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Plz i need a very good clan to join at the moment the clan must participate well in clan cheat and in clan battle and a clan that doesn't share profanity. If u have a good clan plz notify me as soon as possible
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You can join our clan 'Dragon Slayers' #2VOV8UJ it's a new clan for newbie or for legends, hey you might be a co-leader.
I don't want new clan
I need a clan that has plenty members and are very active
I'm in a clan called "berserkers" and my name is pizza I'm 2nd place in my clan so you can come if you want
Join novahogz
No worries ive found a better clan and the top 35 are in hog mountain/ leg arena and the top 3 are in leagues their is space for one more member u must have 3200 trophies to join and must be very active. THIS IS THE END OF DISCUSSION