons.

    That way skeletons won't be OP but won't be so weak either. Graveyard would be less OP. Ice Wizard would be good again.

    Also not to mention that you could've done this instead of nerfing skeleton army.

    Supercell only nerfs cards based on their pick rate. In news royale they seem to pay attention to major players like oj or pat but they don't even seem to know the meta of the game they made. Graveyard got no nerfs ever since it's release just because it has a low pick rate due to it's high-risk but high-reward gameplay. Also in the 1/23 patch they decided to nerf zap just because of it's high pick rate, but they didn't know that goblin barrel was becoming incredibly…

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  • GLeen1230

    I heard some of you complaining about the Witch, saying "SHE'S SUCH A MONSTER!" I really don't want to do this post, as she's my favourite card, but fine, since so many of you are complaining, FINE! I'll do it!

    Both Valkyrie and Executioner reached the top spot, They both have high HP, Good damage, allowing them to easily cut down the Witch, also Executioner need a better placement, but it can make a counter attack easily , Valkyrie's 360 degree splash made her very reliable against the witch

    Being slower and weaker made him less effective than Executioner, Bowler's better advantage is his pushback, stopping the Witch from attacking him too much, Bowler's higher HP also allow him to survive longer especially if the Witch is hiding behind Giant…

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  • Smarty Pants 264 Clash Royale

    Name: Stomper-Tron 3000

    Rarity: Epic

    Cost: 5 or 6 ?

    Obtained in: Jungle Arena (Arena 9)

    Deploy time: 1 sec

    Range: Melee (Actually it is the same as a Prince)

    Hit Speed: 2 sec

    Speed: Medium

    Targets: Ground

    Spawn Damage Radius: As big as a Rocket

    Area Damage Radius: As big as a Dark Prince

    Lv: 1 Health: 1500 Damage: 270 DPS: 135 Spawn Damage: 600

    Lv: 4 Health: 1995 Damage: 359 DPS: 179 Spawn Damage: 798

    Lv 8 Health: 2895 Damage: 521 DPS: 260 Spawn Damage: 1158

    Image Description: Just imagine a Battle Machine (from Clash of Clans) but the Legs are much more fortified and the feet are much bigger and dangerous and there are no arms

    What is your opinion about this troop card you think this card is OP, Weak tell me in the comment section

    P.S This card was inspi…

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  • GLeen1230

    There's cards that everyone hates, even  I have some! What cards do you hate? Today i'm talking about the most hated cards. Note this isn't my opinion, it's most people's, so don't feel surprised if you don't see the balloon, my most hated card

    There's a good reason why people hated the bowler, Bowler had high HP, and a knockback effect every attack, making spawners, Swarms and glass cannons stand no chance, meaning the only weakness are air swarms like minion horde since he can't hit air, or big guys with high damage such as the prince since the bowler's damage is low, he's a bit annoying for some people.

    Of course Furnace needs to be #4! I mean what else can be #4 but the Furnace? The Furnace is so far the best spawner or even best buildin…

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  • Type: Sparky

    I had an idea. If Clash of Clans has a single-player campaign, Clash Royale could have one too. But here I mean a proper campaign with bosses, rewards and everything.

    The Single Player mode would have an Arena Select screen, with the twelve (Training Camp -> Legendary Arena) Arenas on it. These Arenas would be grayed-out when locked and would be coloured once unlocked. Then, clicking an Arena would take you to a typical level map with each different level being represented by a circle.

    A Single Player level would mainly be made of battles with a few missions in-between. Some non-mission Single Player levels, however, would have enemies at the start that would need to be cleared first, and could even have different troops in the towers. They …

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  • Weaponizer

    This is purely my opinion, OK? Please no flame wars in the comments.

    First, we'll start with the worst cards.

    I was originally planning to place Tesla here instead, but then I remembered: Tesla can attack air and is invincible when underground. The Cannon, on the other hand is so underpowered it made the list as the worst Common in the list. This card used to be good, but Supercell nerfed this card so heavily that it now sucks. Cannon needs some sort of buff to make it good again.
    It's way too expensive and spawns Barbarians way too slow. Goblin Hut could have been here instead, but I personally find Barbarian Hut to be worse. Plus, Rocket can easily take care of the hut. It can be used to annoy people, but other than that this is probably th…

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  • Dangkabir

    Rating of rare cards

    July 22, 2017 by Dangkabir

    20 Barbarian Hut It's too expensive

    19 Goblin hut Furnace is way better

    18musketeer All other ranged troops are better

    17ice golem Knight is way better

    16 heal Too situational

    15 Three musketeers Too risky but can 3 crown if used correctly

    14 bomb tower Good only against ground swarms . Inferno tower is way better

    13 elixir collector Put some other cheap card instead of it

    12 rocket Deals high damage but hard to aim

    11 dart goblin Good for chip damage. Nice range but health is problem

    10mini pekka Really high damage but gets disracted easily

    9 battle ram Nice card but hog is better

    8 hog rider Nice push card

    7 tombstone One of the best defensive card

    6 inferno tower Would be on number 2 only if there was no zap , lighting , ice spirit , ewiz

    5 Valk…

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  • Dangkabir

    Lone Balloon Best cards to counter lone balloons are 1 wizard 2 minion horde 3 minions 4 mega minion 5 inferno tower 6 Dart goblin 7 ewiz

    Lavaloon People say it is overpowered but it's not . With precise timing you can crush it Best counters

    Wizard + tornado Beware if they have lightning . If they do have lightning then use something like Battle ram , ice golem , barbs,etc as lightning rod.

    Inferno tower + tornado + zap/arrows(to kill the pups) Use inferno tower and when ballon comes closer to the inferno tower just tornado it

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  • Bane of Potato

    Hello people of the internet, my name's Bane of Potato and today I have decided to discuss my thoughts on cards. Are they healthy or bad for the game? But why am I making this blog when so many others have done it already? Because I feel different opinions matter and also because I'm going to make it fairly detailed. 

    Tanks are central figure in momentum decks. They act as giant beacons support cards can happily slaghter everything before a Fireball or Rocket ends the push. I fee tanks shouldn't be so tanky that they are indestructible or that they have even moderate dps unless it is sufficiently difficult to utilise that dps. All tanks are large, usually block troops from marching ahead of them and have high hitpoints.

    The first tank you ev…

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  • Rom Knight

    ways to make a push

    July 19, 2017 by Rom Knight

    So that is my first blog post and i have some info about this. To make a very excellent push that will be probably be very difficult to kill it.

    1. This can work after the 2x speed comes out.

    2. To make a very great push, you need of course a win condition. It really recommended to win the game. Example: P.E.K.K.A.

    3. Put lots of support. If it cost a lot, it probably required Elixir Collector but its risk since the opponent will have a spell to finish it!

    4. Example: P.E.K.K.A, Graveyard, Princess, Wizard, Ice Wizard. It will be very easy to knock out lots of things and still continue put some more supports.

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  • The Real Sargas

    NOTE : This involves my personal opinion. Please refrain from reading this post if you are offended from any of my opinions.

    Giant Skeleton : Maybe buff the bomb radius, or the bomb load time. He's completly off-meta and considered trash as of now.

    Dark Prince : More Health, or immune to crown control effects if the shield is on. Same to GS above, he's off-meta and is really outshined by other cards.

    Clone : Cloning a unit fully instead of a producing a  sheet of paper 1 HP, but with a set time for it to exist would be better.

    Sparky : Do I need to say anything?

    Ice Wizard : At least make him kill larries.

    Tesla/Cannon : Simply outshined by other towers or buildings. Needs a decent buff in HP or Damage. Maybe if the Tesla hit two targets just lik…

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  • GLeen1230

    So we all waited for my opinion about cards that need a buff or nerf, well here is it

    Clone isn't as bad as I expected at first, but it isn't great too, simply the clones are too weak, 1 shot by anything, including ice golem's death nova! A great buff is to decrease the cost to 2, so it'll be less risky, And more reliable

    She isn't 100% a trash can on wheels! But it has too many weakness and too easy to counter! Sparky can be reset by Zap, E wiz and more! Sparky's HP isn't impressive enough for 6 elixir! I think she needs a HP boost and a faster hit speed, something like 4.5 seconds charge, she'll be more reliable

    Bomb tower needs a emergency rework compared to all other cards, it's high cost, low damage , short range, and lack of ability to…

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  • GLeen1230

    The Graveyard is probably one of the most successful legendaries in the game, it's usage is high, use correctly, and your opponents done! Today however, i'm teaching those who doesn't know how to counter Graveyard to counter it.  Top 5 cards to counter the Graveyard starts now.

    For sure Poison can be paired wail with Graveyard, but it can ALSO counter the Graveyard, as long as your poison isn't underleveled, Poison's damage was buffed and allow it to kill skeletons 1 shot, and it last 8 seconds, so pretty much all skeletons will be dead, and also Poison only cost 4 elixir oppose to Graveyard 5 elixir, Making Poison one of the most reliable counters.

    Like the Poison, the Witch's damage has been buffed, allow her to 1 shot skeletons, and since…

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  • Type: Sparky

    Card Overview post

    July 14, 2017 by Type: Sparky
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  • GLeen1230

    In The ladder, some cards are OP and some sucks, and because of overlevelling, they might result into OP, Today I'm here to tslk about the top 10 best cards and worst cards in the ladder, let's start with the best cards

    These cards or either versatile or very strong, definetly prefer you to use them!

    After numbers of buffs, the witch has finally found her spot in the meta, costing 5 elixir only, she can spawn skeletons every 7 seconds, and she hits very fast, with her skeletons, they can deal over 270 damage per second! Witch is popular with Giant, Prince and more! Thanks to her hit speed, she can't get swarmed by skeleton army! Her downside is her own damage (Not including skeletons) is a bit low, but everything with the Witch seems to be g…

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  • TheGreatPEKKA

    In Clash Royale, some cards are Godly(God Barbarians), some are balanced(Valkyrie), and some are absolute garbage,in this blog I will look at 5 cards that NEED a buff, in no partcular order.(Don't kill me plz)

    Of course, how can I leave the very special Sparky out, for some reason Supercell is buffing Executioner and nerfing Skletons instead of buffing Sparky

    I think a big buff like changing her cost to 5 and decreasing damage by a certain % or a death damage would be nice, making her immune to electricity would be too OP.She is godly in lower arenas but when you get to higher trophy ranges,everyone uses zap or electro wizard, which brutally destroy sparky

    Furnace's fire spirits help a lot on offence and defence, Tombstone is almost useless o…

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  • AssassinOnDisguise

    So....there are 21 Epics in the game, which is as same as amount of the Rare cards in game. Here i'm going to rank them from worst to best.


    Clone is just plain bad. Clone is very expensive for its value, and all of its good counters (Tornado, Poison, pretty much any splash) are very popular cards. It just doesn't work in almost every deck. Only in Golem and Lava Hound decks it works well.

    I have a hard time deciding either this or Clone should be in the last place, but this is slightly better IMO. Mirror can copy very powerful cards like Battle Ram after you baited out their hard counters, but if they have other counters. You're just putting yourself in Elixir disadvantage.

    Although they have spell resis…

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  • TheGreatPEKKA

    Brrrrup ! The legendary miner is one of the few cards that is very hard to predict. But some people still don' know how to use him So I am going to make a post on how use the miner. With some bonus tips


    Let's face it the miner can pair up with pretty much everything, but these are the best, in my opinion.

    Both these troops hit like a bulldozer and are quite fragile, the miner can take all the shots while the glass cannon murders the tower

    Make sure to bring zap or arrows for swarms !

    Why is she ranked up those two ? Well, she spawns bats so there are 2 ways to utilizie that.

    1. You can either use the miner to tank for her so that she can spawn bats

    2. You can use her to tank for the miner, when she dies the miner will tank for the bats

    If your o…

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  • Bearjedi

    Card Image Creations

    July 11, 2017 by Bearjedi

    Do you have a card idea, but you don't have a perfect card image? Don't you think that using an image from some random game or website is boring?

    Well then, you're certainly in the right place. Here you can request card images for your ideas (looking at you Update Suggestions) so that they don't look weird. Here is some more information:

    • I may not be able to complete certain requests, so you must be okay with receiving an unfinished product or not receiving one at all.
    • I will not create card images unless you give me statistics and information of your card, to show that you have at least put some effort into your idea.

    Still not interested? Well you probably don't spend a lot of your time on the Update Suggestions branch, so maybe that's why. …

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  • GLeen1230

    Ahhhhhh....... It's been a while since i made a blog post about countering cards, this time as people requested, i decide to make a blog post about how to counter the barrel. Without any further, let's begin

    Of course the log has to be 1st place, the log deals enough damage to kill goblins, so if you timed correctly, you can kill the goblins, as well as knocking back support troops that are protecting the barrel, POSOTIVE ELIXIR TRADE

    Huh? What does + means? It means overlevelling. The reason i said it's zap+, not zap is because since it got nerfed, it can't 1 shot barrels, but if overleveled, it still can 1 shot it. The Zap+ can also kill the barrel for a posotive elixir trade, but you don't know if their barrel is not underleveled or not, …

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  • AssassinOnDisguise

    So....there are 21 Rare cards in the game, which is suprisingly even more than the Common cards. Here i'm going to rank them from worst to best.


    I have no hesitation putting this in the last. It cost 5 Elixir, but can only chip around 600+ damage, while cheaper Furnace can chip around 1000+ damage. It less annoying than any other spawners. Really crappy IMO.

    It is very annoying, but the Barbarians spawned can still be defeated easily. And it cost heavy 7 Elixir, and once used, you get vulnerable to pushes. Spawner strategy will not work if your enemies have many splash cards like Bowler.

    Honestly, Bomb Tower still have pretty good usage for 5 Elixir, it can stop Ebarbs, spawners, medium hitpoint troops, e…

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  • AssassinOnDisguise

    So....there are 20 Common cards in the game, here I'm going to rank them from worst to best.


    I don't know what is really good about these guys. They deal almost no damage, now Archers are better in many situations for 1 extra Elixir. These guys almost can't do anything, they die too easily, I barely see any of them in Hog Mountain.

    Honestly, Tesla is pretty weak for a 4 Elixir building, Cannon is better in much more situations since it is cheaper, and most of the time enemy's pushes are ground based. Sure it can target air, but you can just have better anti air units in your deck. Just like Spear Goblins and Goblins, I barely see Tesla in Hog Mountain.

    Ever since the arrival of Goblin Gang, this card is …

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  • GLeen1230

    These are More balance change ideas

    Sparky: has a 35% chance to resist retarget

    if sparky got lucky, she will be immune to stuns , but not always .

    Barbarian hut: lifetime - 15seconds, HP -6%, elixir cost -1

    A cheaper cost will make it more enticing to use

    Baby Dragon: Damage +5%, HP -5%

    Baby dragon has strength and weakness: HP is husband strength while Damage is his weakness, converting some strength to his weakness will make him more better.

    Skeleton army: skeleton +1

    Graveyard: skeleton -1, duration-0.5 seconds

    Graveyard is better than skeleton army in tournaments, giving a skeleton to the army will balance it

    Night Witch: HP- 10%

    Allows PEKKA to 1 shot her

    Miner: digs slower when underground

    Miner is one of the best legendary in the game, a slower…

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  • GLeen1230

    Rare cards aren't rare at all, it;'s pretty easy to get, just a bit harder compared with common cards. Today I'm going to rank them all. Let's begin.

    There's no surprise that the bomb tower reaches last place. The bomb tower is expensive, can't hit air and it doesn't deal enough damage. That doesn't make it a bad card, as it deals well against swarms, and spawners will never stand a chance. But other than that, inferno tower works better, it need a buff, a huge damage buff maybe? Revive the bomb tower! 

    Goblin Hut is so far the worst spawner, costing 5 elixir, each spawned spear goblins deals like no damage, sure it can chip away over 600 damage, but considering Furnace and Barbarian hut can chip away over 1000 Damage, and Furnace cost 4 eli…

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  • JonLong

    Pinata Party

    July 6, 2017 by JonLong

    Hello, I am JonLong, leader of the clan Pinata Party in Clash Royale (see below).

    Pinata Party - #98YOG99 (Active Members Only)

    "Battle, Request, & Respect" are our only rules. Promotions are earned. Requirements are low, but we always get a 10/10. We play 24/7 and expect active, loyal gamers. If your looking for a place to build your deck, want a clan that kicks out disrespectful or inactive players, or are just tired of your old clan, check us out today.

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  • Type: Sparky

    There are a lot of Rare cards in the game. Here I rank all the Rare cards in my opinion, from worst to best.

    The Flying Machine is the worst Rare card. It's just a Rare Baby Dragon with more range, the same damage, no splash and that can die to Fireball. Use Baby Dragon instead. The extra range doesn't make this card better, as it can't survive nearly long enough to do good damage.

    The Barbarian Hut is really useless. Sure, it has a lot of health, but it spawns Barbarians way too slowly for defense. And they were built for defense, not for being pumped out from a hut on offense. A spell can easily shut this down hard. To work this card, you need a very specific deck and a game that goes your way. Which is really rare.

    The Goblin Hut is a chip…

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  • GLeen1230

    So The Legendary cards are the rarest cards in the game, some are OP and some sucks, today I'm going to rank all of the Legendaries

    Why you? We all know it's obvious. Sparky doesn't have enough HP for 6 elixir, a rocket can easily destroy sparky, the damage is impressive, but it's charge always gets reset by zap, lightning and ice spirit (3 popular cards) and it gets easily overwhelmed. Sorry sparky, but you ain't 100% useless, keep bringing up your funny moments!

    While the ice wizard is pretty decent, costing only 3 elixir and slowing down troops, ice wizard is just too weak to 1 shot SKELETONS! Ice Wizard used to be considered OP, but since E Wiz appeared he became almost useless and gets outshined. A Buff for the ice wizard's damage will …

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  • Type: Sparky

    There are a lot of Common cards in the game. Here I rank all the Common cards from best to worst, according to my opinion, research and experience.

    The Goblins are the worst Common card. Why? They are essentially stronger Skeletons which cost 2 Elixir, but they have no real use. Skeletons are a better distraction, Spear Goblins have range which makes them just as effective and Bats have the same damage as Goblins but are flying, for the same cost. They can be swapped for another better card, no matter what you use them for.

    The Spear Goblins are the second-worst Common card. The Bats just do their job better, and they are spawned from the Goblin Hut and Gangs with better ability. They also have low health, but have a better chance of killing…

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  • MashRoyale


    July 4, 2017 by MashRoyale

    The Catapult is a VERY powerful card. It has high damage, Range and hitpoints, but is very slow and only targets ground. It is a splash control and medium tank troop. Its cost of 8 elixir is what balances out its hitpoints, damage and tower damage. He is best combined with cards like the giant skellybob, miner, golem, and even sparky!

    the catapult is a splash control and medium tank troop.

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  • GLeen1230

    So i did the common cards, i'm still thinking about the rare cards ranking so i skipped it and now i'll do the epic cards ranking, Please note that it's just my opinion. Also, Mirror won't be ranked as it's just copying.

    There's no question about the clone reaching the last place in the list. The Clone spell is just HORRIBLE, it may only cost 3 elixir but the clones are too weak. Also poison and tornado, 2 popular cards can easily destroy them, and so is the other spells for a posotive elixir trade, it is only working on Lava hound decks and Giant Larry decks, otherwise, Rage is a much safer play. Clone may even be the worst card in the game.

    While i Do believe that the guards are amazing, just underrated, I do find the guards' main weakness…

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  • MashRoyale

    ​Fire Golem - The fire golem is, well, a fire golem. It will attack troops and when killed will burst into a small flame. The flame will burn ground troops.

    ​Damage - 200

    ​Hitpoints - 750

    Speed - Medium

    ​Attack Speed - 1.3 Sec

    ​Deploy Time -  1Sec

    ​Targets - Ground -

    ​Range - Melee

    ​Elixir - 4

    ​Burn effect - 30 damage every 1 sec for 7 sec (210)

    ​Description - None

    ​Werewolf - (ive already ran out of ideas XD)

    ​Hitpoints - 1740

    Damage - 600

    Hit Speed - 2sec

    Speed - slow

    Charge Speed - Medium

    Charge Damage - 700

    Targets - Ground

    Deploy time - 2Sec

    Range - Melee

    Elixer - 6

    Description - None

    Catapult - This is one powerful  powerful boulder-hurling machine!

    Hitpoints - 1100

    Area Damage - 430

    Tower Damage - 550

    Hit Speed - 3sec

    Speed - slow

    Targets - Ground

    Range - 6.7


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  • TheGreatPEKKA

    I HATE *insert card name here*

     *Insert card name* sucks I would rather pick this one

    Everyone wants some cards to get more/less powerful . Which ones do I want ? Well...

    (Also some ideas were from different people like smarty pants and Gleen)

    Ebarbs - Speed change from very fast to fast

    I despise them so much , will make them much easier to counter

    Hog rider Damage decrease 11% or 9 % Hp decrease by 9%

    I don't like facing him , this will make him weaker while also remaning fast tank (Kinda)

    Tesla and cannon Range increase by 0.5 tiles, hp and damage increase by 12%

    Both are underused, Inferno is better,so I want to give them a chance to step out of it's shadow

    Dank prince Spiked club radius increase Hp incease by 15%

    He is forever left alone in the dar…

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  • GLeen1230

    So out of all cards, there're 19 common cards which are the easiest to get, and some are really decent, but some are just dull, today I'm going to rank all the common cards, starting from the worst to the best. Note that this is just my opinion

    I really HATE to say that, but i must admit tesla is the WORST common card in the game, Tesla had like no HP for 4 elixir, although the damage is good, it just always gets overwhelmed by strong troops or swarms. The Tesla is so small, now a hog rider can bypass the cannon, which is larger than the tesla, making tesla impossible to distract the hog rider. Maybe a double targetting buff like E wiz will revive it.

    Although it's better than tesla, cannon is still VERY VERY HORRIBLE due to supercell being …

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  • PlasmaPulse

    Night Wizard Spam

    June 28, 2017 by PlasmaPulse

    This is my current deck that got me to late Frozen Peak, if it doesn't work for you or your'e underleveled the recommended leveling for this deck in Jungle Arena is tournament standards and occasionally slightly lower.

    The required cards are . . .

    Night Witch: Possibly the win condition in this deck counter pretty much everything due to the bats and high DPS and works well in pushing.  The main push in this deck consists of Night Witch Mirrored an Ice Golem tnking and an Electro Wizard. Very high in the meta if you don't have it Witch can replace it.

    Elecro Wizard: Great for stunning and taking down air troops and works great in pushes.                                         I definitely recommend placing on top of Minion Hordes for a positi…

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  • GLeen1230

    Balance change ideas

    June 28, 2017 by GLeen1230

    These are my idea of balance changes, it's not real, but here's my idea of balance change.

    Elite barbarians: hit point increase by 4%, damage decrease by 4%

    In my opinion I think the latest elite barbarians nerf was bad, they don't really have that much HP, but insane damage, it should get a damage nerf, HP nerf will be revert while damage will be nerfed.

    Goblin barrel: Deploy time increased to 1.3 seconds

    Seriously too annoying, this will allow barrel victims to react faster

    Princess and dart goblin: HP increased by 10%

    Dart goblin's usage was low, this buff will let him survive arrows and log, forcing opponents to use fireball to kill them, the princess's buff is to keep consistent with the dart goblin's hp, hopefully she won't get outclassed

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