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New cards

Hi would like to know what the 2 new cards are and how good are that and the details
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One is night witch and other is bats
Night witch is like regular witch just insead of skeletons she summons bats
Bats are like minions.
They are bats and night witch bats are common and night witch is a legendary card

I think that in the coommon card there are 3 bats and night witch will produce bats from her that's why it's a legendary....
Actualy the bats are going to be like 4 or 5 cloned minions
Dark whitch and bats and i honestly think the bats alone are better than the dark whitch
The two cards are the Night Witch and Bats. They both have been released, and there are 4 more upcoming; Mega Knight, Skeleton Barrel, Cannon Cart, and Flying Machine.
The two cards are assasian and sorcery that are the god cards in the
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