• Bane of Potato

    BoP's Random Stuff

    October 19, 2017 by Bane of Potato

    Spawns a bunch(8) of skeltons, wherever it pops. Pretty cool, but still gets wrecked by Wiz, Exe, and bDragon. at level 7 the dps would be like 67x8=536. Since the Crown Tower has an attack rate of 0.8 then... the skeletons die every 0.8 seconds. Yay, that reduces the dps each time. However, we have to factor n the 1-second deploy time for the skeletons when they get spawned. Assuming that all 8 skeletons miraculously lock onto the tower at the same time and isn't countered for some reason, the damage would be

    • Skeletons Deploy
    • 0.8 Seconds: 1st Skeletons dies
    • 1 Second: Skeletons are ready for action!
    • 1.6 Seconds: 2nd Skeleton dies 0 damage
    • 2.4 Seconds: 402 damage, 3rd Skeleton dies
    • 3.2 Seconds: 335 damage, 4th Skeleton dies
    • 4 Seconds: 268 damage, 5th s…

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  • Positive Elixir Trade

    Arena: Royal Arena

    Rarity: Epic

    Hitpoints (level 1 to level 9): 524, 576, 634, 696, 765, 838, 922, 1011, 1112

    Damage: 225, 247, 272, 299, 329, 362, 398, 438, 482

    Damage per second: 205, 225, 247, 272, 299, 329, 362, 398, 438

    Hitspeed: 1.1 seconds

    Speed: Fast

    Elixir Cost: 4

    Deploy Time: 1.0 seconds

    Targets: Ground

    Range: 2.5

    Sight Range: 5.5 tiles.

    Unique Property: You can stack another Bishop on top of the first. That second Bishop can only attack air, but will deal full damage.

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  • Larry army

    Why am I using PEKKA

    October 12, 2017 by Larry army

    PEKKA is a tank that I always have in my deck. I prefer to use PEKKA because we can use it to counterpush easily. Example if my enemy sent a hog rider, I can use PEKKA to counter, and then support the PEKKA with a splash-damage troop e.g. Baby Dragon. PEKKA can be use to counter lots of things like hog rider, golem, giant, e-wiz and many more.

    But the thing is that I hate to meet opponents that have inferno tower, inferno dragon or sparky. They are great counters to PEKKA. And this is why I want to get the e-wiz.


                                        ...AND GREAT DAMAGE !!!                                                   

    • Baby Dragon
    • Poison
    • Hog Rider
    • Ice Wizard 
    • Witch
    • Zap

    Note: These cards come from different de…

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  • Smarty Pants 264 Clash Royale

    Hello everyone so in my Card Ideas Update 1 I said that I was going to balance or rework some of my card ideas in the future so here you go.

    Why: I think her splash radius is a bit too small so this buff will allow her to hit more troops with a shot.

    [Speed: Medium] [Range: 4] [Splash Radius: 75°] [Targets: Ground and Air] [Cost: 4] [Rarity: Rare] [Hit Speed: 1.5sec] 

    Lv1: Health: 375 Damage: 150 DPS: 100

    Lv 7: Health: 660 Damage: 264 DPS: 176

    Lv 11: Health: 960 Damage: 384 DPS: 256

    Why: After getting some constructive criticism from Sharp Elite I take a look at the Giant Snowball again and I realized that this card provides too much defensive value so I gave this card some nerfs.

    [Travel Speed: Same as The Long] [Travel Distance: 12] [Explosion …

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  • UnofficiallyRed

    We all know that this conversation about Wizard and Executioner has been going on for quite a while, so today I decided I should create a blog about this.

    So firstly, let's look at the health for Wizard and Executioner. Executioner has pretty much more health at 1010, while Wizard is pretty fragile at a mere 598, which makes the Executioner more reliable. This, is the obvious difference why many people prefer this over Wizard.

    With a higher health, and a decent damage per hit, Executioner has more capability in defense, especially with Tornado, and is also more versatile.

    But this doesn't mean you should replace your Wizard with that axe-throwing beast.

    Wizard has it's advantages too, and I'm not only talking about DPS and hitspeed. I'm taking…

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  • Napstone

    A Legend Legacy 2 is looking for fun and active members who want to grow with us and develop their skills. Our goal is to have a clan with instant donations and an active clan chat. We help each other grow with fast donations, gameplay advice and friendly battles.

    What we have to offer:

    ♦ Skilled players to practice and do friendly battles with

    ♦ Promotions for loyal and dedicated members

    ♦ The opportunity to advance to Legendary Gods as your skill and trophy level increase


    ♦ 0 trophies

    ♦ 150+ donations per week

    ♦ A minimum of 15 crowns per clan chest

    We believe that a clan can only be successful when every member contributes. So if you cannot make your donations or crowns please give a heads up in advance to leadership. Nobody likes …

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  • Type: Sparky

    This day is a big step for Clash Royale because the Epic Quests October 2017 Update has finally been released! When the Clash Royale developer team said it was "the biggest update ever," they couldn't be closer to the truth.

    The Free Chest is gone, Touchdown has been added, and Clash Royale looks much nicer overall! What with all of these new features, let's dive right in! Here's what's new from this update!

    Touchdown is a new game mode that has just arrived to Clash Royale, and it is unlike anything we've ever seen before! As of now, the only form in which we have seen Touchdown being played is as a 2v2 Draft event. It takes place in a unique Arena made specifically for Touchdown. This Arena has no bridges or Arena Towers. It is grassy and …

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  • Sharp Elite


    October 9, 2017 by Sharp Elite

    I made a post about legendaries, so why not epics. Commons and Rares, well.... I don't really like most of the rares, but I do like Bats, Minions, and the spirits. But Epics are normally what I use, mainly 2 or 3 (or even 1) in my decks. I made a blog about legendaries, so why not epics? My card idea is the Drop Ship (Not the Skeleton Barrel) and Sucker Goblin, which would probably be a Epic or Legendary. Without further ado, here we go. Btw I am going to tag the characters so you can check and compare their stats to the 3, since the Epics are more interesting then the Legendaries. 

    As we know, he was a trash card before. But with a buff he's a great splash card! I use his stronger self, the Mega Knight, but on the Dank Prince's page, Gleen…

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  • Sharp Elite


    October 9, 2017 by Sharp Elite

    I am currently missing 4 legendaries. Which are Lava Hound (I don't want the Lava Hound, Mega Knight is better), Ice Wizard (I don't want him, Electro Wizard is better), Assassin Girl, and Swag Dragon. The ones that I don't really like are Night Witch and Sparky, the rest are okay. I'm going to talk about my 3 favourite Legendaries that I normally use.

    He is not as OP as we expected, but he is still a amazing card that I am happy that I bought out of the shop. The Mega Knight is normally my Go-To tank that has more health then a Lava Hound (1 level higher), but less health then a Pekka. He is still a very good card otherwise, because he has splash damage (Which makes him a high health splank), does the damage of the Log (Can't one shot Arch…

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  • Positive Elixir Trade

    Here, I'm going to tell you about my thoughts on the new balance update.

    All values are based on tournament levels.


    Damage -3% / It's damage will go down from 864 to 837 and it's Crown Tower damage from 346 to 334.

    It's not going to affect too much. Night Witch and Bandit will still die to Lightning. In terms of absolute damage, it can't kill Golemites anymore, but who uses Lightning on two Golem babies?

    Lightning also soft-counters Inferno Tower. Before, Lightning would chop off 24.54 seconds off the Inferno's lifetimer. Now, Lightning will only deduct 23.78 seconds off the Inferno's lifetimer.

    To put that into perspective, with the extra 0.76 seconds the Inferno Tower has to spare after being hit by Lightning, that's one extra pulse …

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  • Clash Royale Card Maker

    Hello, so i made a list of names i made up for some troops so... Yeah, enjoy! Fun fact: The prince is a ranged troop. Also i'll be going over by most visited..

    Mega Knight: OP at first but meh then ( he's still a nice card )

    Sparky: Rocket On Wheels ( Not trashcan )

    Flying Machine: The flying sparky musketeer ( basically shoots cannonballs instead of bolts and is compared to musketeer)

    P.E.K.K.A.: The robot samurai knight with a confusing gender ( it's female. )

    Skeleton Barrel: A flying graveyard ( except it's not a building)

    Electro Wizard: E-Wiz ( i'll make a post to see if a card is supercell approved)

    Princess: Not a archer ( a lot of people think that the princess towers were archer towers THEY ARE PRINCESS JUST NOT FIRE ARROWS!!!)

    Ice Wizar…

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  • Smarty Pants 264 Clash Royale

    Okay So after seeing the balance updates it's time for me to write my opinion about the balance change

    Sparky: Hit speed to 4sec (from 5sec), damage -15%

    Yes, finally a Sparky rework after many months. That is actually a slight dps buff for Sparky and Sparky might not be the trash can anymore but I still think her splash radius should be as big as a Freeze Spell

    Tesla: Damage +30%, hit speed to 1sec (from 0.8sec)

    The Tesla will now be able to one shot goblins which is great but when I used the calculator it gave me 83.2 if I increase 64 by 30% so normally Supercell will round it off so the damage could be 80 or 85 but I still think this card is trash and should receive a 30% health buff.

    (Nevermind after watching OJ minions will actually die in…

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  • GLeen1230

    It seems like something wasn't right with the last legendary ranking..... now I updated the list once again, hopefully it's a better ranking

    Hate to say it, Yet Sparky is still the Worst legendary

    Sparky is easily distracted even if she deal area damage, her charge is slow. Sparky’s HP isn’t impressive too as she cost 6 elixir, yet she had less HP than Bowler, Giant, or even Valkyrie, Prince, Hog Rider and Knight. Sparky had amazing damage, which made her reliable on defence, but she can be reset by tons of cards. Lightning, Zap, E-Wiz etc.

    Sparky can be 1 shotted by rocket, unfortunately, she need a massive HP boost to make her truly a tank

    She also need a rework otherwise she’ll totally be extinct

    WHAT??? He’s still useless??? No, ice wizar…

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  • A Medic Main

    Note: These are exaggerated don't think these apply to you or anyone else because they probably don't

    Goblin Stadium

    Spear Goblins - This guy thinks archers are too expensive or they are meming and using an all goblin deck.

    Goblins - This guy thinks skeletons are too weak but still want to be able to use a cycle deck.

    Goblin Hut - This guy definitely is meming he probably is using all goblins or an all spawner deck.

    Valkyrie - This person really hates ground swarms or they miss the old days when hog trifecta was a thing.

    Lightning - Beatdown thats all, these guy are exceptionally difficult to deal with because if you place a troops behind the tower lightning, put down a building lightning, think you baited out his lightning? Still lightning, thi…

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  • Clash Royale Card Maker


    September 29, 2017 by Clash Royale Card Maker

    Card Idea

    "Troop or building dying? Use this spell and it will be half of the troop's original hitpoints!"

    The Shield spell in unlocked in Spell Valley (Arena 5). It shields troops or buildings for half of their hitpoints and can be used as much as possible. A shield card costs 3 elixir to use.


    The troop or building's shield hitpoints will be their original, so if a troop is dying it will not be half of their hitpoints right now but when they were deployed.

    The shield can shield a lot of troops or buildings and if building a army might be unstoppable.

    The shield spell is a mash-up of heal, graveyard and clone.

    When used a red or blue shield (if enemy red if you blue) will appear and drop down.

    The shield card cannot be used on a already s…

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  • UnofficiallyRed

    You've seen Type: Sparky make a blog on his thoughts about P.E.K.K.A, and today I will make a blog on my thoughts about the almighty Dark Prince which has risen from the shadows of his brother.

    All, or most of us, know that Dark Prince used to be trash. But after the buff, which seemed small, everything changed. This turned into a beast. Not only he worked great in defense, with his good DPS and ability to take out Three Musketeers and the well-known EBarbs, he was also a swift counterpush card. His shield mechanic allowed it to survive Rocket and continue with what his charging, and yet still have enough health to take out Goblin Gang somehow.

    It is really versatile, and that's why it's one of my most favourite epics. It looks weak, the sta…

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  • Clash Royale Card Maker

    Greetings! I have a theory about the PEKKA. It might not make any sense but that's because i had no idea what i was doing! Let's begin.


    The builder has built a new machine, titled the PEKKA. It opened it's eyes "It's alive!" the builder yelled in succes of the new machine. A battle started, everyone got into their places and the troops that attacked they attacked. The PEKKA had no idea what was happening so she broke through the wall into clash royale.  She appeared in the middle of a battle where everyone was fighting and turning to elixir, the PEKKA was confused but attacked the red team and eventually the blue king tried to catch it and show it to Supercell. They made it into a card and it attacked everything in it's way except a…

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  • Type: Sparky

    Hello and welcome to a series of blog posts I'll be doing. It's my thoughts on the most random of things, from the Bomb Tower to an armageddon of Plants vs. Zombies Heroes. Comment down below if you want me to do anything, but do NOT tell me "how to improve it" as this is purely my opinion and yours may be completely different. If you want to you can share your thoughts on how you'd make it different, but don't tell me stuff like "dude, you completely overrated the P.E.K.K.A" or similar things that imply that I did something wrong. Please don't start WWIII in the comments.

    With that aside, post anything in the comments that follows the rules and enjoy this random thoughts on post.

    The Perfect Enraged Knight Killer of Assassins (yes, that is he…

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  • UnofficiallyRed

    It's been a long time since I made a blog post but I decided I start making one because...

    Anyways, without further ado, let's get started!

    Today I'm going to talk about cards that are decent but need a buff.

    Also please note, this is my opinion, I will ignore any hate comments on this, but if you disagree you can always kindly say down in the comment section.

    1) Sparky

    Honestly, I feel Sparky is actually a good legendary, and it's damage output is pretty decent. But still this does not mean it doesn't need a buff. The hitspeed is way too slow and the DPS can be better. It's also pretty fragile so the best way to buff this is so it won't get rekt by those rockets.

    Anyways, let's go to the next.

    2) Dart Goblin

    This card, has good DPS, and a great h…

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  • Positive Elixir Trade

    Hidden info on how far each troop and building can see!

    A troop's sight range is how far they can see. Anything in their sight is what the troop will be attracted to. It's how far away you can plant troops to draw the unit into the kill zone.

    For building targeting units, they have a much larger sight range than most of the regular troops. This is by design. Since players can't pull these units with regular units, they need to place buildings in order to pull them into the kill zone. Building targeting units also play a big role in how players build their decks.

    If there are other pages on this, consider this as an update.

    5.0 tile sight range

    P.E.K.K.A., Sparky

    5.5 tile sight range

    Knight, Giant Skeleton, Cannon Cart, Mega Knight, Battle Ram, Ba…

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  • GLeen1230

    A guide on shields

    September 24, 2017 by GLeen1230

    Whenever you talk about shields, No, I'm not talking about the shields in clash of clans, I'm talking about the 3 shield cards, some of them aren't easy to use! Today I'm going to give you some advice on using them.

    The Dark Prince is a very decent offensive and defensive card. Dark Prince has good damage AND a charge strike, making him deal a lot of damage, although not as powerful as his bro., he's much better as his area damage made him a lot versatile, Dark Prince's shield allows him to tank for most glass cannons, and his Splash + Charge can take out elite barbarians! If you're using Dark Prince, I prefer using him on defence then counter attack. Remember: He doesn't really have too much HP when shield's down, so it's best to tank him …

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  • Eclogronio

    Thanks for answering!

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  • A Medic Main

    Note: These are exaggerated don't think these apply to you because they probably don't

    I've been playing CR for a while and I've noticed you can tell quite a lot about people just by looking at what cards they are using. I might make a second blog I don't know just need to see how this goes

    Training Camp

    Arrows - Either this guy is using Lavaloon or can't aim spells so they use they spell with the biggest splash radius.

    Bomber - This guy probably can't aim spells so he just lets the AI do it for them or they're using elite barbarians.

    Archers - This guy's deck is too expensive so he tosses this in as a cheap support troop.

    Knight - Hog cycle, or bait decks thats it.

    Fireball - There are two types of people that use this first guy is the person wh…

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  • Positive Elixir Trade

    Here I'm gonna unfold some building placements.

    • But before we talk advanced, let's talk about basics.
    • A 4-2 plant is the almightly ground placement it pulls any ground unit and draws the unit in range of your second Princess Tower. If the P.E.K.K.A. is backed up with a Musketeer, an Inferno Tower will tank all the hits from the Musketeer.
    • A 4-3 plant is beneficial to pull Golems, Royal Giants and Giants the longest and your opponent won't be able to save their Giant from your Inferno Tower even of they have a Zap. However, the ranged support troops will bypass this placement to head straight to you Princess Tower. They will deal heavy damage with the Giant tanking. But, if a Dart Goblin is planted in the inner areas of the bridge, he will tar…
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  • TheGreatPEKKA

    Hello  , today , I will be talking about cards that are underused , but I think they are very good ! Please don't kill me if a card that you think should be here isn't.


    This card is pretty decent on defence , but it is completely outclassed by Minions. I still find them to be a gud defensive card unless your opponent has zap.


    Like bats , most people prefer cards like Mini P.E.K.K.A.. He is still a good offensive and defensive card and his Rage spell is really good.


    WHY DOES NO ONE USE THEM !??!?!?!! tbh they deserve to be used 4x as much as their huge splash damage will wipe out any swarm. Most people prefer either (the mighty and overrated) Zap or Ice Spirit.


    This card is sooooo good yet sooooo underrated. …

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  • Sharp Elite

    In this first blog post I am making, I decided to make the 4 worst cards for the 4 rarities. If you disagree, then don't even bother unless you're trying to tell me something important, because this is my opinion, and I normally don't care for certain people. Now, before I want to start, I want to state this...

    Some of these cards are actually from other people, and I'm just putting them here because I agree with them. Though to avoid copying, I will credit them so they know that they have a fan. Without further ado, let's get this started.

    Yeah, he said it. One of the top 3 worst DPS in the game, easily sniped and comboed by who knows how much cards, and very slow speed.  Not to mention sometimes Very Fast troops can outrun the Trash Buildi…

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  • GLeen1230

    I think there's some OP cards that are unstoppable but some are bad. Today I'm talking about cards that need a buff/Nerf

    Knight simply offer WAY too much value for 3 elixir, his HP IS TOO HIGH! He can literally counter anything! He can also defeat SWARMS!I think he need a big HP nerf, so he cannot counter some cards as effectively as usual, if that's too much, buff his hit speed.

    Executioner can literally WRECK anything! His high HP is the same issue as the Knight! And his liner attack is deadly! OP even without his bugs! He needs a HP nerf, just like the Knight!

    Hog Rider's Darkest Age is during Elite Barbarians 1st buff, but after the downfall of the Elite Barbarians, he became OP once again. Hog Rider is too fast, too strong, too tanky and …

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  • Type: Sparky


    September 16, 2017 by Type: Sparky

    The Goblin Gang card is unlocked from the Jungle Arena (Arena 9). It spawns 5 single-target troops, 2 Spear Goblins and 3 Goblins. The deployment is always 3 Goblins in the front and 2 Spear Goblins behind. A Goblin Gang card costs 3 Elixir to deploy.

    • Spawning Goblins and Spear Goblins together would cost 3 1/3 Elixir, which is 1/3 Elixir more expensive than deploying them as one card. Using the Goblin Gang not only saves on Elixir, but also saves a card slot - the player can use another card.
    • However, using both Goblins and Spear Goblins as two cards in the same deck has the advantage of being able to be deployed separately, such that they cannot be countered all at once.
    • Because of their placement, the Goblins in front, which have more heal…

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  • Darkstalker the Nicewing

    My favourite Legendaries: From #13 to #1

    13. Sparky: This card is risky, but you get good prizes out of it. It takes a long time to get to the tower, and usually it already dies by then. But if you pair it up with the right cards, and she gets a hit on the tower, THERE'S THE BIG PRIZE!

    12. Princess: She has AMAZING range, but only has around 300 hp, so she would only get like 1-2 hits on the tower. And her arrows only do like 120 damage, which isn't alot, so how bout defense? This card is supa weak, it can be killed be log, arrows, or any other things that can do more than 220+ damage. 

    11. Miner: While he has the ability to dig through defense and attack the tower, it can be countered by anything! Even a tornado can pull it towards the King'…

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  • GLeen1230

    Ranking the epic cards (2v2)

    September 14, 2017 by GLeen1230

    Coming to my next blog post is the epic card ranking for 2v2. This is my rank so don't get mad if you disagree

    Coming at last place is the Mirror. Unfortunately it's extra elixir totally ruin the card. The Mirror, although better than 1v1, it still need a change to be even better.

    I'm sorry for all of you who love the X-Bow, but in 2v2, it's worse than the Mortar as it is too easy to distract and stop. At least mortar deals splash damage, I gotta admit X-Bow is good, but it's completely garbage in 2v2.

    I think Cannon Cart is acceptable to use, but it had too much flaws, which made it uncommon. Cannon sucks, Cannon Cart is better however as it can move, if it locks, game over. Guards are better on defence and distraction however as they've mor…

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  • Smarty Pants 264 Clash Royale

    Hey, everybody, I am doing something a bit different than the usual card ideas and balance ideas. I am going to teach you on how to calculate leveling in Clash Royale. (Health and Damage only)

    First I would like to thank MagmaHound for teaching me this method

    In most cases, the leveling system of this game (Cards) focuses on this table.

    Level M
    1 100
    2 110
    3 121
    4 133
    5 146
    6 160
    7 176
    8 193
    9 212
    10 233
    11 256
    12 281
    13 309
    14 339

    So I made an equation (Which is my version of Magmahound's equation) that will be able to calculate the health and damage for most cards in Clash Royale

    S= Stat of that card (Health or damage)

    M= the level of a card

    This equation only works if you know a 'stat' of a lv 1 card and you are looking to find a stat of a card level that is h…

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  • GLeen1230

    At 2v2, some cards that are OP in ladder (Like RG), might become weaker, some are much stronger, today I'm ranking all common cards again. This time for 2v2 however.

    Spear Goblins are basically the #1 Worst card in the entire game. In ladder, tournaments and 2v2 they suck. Archers, Goblin Gang and Fire Spirits are much better. Besides, they deal less damage than skeletons. WHAT'S THE POINT OF USING THEM INSTEAD OF MINIONS???

    As much as you overlevel him, he'll still be one of the worst cards in 2v2

    The extra teammate can help you deal with him easily. I could've rank him last, at least his range does something. Giant Skeleton totally outclassed him however

    I think cannon tesla and mortar, the common buildings are underrated. Most people rank …

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  • Smarty Pants 264 Clash Royale

    So I have been making card ideas for a long time and right now I had made a total of 13 card ideas. After Supercell's multiple new card releases and me thinking about my card ideas again I have decided to make a short list of my card ideas and what am I going to do with them.

    Electric Wizard Reason: Supercell has added the Electro Wizard

    Demolisher Reason: Too basic and unoriginal for me since it's basically a Mini P.E.K.K.A that does area damage and more damage to buildings

    Magician Reason: This card is RNG based and RNG is something that you should not put in Clash Royale

    Transform Reason: Same as Magician

    Berserker Reason: He kinda feels like the old Lumberjack which means he is kind of bland

    Frost Tower Reason: Stats are not the same as the …

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  • GLeen1230

    Some cards used to suck, but now they're really overpowered, and some need a nerf. Today I'm talking about 5 cards that used to suck are now OP, starting from the card that became OP first

    WARNING: Cancer cards like RG, EBarbs and Furnace will not be added as it's obvious How they became cancer

    The Skeleton Army is the earliest card that became OP out of this list. Skeleton Army used to have 7 more Skeletons, one of them is Ledoot which joined in July 4th last year. But even with Ledoot Skeleton Army still sucked. During the Dark Ages, SPEAR GOBLINS can destroy the entire army, and it's way too easy to stop. Skeleton Army is considered as the Worst epic and everyone higher than arena 5 never use the Army, so it got a MASSIVE BUFF, decreasing…

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  • GLeen1230

    I'm going to plan some buffs and nerfs for some cards, most notably Knight, Royal Giant and Furnace, and more!

    Knight: HP -5%

    Knight Is too strong nowadays, his HP is INSANE for 3 elixir, a bit nerf will let him tank less, hoping he'll be more manageable

    Royal Giant: HP +15%, Became a rare card

    Royal Giant is lacking HP to destroy a tower alone, Giant, PEKKA, Golem or even Giant Skeleton can solo a tower. A huge HP boost will make him more reliable on offence, HOWEVER it's hated since everyone overlevels him. He'll be more manageable to level up!

    Furnace: HP +5%, lifetime +10 seconds , became an Epic card

    Again despite being a rare, I always see level 9, 10 And 11 Furnace, meaning people kept requesting for it. Furnace will now be stronger, but…

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  • Smarty Pants 264 Clash Royale

    The date above is when am I writing this blog I have no idea when the next update is coming

    Okay so I am going to write my OPINIONS on how balanced are the cards right now in clash royale tell me if I Buff or Nerf a troop too much

    All of these stats changes will be a tournament standards

    Knight: Health decrease by 4.5%, Hit Speed decrease to 1sec

    Health: 1399-> 1335

    DPS: 144 -> 159

    Why: The Knight is a fairly strong troop but when more glassy high damage troops were added into the game the Knight became very popular and his health might be a bit too much so I think toning down his health a little bit but buffing his dps will make him slightly more manageable.


    These units will kill the Knight with 1 less hit 

    Princess Tower Bomber Archers

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  • GLeen1230

    New Troop idea

    August 27, 2017 by GLeen1230

    Spawns a Bomber that rides an airplane, drop bombs and blows air troops away! After the Plane got destroyed, the Bomber will start tossing more Bombs at the Ground!

    The pilot bomber is a remix of Bomber, Bomb Tower, an airplane and the air sweeper from clash of clans. The Air sweeping will not do any damage, but pushes back any air units (Including Lava Hound), The damage done to the Ground is a bit less than the regular bomber, but more than the Bomb Tower. It's hit speed is 1.7 seconds, while costing 4 elixir, the plane will be destroyed by Lightning, but it make sense since real life Lightning can destroy a plane!

    It will push air troops every 2 seconds, allowing it effectively against Lavaloon, Golem Baby Dragon, Minion Horde etc, but n…

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  • GLeen1230

    All buildings

    August 20, 2017 by GLeen1230

    When you talk about buildings, you all know that they're all terrible, only few are alive. All others are dead. I'll talk about all buildings and how to fix them.

    The Main issue with the goblin hut is it's too weak! Spear goblins are one of the weakest cards in the game, which made Goblin Hut so pathetic. It only chips like 600 damage while furnace does 400 damage more. Also Furnace is cheaper, what I suggest is to give it an HP nerf BUT decrease the cost by 1, cause that's how Furnace is reworked!

    Tombstone is overall OK, but I found it very weak, it's better than cannon but again Furnace outclassed it. Tombstone can't chip any damage while furnace can. Tombstone I still also easily countered by the Log. Zap is always reliable against the …

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  • UnofficiallyRed

    Epic cards ranking

    August 19, 2017 by UnofficiallyRed

    Hey guys!!!

    Today I will be going through the rankings of the 21 epic cards in the game. If you agree or disagree with any of the rankings please let me know down below in the comments.

    Without further ado, let's get started!

    22) Mirror

    Mirror has really good potential but that is ruined by the +1 elixir. Remove that and it will be the best epic card in the game.

    21) Giant Skeleton

    Sorry but I feel that he is really too weak. He has trash DPS and mediocre health, along with the fact that he can't counterpush after defending. Still, there's no denying it's power in clan battles.


    Without their shields they are literally useless. They need to be cheaper because shields apart their DPS is trashy.


    Surprised? Golem in my opinion has too…

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  • GLeen1230

    Top 10 WORST 2v2 Cards

    August 18, 2017 by GLeen1230

    As Promised, today i'm making the top 10 worst 2v2 cards, this is based on my opinion so don't get mad if your favourite card is in this list

    Wizard is just outclassed by both of his cousins, Witch, Baby Dragon and Executioner, he isn't too versatile, also he's very vulnerable to spells while the others isn't as vulnerable, he can still effectively deal with Minion Hordes though! 

    Even if there're 4 skeletons, they're still bad at 2v2. With 3 only, skeletons are worse. It wasn't neccesary to use it to cycle your deck anymore as your teammate can back you up with supports, no need to cycle your deck to get supports. Still good at distractions though!           

    Really, Royal Giant is bad even if you overlevel him, as there'll be more ways to s…

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  • GLeen1230

    Top 10 2v2 best cards

    August 17, 2017 by GLeen1230

    It's me again! Very soon 2v2 will return. AREN'T YOU EXCITED? I'm learnt the best and worst cards in 2v2, here's my top 10 best cards in 2v2

    Even before his buff dark prince was very decent at 2v2. Now he became a great all type troop which is fast, strong and versatile. Dark Prince is better than Valkyrie in 2v2 because I don't really see much Skeleton Army oppose to another card.

    We all know P.E.K.K.A. Was the best Anti-Cancer card, she had no fear against Elite Barbarians, Royal Giant and Furnace. PEKKA is deadly on defence and amazing at offence. She can send more supports than usual thanks to the extra teammate. PEKKA is also popular at tournaments so why not use her now?

    I really like the Knight as a card in both 2v2 And 1v1, he's so v…

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  • TheGreatPEKKA

    H E L L O ! I am here to talk about my top 10 favourite cards .



    It can activate king and clump up troops for a splash troop or spell. 'Nuff said.


    EXECUTIONER. By far the best air splash troop. May not be able to handle tanks but can survive lightning unlike Wizard. But I think this spot should be shared by BOWLER. By far the best ground splash troop. Knockback . Oh and did I mention he can survive rocket ?

    MINIONS (3) Not that much to say here. They fly and deal good DPS. Spot is shared by ARCHERS Minions but you trade the DPS and one unit for higher HP and likely better ground defence.

    KNIGHT A really good all-rounder card. Good HP for his cost and easy to overlevel. …

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  • UnofficiallyRed

    Hey guys!! Today I'm going to talk about the top 10 cards in Clash Royale

    Please note: this is all my opinion!! Though do let me know about your opinions about this blog.

    10) Wizard

    A classic area damager, and boy he does it well! He literally takes care of any swarm and does pretty decent damage to towers too. Great for supporting pushes and also decent on defence, but he's unreliable, so he is outclassed by the Executioner which I'm going to mention below.


    May have crappy damage and DPS, but no doubt this creepy axe throwing guy outclasses the Wizard. Has more health and also works well with Tornado. Great card overall.

    8)Elite Barbarians

    A really great card that defends well against Hogs,glass cannons, some tanks, and then sets y…

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  • GLeen1230

    Today I'm talking about the worst cards at tournaments, these card are DESPERATELY needed a buff, note that this is according to stats royale, so don't get mad if you disagree, if tied with usage, the one ranked higher will be the one with lower win rate. Also, Cannon Cart will NOT be included

    Freeze spell and Cannon had the same usage of 2.3%, but Cannon had a better win rate, which lead Freeze reach this list, I think the issue with Freeze is that it doesn't freeze long enough for 4 elixir, if we gave 1 second back, it'll be broken, now? Not good enough. I think freeze need a 0.5 seconds longer duration

    Mortar had a low 1.3% usage rate, but a decent 51.2% Win rate, mortar was buffed, but it still have improvements, I think mortar needs to…

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  • GLeen1230

    New Legendaries Ranking

    August 14, 2017 by GLeen1230

    So after the Balance changes, some of the Legendary improved a lot, but some are worse, today, I'm going to Update my Legendary ranking, please don't get mad if you disagree, let's get going at the new legendary ranking

    Sparky barely HAVE defensive potential, as if she attacks,your push is bacically destroyed. But she's too easy to counter, Zap, Ice Spirit, Lightning, swarms can basically kill her easily, Sparky also die to rocket, meaning it's HP isn't enough, I'd like to request to convert Sparky from a damage dealer to a Tank, she need more HP, faster hit speed but lower damage. REWORK THE SPARKY SUPERCELL

    'Starting from here are cards that are actually very good. Despite being ranked 2nd to last place, After Inferno Dragon's Buff, it IMP…

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  • GLeen1230

    Is he revived or not?

    August 12, 2017 by GLeen1230

    It's GLeen1230 again! Yesterday I talked about the Night Witch, about is she dead or not after the nerf. Today, I'm taking about a recently buffed card, also one of my favourite card. Dark Prince.

    Dark Prince was added to the game at February 23rd 2016, along with 3 Musketeers, Royal Giant, Ice Wizard, Poison and Princess. All of them except 2 of them were terrible. The only 2 OP cards are Dark Prince And Princess. Dark Prince was so good that he outclassed the Valkyrie, he's too OP , so he got a charge speed slow down nerf, I'm suprised that this left him at a very weird spot at the meta, Dark Prince became a shadow of the Valkyrie as she also got buffed, which made her strong. She was fallen afterwards. But even with Dark Prince's first 2…

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  • GLeen1230

    Is the Night Witch Dead?

    August 11, 2017 by GLeen1230

    Hi Guys, it's me, GLeen1230. Instead of doing a "How to counter XXX" post, I'll be talking about one of the deadliest legendary before which Supercell nerfed it hard, yes, no surprisingly, The Night Witch

    Night Witch is the deadliest card when first released, She had Decent HP,INSANE Damage and she spawn Bats! Bats themselves are once the worst card in the entire game, but the Night Witch's bats are super insane! The regular bats just easily get shot down, but the Night Witch is tanking for her bats and they deal insane damage. And when she dies she spawn 4 MORE BATS!!! THAT'S JUST WAY TOO OP!!! Mini PEKKA, Prince and Lumberjack suddenly disappeared from most decks, being replaced by Night Witch, I hated her so much, she's too OP. So she go…

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  • The Real Sargas

    Dark Prince : Congratulations GLeen. But still, buffing his stats won't change his principle downside of getting his charge broken or his low HP. Anyways, it's good to see SC making notes on bad cards for once. I think he's now out of the worst 4 epics, although not a good epic... yet.

    Electro Wizard : It's a rounding error guys, if ewiz hadn't got this nerf mini pekka woudn't be able to one-shot him even with the buffs on tourney cap.

    Mini P.E.K.K.A : Ever since the oldschool goison was gone, he's been outclassed by his mom. I personally like that he's now able to one shot three cancerteers.

    Night Witch : This nerf is even worse then poison getting it's slow removed, or the legendary xbow nerf. I agree that she was OP even with the initial ne…

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  • GLeen1230

    Coming tomorrow we have a balance change, nerfing some OP cards and buffing underused cards

    That was WAY too brutal, she's OP, but not unstoppable, she needs a nerf, but not THAT much, she'll be outclassed by the Lumberjack, Mini PEKKA, Prince and more, well then, RIP Night witch

    Not OP, but very good! Battle Ram will become slower, I don't think bridge spam won't be affected since this will only slow down a bit, Bandit, Ice golem and inferno dragon will still be strong while Night witch can be replaced by Lumberjack

    After haunting the game since Halloween till now, Graveyard is finally being nerfed, Graveyard will now spawn 2 less skeletons, the damage to the tower will be reduced, but it'll still be a great spell

    What is that for? He'll stil…

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  • Smarty Pants 264 Clash Royale

    Okay So after seeing the balance updates it's time for me to write my opinion about the balance change

    Night Witch: Damage -9%, range -11%, Bat spawn speed to 7sec (from 6sec), spawns 2 Bats on death (from 3)

    Okay as much as the Night Witch is powerful this nerf is too much I think the Night Witch might be dead after this nerf. I think just nerf the damage everything else is fine.

    Battle Ram: Takes a bit longer to begin charging(from 3 tiles to 4 tiles), Barbarians spawn slower (0.8sec to 1sec)

    Apparently bridge spam is OP so they are deciding to nerf the Battle Ram. I have nothing to say about this because I barely fight anybody using battle rams

    Graveyard: Duration to 9sec (from 10sec), spawns 15 Skeletons (from 17)

    Well I personally don't thi…

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